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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Crystal
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Crystal
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Under Game Corner: Every Saturday or Sunday morning, you can press the switch under the Game Corner. It looks different and has new music under Game Corner.
Lucky slot machine: In the Celadon City Game Corner in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the slot machine below the fisherman was out of order. If you walked down three from that machine (or the bottom slot machine), there would have been a lucky one. The broken machine has been repaired, but the lucky machine is still there. Use it for a better chance to get three 7s lined up.
Sliph Scope: On Saturday and Sunday morning at 6 or 7 o'clock, go to Kanto. Go to Celadon City and go to Game Corner. Find and press the two green switches to reveal a secret stairway. Go in, go right, go down, then go to any arrow bolt. Find the trainer that battles you, and he give you the Sliph Scope. Note: The arrow bolt locations are difficult to find.

Bills Grandpa: In Cerulean City Cape, there is a little house. Go inside and he will say that his son mentioned something about a Pokemon with a long tongue, which is Lickitung. Bring one to him and he gives you an Everstone to look at. Next, he tells you of another Pokemon. When you bring that to him, he gives you a Leaf Stone. Soon you will have the Leaf, Thunder, Hard, and Fire Stones.

Easy Pokemon catching at start of game: After you get your Pokemon from Professor Elm, go to Cherrygrove City and heal your Pokemon. Go to Mr. Pokemon's house. As you are traveling to his house, try to run from every battle you can and do the same thing on the way back as well. After you get Pokeballs, you can catch Pokemon more easily without worrying about killing them first.
Experience Share: After you get the Red Scale from the red Gyarados you defeated or captured, Fly to Cherrygrove City. Go up into Route 30 and stay on the right side of the screen. You will see Mr. Pokemon's house. There is a berry slightly to the left. Take it and go inside. He will ask you to trade your Red Scale for his Exp. Share. Answer "Yes" and walk outside, anywhere. Attach Exp. Share to the Pokemon you want to train. It will get double experience. Note: If your Pokemon has the Pokerus infection, it will get four times the experience.

Information for evolving by tameness: When you talk to the Night Trainer on Route 39, she tells you that because she caught her Meowth there, she can level it up easier and it becomes more tame. This is also true for your Pokemon. Visit the Pokemon Seer in Cianwood and she will tell you when and where you caught your Pokemon . Go there at that time and fight Pokemon. Your Pokemon will level up quicker, and if it evolves by tameness it will evolve quicker.
Fly HM02: To get this HM, go to the Cianwood City Pharmacy sign (but do not go in). Then, go all the way to the left until you reach the side of a cave. Go up a short distance and you should see a woman. Talk to her, and she will give you the Fly HM.

Move Tutor: Every Wednesday and Saturday after you defeat the Elite Four, a person will appear in front of the Goldenrod City Game Corner. If you have 4,000 coins to pay, then he will teach one of your Pokemon one of three moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, or Flamethrower.
Free TM: Go to the fifth floor of the Department Mart. A girl gives you any TM by the counter every Sunday. A girl will give you better a TM at 11:30 p.m..
Free TM (2): On Saturday nights, a man will be standing in front of the Game Corner. For 5,000 Game Corner Coins, he will teach any one of your Pokemon a TM move.
Items: Turn the radio to 10.5 (one notch right of 10) and read the password given. Go to the Goldenrod radio station at any time. Go up one floor to find a broadcasting booth. Talk to the woman closer to you and tell her the password, then talk to the woman below her. She will give you a blue card and a point. When you have more points, talk to the second woman again to get a prize such the Ultra ball or HP Up.
Items (2): The Underground path in Goldenrod City contains a few hidden items. Use the Item Finder to locate them.
Items (3): At Goldenrod radio tower, play the lucky number game. If you get all five numbers you will win another Master Ball. The odds of this are extremely low.
Items (4): Note: The more Pokemon you trade, the more ID numbers you get, which gives better chances at winning the lucky numbers game.
Items (5): Tune into your radio after 6:00. Listen to all the shows until you find one that is saying Pokemon or items. Remember the code and go to the radio tower. Find a girl with blue hair. Tell her the code and she will give you a point. There is another girl in the room. If you collect enough points, you can buy a Rare Candy from her. Do this throughout the game.
Pokedoll crane game: Go to the floor six of department store. Go up the staircase to reach the roof. Over to your left is a fat man. Next to him is the Pokedoll crane game.
Odd Egg: When you visit the Daycare Center below Goldenrod City for the first time, the man will give you an Odd Egg. It takes up a Pokemon slot just like a real egg. It canhatch into one of seven Pokemon: Tyrogue, Igglybuff, Pichu, Cleffa, Magby, Elekid, or Smoochum. Whatever the Pokemon is, it will have Dizzy Punch. There are only two ways it can go in terms of stats. It will either be shiny with bad Attack, or it will be 0000 for DVs. This means that even if the Pokemon have their personal best, you will be 30 points off maximum. Also, you have got about a 14% chance of scoring a shiny. To ensure that the Pokemon will go the way you want, save before you get the Egg then do not save again until it hatches. When it does, check the Pokemon. If it is shiny, and is the baby you want, keep it.
Trade for Machop: Go to the Pokemart and find Mike on the fifth floor. He wants to trade an Abra for a Machop.
See your house: Go to the roof of the Pokemart and look in the binoculars at the top right. You will say "These binoculars let me see far away. Maybe I can see my own house. Is it the one with the green house?"

