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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Crystal
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Crystal
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Easy gifts and battles: Obtain several phone numbers, then go to your house and tell your mom to switch on or off daylight savings. Your phone friends will give you calls almost immediately, and you will get to fight them or receive gifts.
Easy money: Get a Pokemon that knows Pay Day. Battle any wild Pokemon and only use Pay Day. Each hit from pay day results in $40. The more you hit the Pokemon with pay day the more money you will get. Note: This does not work in trainer battles, and you must defeat the Pokemon to get the money.
Combo moves: There are many "combo moves" that can be used during battle, for example Swagger and Psych Up. Swagger will confuse your opponent and make his attack power rise greatly. You can use Psych Up to copy the attack power and not get confused. Another great combo is Curse and Agility. Curse will make your attack and defense rise, but t makes your speed fall (note that Ghost types use Curse differently than this way). You can use Agility to boost your speed two levels so that all around, you have better stats in two turns.
Catch Pokemon easily: To catch Pokemon easily without a Master Ball, let the enemy Pokemon fall asleep.
Stronger Pokemon: If you choose to be a male trainer, then catch female Pokemon. They will love you faster and be stronger. If you choose to play as a female, catch male Pokemon.
Easy experience: Put a strong Pokemon that can put their opponent to sleep in the front of your party. Go to the grass in front of Silver Cave. Put the wild Pokemon to sleep, then switch to a low-level Pokemon. Have it do one attack and switch back to your strong Pokemon and finish it off. The weaker Pokemon will gain a lot of experience.
Easy experience (2): Do not use Rare Candies immediately on a Pokemon that you wish to become stronger. If you wait to use it, you can gain an extra level. Raise the Pokemon you plan to use it on to next level rather then wasting it. Then, use the Rare Candy. It makes more sense to use it on a Pokemon that has nearly no experience towards their next level as opposed to using it on a Pokemon that does not have much to go to reach its next level.
Shiny Pokemon: According to the official guide, it is possible to get all Pokemon in the game in an alternate color. However, the chances of seeing an alternate color Pokemon is so low you may have to play for hundreds of hours to see any, except for the red Gyarados at the Lake Of Rage. The alternate color Pokemon do not have better stats. Any difference in the stats is due to the trainer, and not the color.
All three starter Pokemon: This trick requires Pokemon Gold or Silver to do this. First, start a new game on Pokemon Gold or Silver. Then, choose any starter (Cyndaquil, Tododile, or Chikorita). Go to the first Pokemon Center that you can find, then trade one of the starter Pokemon for another. You can repeat this as many times as desired.
Breeding tips: Tameness is a large factor. The longer you keep a Pokemon in a box, the harder and less chance it has of producing an egg. If it is injured and you do not heal it, the Pokemon will get upset and often fail to produce eggs. If Pokemon have the same miniature icons (select the Pokemon option on your menu), they will prefer each other more than other Pokemon. Finally, do not breed family members with each other. For example, if you breed an Eevee with a Ditto, that Eevee will not breed with the new Eevee. They will refuse to breed and get upset.
Quick restore: When far away from a Pokemon Center, go to a location with a PC. Deposit the weak Pokemon, then withdraw it.
Increasing happiness: Buy 30 each of Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium. Give as many of the Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium to your Pokemon as possible. Then, take your Pokemon to the groomers and have it groomed twice. Then, take it to the Happiness rater to see how much it likes you. After that, raise it up a level and it should evolve. This is best used with Togepi to Togetic, Eevee to Espeon, Eevee to Umbreon, and Chansey to Blissey.
Evolve by trading: Machoke, Kadabra, Haunter, and Graveler will evolve by trading via a game link cable.
Buena: Phone number: To get Buena's phone number, you need to get 30 points on your blue card.
Erin: Calciums: Add Picnicker Erin to your phone list. Battle her every time she calls and she will give you a Calcium.
Eusine: Find him again: If you want to see Eusine again, go to the Pokemon Center in Celedon City in Kanto. He will be there and say that he is visiting his hometown and wants you to catch Entei and Raikou.
Kurt: More special Pokeballs In Pokemon Gold and Silver, Kurt could only make one special Pokeball at a time. Now that his granddaughter is helping him, he now can make up to 99 of the same special Pokeball in one day. Of course, you would have to have 99 of that specific Apricorn.
Lance: Defeating him: Catch Suicune and train it to level 46. When it tries to learn Aurora Beam at level 41, erase Leer, then teach it Icy Wind from the Mahogany Gym Leader. Now that it has Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Icy Wind, And Gust, go to battle Lance. Use Bubble Beam on Charizard, and Icy Wind and Aurora Beam for the rest.
Morty: Get him into his gym: Morty is out studying. The only way to get him back is to defeat the Kimono girls. Then, go to burned tower. Go left, up, right, down, and left to get to your rival. Defeat him and you will fall in a pit. You will see the Three Legendary Dogs. They will run away. Go down and up the ladder. Exit the tower and Morty will be at his gym.
Elite Four: Defeating them: Train an Alakasam to level 55 and teach it Psychic, Thunder, Fire, and Ice Punch. Train a Gyrados to at least level 40 and teach it Surf and Hydro Pump. Train a Machamp to level 35 and have it learn Vital Throw. Use Alakasam against everyone except Houndoom (use Gyrados) and Umbreon (use Machamp).Your Alakasam should be able to defeat all in one or two moves.
Red: Pokemon team: Red uses the following Pokemon: Pikachu (level 81). Snorlax (level 70). Charizard (level 75). Venasaur (level 75). Blastoise (level 75). Espeon (level 70).
In-game reset: Hold A + B + Select + Start during game play to return to the title screen.
TM Lady: Every Sunday a lady will appear and give away a TM.
Vance: Carbs: Add Bird Keeper Vance to your phone list. Battle him every time he calls and he will give you a Carb.
Slot machines: Sometimes you will get lucky and the following things may happen. Four to six Golems will fall down, moving the slots up by one at a time. If there is one "7" on the winning line and you stop the second reel, the second reel may change to a "7". The last reel will spin a couple of times. Also if your very lucky, after you get two "7"s a Chansey may appear, toss one of its eggs, and you will magically have three "7"s. The odds of seeing Chansey are extremely low.
Easy Bug Catching Contest win: Raise an Oddish to level 21 and have it evolve into Gloom. Teach Gloom Sweet Scent. Enter the Bug Catching Contest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. Take your Gloom to level 25 to 35 and knows Absorb and Sweet Scent. Find a spot in the park and use Sweet Scent repeatedly. Random Pokemon will attack you. Your best bet is a level 16 and over Butterfree, Venonat, Beedrill, Scyther, or Pinser.
Rainbow Wing: In order to get the Rainbow Wing, you must have all three legendary Pokemon (Suicine, Raikou, and Entei).

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