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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red
Also known as: Pokemon: Pocket Monsters Akai
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Midori
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Fishing for good Pokemon: This trick requires the Blue version of the game, a super rod, and five badges. Go fishing in the Pokemon HQ building. To reach the building, use the path west of Viridian City (route 22). Once inside, some annoying gaurds will ask if you have certain badges. You will eventually reach an indoor pool/lake that must be crossed on a Pokemon that knows SURF. Go fishing here to eventually catch Slowbro, Psyduck, Kingler, Seadra, and Seaking. Additionally, a Ditto may be caught in the grass across from the lake.
Using rods: Old rods only catch Magikarp. Good rods catch Goldeens, Magikarps, and Poliwags. Super Rods catch will catch all the water dwelling Pokemon.
Better chance to capture Water Pokemon: Press A when the rod comes out. This works most of the time.
Better chance to capture Pokemon: When you throw a Poke-ball hold A as it closes on the Pokemon. The Poke-ball will shut tighter, making it easier to catch the Pokemon.
Better chance to capture Pokemon (2): When using any kind of Poke-ball (except the Master Ball), enter a battle and prepare to throw it at a Pokemon. As soon as it appears, hold Up + B. The Ball will become a Master Ball and catch the Pokemon. Note: This trick requires precise timing.
Better chance to capture Pokemon (3): Throw any kind of ball while pressing A + Select to have it act like a Master Ball or Ultra Ball.
Catch Pokemon at level 15: Press Start, A, B (requires precise timing) to catch a Pokemon at level 15 with the Poke-ball.
Catch Pokemon easily: To catch Pokemon easily using any kind of ball (except the Master Ball), go into battle. Hold B as soon as you see the ball explode. If you hold the button just as the ball explodes and release it after you see the ball wobble a second time, you will have a good chance at catching a Pokemon.
Blocking the Swift move: In order to block the move Swift, teach a Pokemon Substitute. Use it against a Pokemon that knows Swift. The opponent's attack will be taken by the substitute. Your Pokemon will remain unaffected.
Poison: Every four steps you take when poisoned will hurt your Pokemon. Take the shortest way out of a cave or patch of grass to get less poisoned; or you can get a Pokemon that knows Fly, Dig, or Teleport and get to a Pokemon Center as fast as possible.
Poison (2): Use the following trick if you are poisoned in a battle and it lasts, and you have no healing items but a town is nearby. Learn where the Pokemon Center is located -- you may want to save the game before you look for it. Then, turn your game off, then back on again. Map out the shortest route possible and press the D-pad lightly to take small steps. Enter the town and go to the center -- hopefully you will be able to make it in time,
Waterfall: Use the following trick to get a Pokemon that knows Waterfall. Trade a water Pokemon from the Pokemon Red or Blue to Pokemon Gold or Silver. Teach it Waterfall. Trade it back to the Red or Blue version (notice how it allows you to bring it in the time machine). When you receive it, the Pokemon will know Waterfall. The move resembles a mix between Surf, Dig, and Tackle.
Get all three beginning monsters at Professor Oak's lab: Note: Another Game Boy with the game and a link cable are required for this trick. Transfer your Pokemon to the other Game Boy. Begin a new game on the original Game Boy and get a monster that was not collected in the first game and transfer it to the other Game Boy. Repeat this step again, then transfer the monsters back to the original Game Boy. This allows your game to have the three starting Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle) plus any others that were already captured. Note: When doing this trick, you are forced to loss all saved data on the game you want the Pokemon for, and if you do this trick later in the game, if you trade all your Pokemon back and forth, they will be to wild for a starter game.
Go on Cycling Road without a bicycle: Walk up as far as you can in the building to Cycling Road. Walk forward and the guard will say that you cannot go on cycling road without a bicycle. While he is saying that, hold Left and quickly press B several times until you are across from the guard. Note: If you already have a bike and you want to try this trick, deposit your bike in a computer. Note: The game may glitch when this trick is used.
Using the Poke Flute: The Poke Flute can also be used to wake up sleeping Pokemon during battles, saving money from buying extra Awakenings.