Location: The Ice Caves or Ice Path is located between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City.

Rare Candy: There is a Rare Candy hidden under where Wesley Blackbelt on Wednesday stands. He is located beside the hidden house on left side. Use the Item Finder.
Elixir: Go to the Fishing Guru's house and read the sign that is outside to learn that he wants a record size Magikarp. Catch one and show it to him. If it is of record size, he will give you an Elixir. If it is too small, try again.
Full Restore: You can find Full Restore with the Item Finder near the secret house at the Lake Of Rage.
Rare Candy: Go to where Wesley is standing. On any day other than Wednesday, you will find a Rare Candy.

Secret music: In Mahogany Town, before you defeat Team Rocket, tune into the radio on the last channel. You should see five question marks (?????). You will hear secret music that is not available after you beat Team Rocket. The secret music is about the Lake Of Rage. The radio thing is what Team Rocket is using to evolve Magikarp.

Karate King: Enter Mt. Mortar by using the middle entrance. Do not go down the ladder. Surf left, up, and right and use Waterfall. When you go up the whirlpool, follow the path. Use Rock Smash on the rock blocking the path. Then ,Surf all the way up and make another left. Follow the path again and go down the ladder. Explore that part of the cave and you will eventually find Karate King. Battle him to get a Tyrouge. Note: Have at least ten Max Repels with you.

Battle Tower: In Olivine City you will find the Pokemon Battle Tower that is somewhat like a Pokemon Stadium 2 tournament battle.
Battle Tower (2): The first battle room that you can go into is the level 10 battle room. You will have to fight seven trainers each, with a team of three Pokemon using three of your level 10 Pokemon. The rules are simple -- you cannot enter Pokemon that are a higher or lower level then the level the room you are entering. For example, if your Pokemon is at level 11 and you want to go into the level 10 room he cannot enter. You also cannot have two of the same species of Pokemon, and you cannot have two Pokemon holding the same item.
Iron: Take the S.S Aqua boat from Olivine City. Battle everyone, then exit the boat. Surf to the right. In the water by the pole is an Iron. You cannot get this item from the other side once you pass the ticket man. It is on the ship side -- face the pole in the water and use Item Finder.
Trade for Voltorb: Go to the small house above the lighthouse and find Tim. He wants to trade a Krabby for a Voltorb.

Silver Wing: You can get the Silver Wing from the old man walking left and right near the market to capture Lugia. Note: Both Ho-oh and Lugia are at level 60.

Star Piece: Bird Keeper Jose will give you a Star Piece each time his Far'fetched finds one. You will need Whirlpool to reach him.

Free berries: Wade the Bugcatcher will give you free berries that he finds in the grass if you register your phone number with him.

Hidden item: There is a hidden item under where Frieda on Friday stands above the Pokecenter. You can only get it when she is not there. Use the Item Finder.

Finding sales: Battle Camper Todd then talk to him after the battle. He will ask you if you would like to register his phone number. Answer "Yes" and he will call you when the Goldenrod City department store is going to have big sales on top of the roof.
Items: Battle Picnicker Gina then talk to her after the battle. She will then ask you if you would like to register her phone number. Answer "Yes" and she will call you if she picks up any items she finds off the floor and give them to you.
Items (2): On Route 34 north of Goldenrod, swim across a little creek to the west and get a Mystery Berry, then keep swimming south and get a Nugget, and keep swimming south and battle three female Cool Trainers. The last one will give you Soft Sand if you defeat all of them.
Rare Candy: Once you get the Item Finder, go to the station between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod. Exit the station, go left (into the grass), and use the Item Finder. You should hear a ping. Look over the fence and remember that location. Keep going up until you can Surf. Surf to the small place (with the item, which is not the Rare Candy) and go to the very bottom. You should see two trees. Look at the left tree, then press A to get a Rare Candy.

Free Nuggets: This trick requires a Marill. Go to the National Park at any time. Enter from Route 35. Go straight up and talk to the first person (a woman) that you see in the grass. She will talk about how cute your Marill is. She will give you her number. She will call you when she finds any Nuggets.

Free items: Battle Schoolboy Alin on Route 36, then get his phone number. He will call you if he has any items. Note: You may get stones.

