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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red
Also known as: Pokemon: Pocket Monsters Akai
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Midori
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Bellossom: Use a Sun Stone on Gloom.
Chansey: Get to the Safari Zone. Locate the rest house with the person that looks like a biker. Talk to him. If he says, "I caught a Chansey! That makes this worthwhile!", you will know that he is the correct person. After that, go to the closest patch and walk around. Eventually, you should run into a Chansey. Note: This does not make Chansey easier to catch.
Charizard: Normally, Charizard can not learn FLY in the Red or Blue version of the game. However, if you trade Charizard to a Yellow version, it can learn FLY there. Then, trade it back to the Red or Blue version.
Clefable: To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Go to the old man and answer "No". Watch him catch a Weedle via a Pokeball. Then, Fly to Fuchsia City. SURF to Seafoam Islands and SURF up and down (while in the water) until Clefable appears. It should be at level 137.
Ditto: Place a level 5 Magikarp at the front of the lineup and allow Ditto transform into it.
Ditto (2): Take a Ditto and go to the strip of grass near Nugget Bridge and the Unknown Dungeon. Fight a Pidgey and use Transform. You will get Gust, Sand-Attack, and Quick Attack. Press Select and switch Gust with Sand-attack. Defeat the Pidgey. Transform will be erased and will be replaced with a nameless move that has the type "Cooltrainer." Get a PP up and an item, such as Max Elixir, that restores PP. Use PP-Up on Ditto's new attack. The game will show a glitch that implies that the attack's PP went up. These will not be restored in a Poke Center -- in order to use the attack you must use Max Elixir, Elixir, Ether, or Max Ether to restore the PP. It is now possible to use Ditto's new attack. It hardly ever hits, but if it does it will show two flashes of light and then do damage.
Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite: When you look at Dratini, Dragonair, or Dragonite's PokÚdex file, there will be a "no location" for them. According to this information, you cannot catch them in the wild, but this is incorrect -- you can catch them this way in the game.
Dratini: To catch a Dratini in the Safari Zone, go to a area where there is a strip of land in the middle of the pond. Surf to the strip of land and use the Super Rod to fish there. If you are lucky, a level 15 Dratini should appear.
Dratini (2): In Pokemon Red, the only place that you can find Dratini is the Safari Zone. Go to the little fishing place next to the secret resting place where you get a prize for finding it. Fish for awhile with your Good Rod and the Dratinis will hook.
Eevee: To catch an Eevee, go to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center. Enter the opening on the side. Go down that back way to a big building enter it. Go to the last floor to find an office with a Game Boy in it. Enter that to find a Pokeball that contains an Eevee.
Electrode and Tangela: Go to the Research Lab on Cinnabar Island. Enter the first door to find people that will trade those Pokemon to you.
Farfech'd: Go to the Vermilion City Pokemon Mart and keep going left. You will see two houses. One of them has a sign next to it, and one does not. Go two the house without a sign and talk to the girl. She will give you a Farfech'd if u have a Spearow.
Fearow: To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Go to the old man and answer "No". Watch him catch a Weedle via a Pokeball. Then, Fly to Fuchsia City. SURF to Seafoam Islands and SURF up and down (while in the water) until Fearow appears.
Gyrados: Buy the Magikarp offered to you just before Mount Moon by entering the Pokemon Center. A fat man will ask you if you want a Magikarp for 500 dollars. Although it may seem like a bad price, it will be worth it later. Place Magikarp first in the list. When battling, switch Magikarp with your strongest Pokemon and finish off your opponent. Keep repeating this until it reaches level 20. the best place to train Magikarp is the Unknown Dungeon or Diglett's Cave.
Haunter: You can also catch Haunter over level 100 by using the rare candy code.
Kangaskhan: Go to Fuschia and SURF until reaching Sea Foam Island. SURF up and down until M Pokemon appears. Catch it, nickname it, and use one rare candy on it to evolve it into Kangaskhan.
Kakuna and Metapod: This trick allows Kakuna or Metapod to be able to fight and not just Harden,. When you have a Caterpie or Weedle that is at level 6, do the following. In order to make Kakuna and Metapod keep Tackle or Poison String and String Shot, make them stop evolving. They should be at level 7. Allow them evolve at level 8 and you will have a Metapod or Kakuna with an actual attack.
