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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red
Also known as: Pokemon: Pocket Monsters Akai
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Midori
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Stand on mountain game glitch:
When you go to the unknown dungeon, there will be a certain ladder with a mountain directly below the one that you come out on. After going up the ladder, go down one space. You will be on the mountain, but you cannot move. The only way to get off is to go back on the ladder.
Raichu evolving game glitch: After getting a Raichu at any level, link with Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Trade the Raichu and look on the other screen or trade the Raichu back. Trade the Raichu in the first room in the lab on Cinnabar Island to the old man. When you are done trading with him and talk, he will say "Wow your Raichu evolved".
Longer life game glitch: Find a Pokemon over level 100, and use rare candies until it reaches level 255. Store it in Bill's PC, and take it out later. The game will show that it has gone down some levels but has 999/437 life. It's life is now twice as long as normal. Note: This may work better with Snorlax.
HM referred as TM game glitch: After you get HM 01 and try to teach it to a Pokemon, the message "Teach TM to a Pokemon?" will appear.
S.S Ann never leaves game glitch: When on the S.S. Ann, defeat your rival. Get HM01 (Cut), then fight one of the junior trainers on the boat. Intentionally lose the battle. You will be transferred to the last Pokemon Center you visited, but the s.s. Ann will not have left.
Teleporting man game glitch: Go to the entrance of the Cycling Road (the top of the hill). When you enter, walk as far away from the man in there as possible, while moving left. He will teleport to the other side of the building. If this does not happen, exit, then return. He will then also be on the other side.
Mew game glitch: To get Mew through a glitch, you should not have defeated the youngster with the Slowpoke by Bill's house or the Gambler between Celadon and Lavender yet. Also, you must have Fly. Make sure to have a weak Pokemon that can safely weaken a Pokemon at level 7, or have some Ultra or Master Balls. Go through the underground passage, and as soon as you exit, do not move. Save the game at this point. Then, walk one step down and immediately press Start. If done corectly, the gambler will not notice you. Go directly to the Pokemon status screen and Fly to Cerulean City. Notice that once you start flying, the Gambler will have an exclamation mark above his head, which indcates that he has noticed you. Once you get to Cerulean City, notice that Start does not work. This is because the game thinks you are in a battle with the Gambler, and Start usually does not function during battles. Walk up Nugget Bridge and find the youngster with the Slowpoke. Do not walk directly up to him or the game will crash. Walk up to him so that he will have to walk over to you. When he notices you, defeat his Slowpoke. Start will work again. Fly to Lavender Town. Go left towards where the Gambler is located. When you get to Route 8, your start menu will automatically appear. Do not save the game. Instead, immediately press B to close the start menu. You will be attacked by a level 7 Mew. Catch it, then save the game.
Go through Cycling Road without a bike game glitch: Go to the nearest Pokemon Center and deposit your bike in your PC. Then, go to either Saffron City or Celadon City. Go to the entrance to the Cycling Road. When you walk past and are told that you can only go in with a bike, press Left and you will gradually move closer each time he tells this. You will eventually get out.
Go fishing in a statue game glitch: Whenever you enter a gym and there are two statues, go up to the side or the back of one. Take out any rod and you will start fishing. Note: You will rarely ever catch anything.
Wrap game glitch: If you have a Grass type Pokemon such as Bellsprout and are fighting a Ghost type such as Ghastly, if you use Wrap it will read "It doesn't effect enemy Ghastly", but when you select "Fight" it will read "Bellsprout's attack continues".
Bicycle music without being on bike game glitch: When you are in a dungeon with rocks that require Strength, get on your bicycle. Use Strength to push a rock down a hole. Go down right after the rock, and you will be walking around with the bicycle music on when you are not on the bike.
Disappearing character game glitch: In a linked battle, when your enemy uses Submission, use Self-Destruct or Explosion and live. You will probably disappear from your own screen but not from your opponent's screen.
Youngster game glitch: After you defeat the first youngster on the Nugget Bridge north of Cerulean City, walk up the bridge until he is one space above the top edge of the screen. Also make sure that you are facing forward. Then, walk one space forward and quickly press Start at the same time. If performed correctly, he will appear floating in the water in the top left corner of the screen. You can do whatever you want on the menu, but as soon as you exit the menu, he return to his regular location.

Click Here to go to the Pokemon Red and Blue Main Menu 

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