Free items: Talk to a girl on Route 38 (Lass Dana). After you battle her, she will say that she will share an item with you when a boy (not you) gives her an item. Register her phone number and she will call you if she has any items she wants to share. Note: You may get rare stones.
Gold Nugget: A Gold Nugget us located behind a cow at the Dairy Farm on Route 38. Use the Item Finder.
Moo Moo Milk: Go to the house above the Moo Moo farm and you will find a injured Miltank. Give to it a lot of berries and it will feel better. Go to the house next to the house that you are in. A man will now sell you Moo Moo Milk for only 100 Pokemoney. The Moo Moo Milk will restore your Pokemon HP up by 300 points of health.

Before going to Routes 40 and 41, pick up Magnamite on Routes 38 and 39. Even better, pick up the Spearow early in the game and have it now at level 35 with Peck. Make sure that you carry lots of Antidotes and the Bitter Berries that cure Confusion. There will be lots of Tentacools and Tentacruels. They know both Poison Sting and Super Sonic.

Free Pokeballs: Battle Fisher Wilton on Route 44. He will call you if he snags an item.
Hidden item: Between Mahogany City and the Ice Cave is a small island. Surf over to it and use the Item Finder to get a hidden item.
Hidden item (2): Between Mahogany City and the Ice Cave is a small island. Surf over to it at night and have a Pokemon that knows Thief. Use Thief on the Polliwhirls. One could be holding a King's Rock. Make sure you do not have a very high level Pokemon, where Thief will knock it out. Levels 25 to 40 should work.

Iron: Battle Hiker Parry and win each battle. He will give you an Iron to continue your Pokemon journey for both of you.
PP Up: Kenji Black Belt on Route 45 will give you a PP Up if you call him when he is taking a lunch break. Visit him. He does not battle. He will not call to remind you, which makes it even harder. Call every day in the morning. He will say he is too busy training. When he says he is going to take a lunch break at noon, call him at noon and fly over and visit him on Route 45 on the right side of path. He will thank you for stopping by and give you a PP Up. The days he take a lunch break are random, so you have to call every day and remember to visit at lunch time. He will Continue giving these out if you visit him when he takes breaks.

Get good Pokemon early: When you start catching Pokemon on Route 29 do not forget to make a side trip to Route 46 through the north building. You can only go a short distance, but you can catch low level Spearow that starts with Peck, Geodude, and in the morning you can catch a level 2 Phanpy. Phanpy is rare and you only have a 5% chance of catching him. He is not out at all in the day or night, so try early. A Phanpy raised from level 2 will evolve into a even stronger than usual Donphan.

Easy attacks: If you have a weak Pokemon with weak attacks, take it to the Ruins of Alph and train there. The Unknown are very weak. Train until it evolves, and cancel the evolution until your Pokemon is at level 20. Then, let it evolve. You should have had one attack come quicker than when it is evolved.
Mysterious Channel 13.5: Use your radio in the Ruins of Alph to tune into Channel 13.5. You will hear mysterious sounds made by the Annon (Unown).
Secret of the Unown: Go to the Ruins Of Alph and enter a cave. Go to the counter and solve the puzzle. You will drop to another room. Catch three different Unown to get the Unowndex. Return to the puzzle room and read the top wall. It will say ESCAPE in Unown letters. That is your clue. Use an escape rope and you can go back outside. Go back in the cave and the back wall will have broken. Enter it to find four items and another hole. Go through it and a story will be written in Unown letters. There are other rooms like this but you need a waterstone, Ho-oh, and Surf to get in them.

Rail Pass: Find a house that has an upstairs and two people on the first floor. Talk to the man on the first floor. Then, go upstairs to talk to his daughter. She will tell you she is missing her Clefairy. When she asks you if you could help, answer "Yes". Go to Vermilion City. Enter the Pokefan building. Walk towards a fat man and talk to him. He will give you the doll. Return to Saffron City and give Copycat the doll. In return, she will give you the Rail Pass.

Amulet Coin: In the Underground Warehouse, look for a staircase. Climb it, and you will be on a new floor and see an Item Ball. Pick it up to get the Amulet Coin. Give it to one of your Pokemon. If you use the Pokemon holding it anytime during a battle, you will get twice as much money from the trainer. For example, if the Pokemon holding it can defeat any one of Lance's Pokemon, you will earn 10000P instead of 5000P.

Rare Candy: After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, you will get a call from Professor Elm to get a ticket to go to Kanto. You will end up at Vermilion City, where Lt.Surge is located. There is a Rare Candy up on the left, near water.

Hidden items: There are three hidden items in Violet City. You will need Surf and Cut. There is a Rare Candy by Earl's Pokemon Academy. Chop down a tree to get to it. You cannot see it; go one space away from the bushes and press A. A message stating that you got a Rare Candy will appear. There are two bodies of water in Violet City. Surf in them until you get to a piece of land. One lake has a Hyper Potion and the other has a PP Up.
Trade for Onyx: Go to the small house to the left of the Pokemon Center. Find Kyle and he will want to trade a Bellsprout for an Onyx.

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