Kakuna and Metapod (2): Catch a wild Kakuna or Metapod. Put them to the day care center near Cerulean City. Wait for them to increase at least one level up. Pick them up and they will have the same attacks as their former evolutionary stage, but not harden -- Kakuna should have Poison Sting and Metapod should have Tackle.
Kakuna and Metapod (3): Just capture a Caterpie/Weedle with Tackle and String Shot. Let it evolve to Metapod/Kakuna, to get one that can attack.
Lickitung: Go to the Pokemon Center in Fuchsia City. Go left and keeping moving in that direction past Koga's Gym. Then, keep going up and find the Cycling Road Entrance House. Enter use the stairs to find Professor Oak's aide and a trainer. Talk to the trainer and he will give you a Lickitung if you have Slowbro.
Ludicolo: Use a Water Stone on Lombre.
Magikarp: Magikarp's Splash move does nothing, except against Tentacool where it does instant damage.
Magikarp (2): Due to the fact that Magikarp is weak, the first thing you need to do is evolve it. Then teach it Bubble Beam, the move you obtained from Misty. Next level up your Pokemon and it should learn Dragon Rage and Ice Beam. This is a very strong Pokemon as it is not effected by water, fire, or earth.
Mankey: To get Mankey, talk to the old man that tells you how to catch Pokemon. Then, go to the first patch of grass on the way to the Pokemon League. There are many Mankeys at that location.
Meowth: Trade a Meowth from the blue version of the game as soon as you catch it to a new red version game. Meowth will soon acquire the Payday attack. Although Meowth will be hard to control, you will be able to make a large amount of money from the Payday move when he does listen. Use this move on wild Pokemon because you will not be able to control Meowth until you get the Cascade badge.
Meowth (2): When you face off against Mewtwo use Screech and its defense will fall greatly. Then, use an attack of your choice. Keep on using attacks until it has been weakened enough, then catch it with a Pokeball.
Meowth (3): Mewtwo is very hard to capture without a Master Ball. However, it also can be done with a Ultra Ball, or Great Ball. You must have a Pokemon over Lv. 60 or 70 to capture it with the Ultra Ball or Great Ball.
Meowth (4): After getting Mewtwo from the Unknown Dungeon, teach him TM14 (Blizzard) and keep the Psychic and Recover moves he has. Then, train him until level 81 and he will learn Amnesia. He can be unbeatable with those four moves.
Pikachu: Pikachu can be found in Viridian Forest on level 3. First, walk through the door that connects Pallet town and the Forest. Then, walk about three to seven steps north. Then, turn either right or left and keep going until you reach the trees (dodge trainers if needed). There will be a small grassy area here. Walk around in it for a while and you will see Pikachu. Make sure that you have a level 3 to 5 Pokemon with you. You can use Pikachu to battle Misty at Cerulean City.
Raichu: Raichu is located in the Unknown Dungeon and the Power Plant in the Blue version of the game. Raichu is only located in Unknown Dungeon in the Red version.
Raichu (2): Use a Thunder Stone on Pikachu.
Rhiorn: When you go to the Safari Zone find a Rihorn (or any other Pokemon), run from it, find it again, then catch it.
Sandslash: To get this Pokemon, go to the top of Viridian City. Go to the old man and answer "No". Watch him catch a Weedle via a Pokeball. Then, Fly to Fuchsia City. SURF to Seafoam Islands and SURF up and down (while in the water) until Sandslash appears. It should be at level 27 or 37.
Seadra: It is possible in the Blue version of the game to capture a Seadra by fishing in the indoor pool at the Indigo Plateau Building.
Shiftry: Use a Leaf Stone on Nuzleaf.
Tangela: Tangela can also be found outside of the Safari Zone. Go to Pallet Town, go down to the water and Surf down. There should be a grassy area on the land to your right. You can catch LV 30 Pidgeottos, Raticates and Tangelas there.
Tangela (2): Go to Pallet Town. Go all the way to the bottom and find the small strip of water coming out and a patch of grass nearby. Use Surf and go to that land. Once there you can get Tangelas and other Pokemon that are somewhat rare.
Tarus: Tarus will appear at times in the Safari Zone at Area 2.
Vineplume: Use a Leaf Stone on Gloom.
Wigglytuff: To find a wild Wigglytuff, search in the secret dungeon in the tunnels that you get to by going through the stairs.
Wigglytuff (2): Use a Moon Stone on Jigglypuff.

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