Getting the Master Ball: Go into the fifth floor of the Silph Co. building in Saffron City. Go to the bottom of the screen to find a man standing next to a teleporter. Enter the teleporter to travel to another room. Get off the teleporter, then go in it again to return to the fifth floor. Go right to find a ball that looks like a Pokeball. Pick it up -- it should be a card key. Go back in the teleporter you used before. Get off the teleporter, then enter it again. Go up and go to the third floor. Go down, then go left to find a "wall" blocking the way. Talk to the "wall" and the card key will open it. Go left to find a teleporter. Enter the teleporter, then go left and you will battle Gary. Talk to the man near Gary and he will give you a Lapras. Keep going down, then four steps right. Go up, then talk to the "wall" to open it. Go up and battle Giovanni. Defeat him, then talk to the man (Mr. Fuji). He will take you to his house and give you a Master Ball. This Poke Ball will catch Pokemon 100% of the time. You can only use it once, so use it on rare Pokemon such Moltres, Mewto, Zapdos and Arcticuno.
Catching Water Pokemon: Stand in front of any statue of a gym and use the rod to catch Water Pokemon.
Using the Item Finder: The Item Finder is only useful if you know where to look. Try dead end and secluded areas as well as the underground tunnels.
Using the Item Finder (2): When you get the Item Finder people say that you can find a bottle with a note saying Mariuu (Pikablu) is located somewhere in the Seafoam Islands. You are supposed to use the Item Finder in the water near the Mewtwo lair. However, this bottle cannot be found in the Blue or Red version. You can hear the beep of an item, but you can never get it.
Using the Item Finder (3): In Cerulean City, enter the house that has a man talking about badges. His house is directly to the right of Mewtwo's Cave. After entering, go through the back door into his yard. Search around the right side of this area with your Item Finder to eventually find a Rare Candy.
Dig advantage: Dig is very effective against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.
No need to typecast: Dragon Rage, Sonicboom, Night Shade, Super Fang, Psywave, and Seismic Toss are attacks that are never typecast. Those attacks will always do normal damage regardless of Pokemon types.
Stand on a tree: If you have a Pokemon that knows CUT (TM 01), cut down a tree, stand on the place where the tree was cut down, save the game, and turn it off. Turn the game back on, select "Continue" and press A when the game starts. Your character should be on a tree.
Finding Pokemon in grass: You can cut down the grass you catch pokemon in by using the Cut move.
Rare Pokemon: You can catch evolved forms of rare Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon (where you get Mewtwo). This includes Wigglytuff, Arbok, Sandslash, Venomoth, Kadabra, Parasect, Raichu, Hypno, Magneton, Dugtrio, Marowak, and Electrode.
Evolution: Evolution has good and bad points. Good: Pokemon gain higher stats; you complete your Pokedex faster; useless Pokemon get much more effective (Magikarp into Gyarados). Bad: Pokemon learn attacks slower (Squirtle learns Hydro pump at level 42, Wartortle at level 47, and Blastoise at level 52, ten levels longer than Squirtle).
Prevent evolution: This trick will allow you to keep Pokemon from evolving at their evolution state. Just keep training your Pokemon until they have learned their final technique (for example, Squirtle's Hydro Pump).
Diploma: Catch all 150 Pokemon in the European version of the game. Talk to the man in the Celedon Mansion's Game Freak corner (the man that is not using the computer). He will give you a surprise diploma.
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo: To capture all of these Pokemon, you must have a Haunter at level 60. Put the Pokemon to be captured to sleep, then use Night Shade to weaken them. Finally, use an Ultra Ball. Hold A until the ball opens, then let it go to capture them. If it fails, try the Ultraball again at least three times. Note: Articuno is very difficult to capture.
Defeating Mewtwo: When you are in a link battle and your opponent uses the weak rare candy trick on a Mewtwo, use an Electrode (have a two or so in your line-up). Attack Mewtwo until you are too weak to continue. Then, use Explosion and kill yourself to take out the Mewtwo.
Rare bird Pokemon locations: Moltres (Victory Road), Articuno (Sea Foam Isle), Zapdos (Abandoned power plant).
Better Safari Zone Pokemon: The more money spent to enter the Safari Zone, the better the Pokemon that can be obtained.
Defeating Ghost Pokemon: Use a ground type move such as Dig or Earthquake.
Pokemon battle cry: At the title screen, where it shows you holding a Pokeball and a Pokemon in the background, the Pokemon will change. When you press A on a Pokemon's picture, the battle cry it emits will be heard.
Two turn attacks: When using a two turn attack, use a sleep attack first. For example, if you have a Venasaur that can use Solar Beam, use a sleep attack such as Sleep Powder to put the other Pokemon to sleep. If it is still fast asleep, use the two turn attack. If not, use the sleep attack again.

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