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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold)
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Gin (Silver)
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One: Find any one of them to get it on your Pokedex so you can track them down. When you run into it, try to attack first with Mean Look or Spider Web so you will have time to wear it down and it will be less likely to flee. Watch out for Roar or your Pokemon will run away scared. If you wear them down, they will not be able to recover. Collect White Apricorns so get Fast Balls for use during the battle. Check your Pokedex when you enter a city, town, house, cave, route, or other new location. It could stay where it is or move to a different place. Buy and use a lot of Repel, Super Repel, and Max Repel.
Two: When in Azlea town, go into the burned tower. Choose the path to the left, smash the cracked rock, and proceed forward. Do not drop into the hole next to the trainer yet. You will see a hole exactly in the middle of the tower. Drop down and walk ahead. The dogs will be on a platform. When you step nearby, they will run in three directions. Go look for them in the wild. When you encounter one, it will be at level 40 but will run as soon as possible. Try to put it to sleep. If you manage to damage one of them, their health will be like that the next time you encounter them. Also, after it runs away you can check the next place it has gone to. Note: If you use FLY or enter a new town or cave, it will jump to a new random place -- keep using fly until it is outside the town that you are at. The dogs cannot jump into Kanto -- they stay in the Jhoto region.
Three: To get the legendary dogs you need to go to Ecruteak City. Once there, enter the Burned Tower. Go through there and walk up to the Legendary Dogs and they will be freed. After that, you will find them in wild battles in bushes. Stay in one city and locate them on your Pokedex. Keep watching which direction they are going. Go in the opposite direction to run into them. Use Repels to avoid getting into battles with other Pokemon. After you take HP out of one of them, it will never return unless you catch it and heal. Put it to sleep on your first attack or it will run away. For the best chance of finding them, start in Violet City. Use Master Balls, Speed Balls, Heavy Balls, Friendship Balls, and sometimes a Hyper Ball to catch them.
Four: Catch a ghost Pokemon, then find one of the Legendary Dogs. Use Mean Look and it will not be able to escape.
Five: Get Scyther or Scizor to learn False Swipe, then get a Gastly and train it until it learns Mean Look. Mean Look prevents the enemy from escaping, while False Swipe always leaves the enemy with 1 hit point left. Since the Legendary Dogs do not heal between battles or sightings, you can gradually wear them down between battles. Note: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou are all at Lv.40, so Scyther/Scizor and Gastly should be at least Lv.30 to 60.
Six: When you search for the Dogs, pick a town and travel between that town and the route that connects with it, Check your Pokedex every time you enter the route for the dogs. If you and one of them are on the same route, spray on Max Repel and go though the grass.
Seven: Try to get a Misdreavus at Mt.Silver at night. Hunt down the dogs. When you see Entie, Suicine, or Raikou, use your Misdreavus. This works best if your Misdreavus has the Mean Look attack. It is possible that the dogs will use Roar, but sooner or later you will catch them.
Eight: To catch Suicune, Raikou and Entei, get a Scyther and evolve it to Scizor using the Metal Coat. Get it to learn False Swipe and train it to level 39. Find one of the Legendary Dogs using the Pokedex. When you are in battle with it, use False Swipe. If you are fast enough, it will take off some HP, but never make it faint. Use it whenever you see a Legendary Dog to catch it easier. Note: If Scizor's speed is not fast enough, use Carbos.
Nine: When catching Suicune, you do not have to use a Master Ball. You can use a Fast Ball. You can get a Fast Ball by giving the person in Azeala Town a White (Wht) Apricorn. You can find Suicune at the Tin Tower.
Ten: Entei, Suicune, and Raikou are found randomly in a location after you free them in Ecruteak. From then on, they will move to any area near them every time you change an area.
Eleven: If you have already seen Entei and Raikou once, open your Pokedex and find their entry. They should be near the bottom, in new and old modes. Open the entry and choose the option area. This will show you where Entei and Raikou are located. However, they will move every time the Route changes or you enter or leave a city, building, or cave.

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