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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold)
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Gin (Silver)
Click Here to go to the Pokemon Gold Silver Main Menu 

Delete and restart game: Press Up + B + Select or Start at the title screen. You will be prompted if you are sure you want to delete your saved game. Select "Yes" and the menu will no longer have the continue option.
Faster credits display: Hold B during the credits.
In-game reset: Press Start + Select + A + B during game play to reset.
Skip credits: Press Start + Select + A + B while the credits are displayed.
Easy money:
On Monday, go to the Underground Path in Goldenrod City. Buy a nugget and attach it to a Pokemon. Use the duplication trick as many times as needed. Detach the Nuggets and sell them for 5000 each.
Easy money (2): On Monday mornings, go to the Underground Path in Golden Rod City to where the Haircut Bros. are normally found. The man who sells the cheap trinkets will sell you a nugget for 4500. Buy it, go to a market and sell it for 5000.
Easy money (3): Use the "Set Time" password to change the day of the week to Sunday at anytime between 12 a.m. and 11:45 p.m. Resume your saved game and fly to Golden Rod City. Go to the fifth floor of the Poke Mart and talk to the lady (to the left of the TM Salesman) to receive a TM. Sell the TM to the TM Salesman. Then, save your game and turn off the Game Boy Color. You can repeat this trick as many times as needed.
Items from Time Capsule Pokemon: When you use the Time Capsule to trade with the older games, every Pokemon that comes from the Red, Blue, or Yellow version will have an item equipped with them. Some will just have berries, but others have better things.
Items from your mom: To get Moon Stones or other mystical stones, tell your mom to save your money. Keep battling until she calls you. Check your PC and see what she bought you -- it could be a Moon Stone or any other stone or item.
Item from the Goldenrod City Department Store: Visit the Goldenrod City Department Store on Sunday and talk to everyone. You might pick up a great item.
Cheat trinkets: Every Monday morning, go to Goldenrod's Underground Path. Talk to the old man and to find out that he sells cheap trinkets. His stock includes: Nugget, Pearl, Big pearl, and Starpiece.
Cheaper healing: The Poke Mart Super Potions cost 900 and heal only 50 HP. However, the vending machine at the Goldenrod Department Store sells Lemonade for 300, which heals 80 HP.
Faster way to get on your bike: Go to your key items list in your pack. Find "Bicycle" and press A. Then go to "SEL" instead of "USE" and press A again. Exit the menu screen and press Select. Your bike should automatically appear.
Unlimited Rare Candies: This trick requires Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Stadium 2. Using Pokemon Crystal, get Rare Candies from the lady you trade points to inside the radio tower. Transfer the Rare Candies to Pokemon Stadium 2. Put Pokemon Gold or Silver in the Transfer Pak and send the Rare Candies to that game.
Duplicate items: Go to the item that you want to be duplicate. Note: You cannot duplicate items in pokeballs, such as Rare Candy. Then get the password to reset the time and change the day. This works best with berries and balls from Kur.
Free toll: If you have not defeated the Team Rocket at Mahogany Town and must pay 1000 credits to get up to Lake of Rage, fly back home. Talk to your mom, and when she asks "or is this about your money?", answer "Yes". Select "Save", then when she asks you how much to deposit, give her all the money you have. Return to Mahogany Town and when you try to go through the toll, the Rockets will stop you. When they see you do not have enough, they will say "Give us what you have, then." Since you have nothing, they will let you pass for free.
Quick Solarbeam: Use Sunny Day, then on your next attack use Solarbeam. This attack will remain on the field for five turns. Once all of the Sunny Day effect is over, the Pokemon will absorb sunlight or you can just do this combo as long as desired.
Full HP/PP restore: Leave a Pokemon at the Daycare Center, but immediately return and get it. When you pick it up, it will be fully restored.
Full HP/PP restore (2): If you do not want to go to the Pokemon Center, or if one is not around, deposit your Pokemon in the computer and they will be fully healed. This includes stats, health, and PPs.
Increase prize chance: By using the "Reset time" trick, you can have a new number for the radio tower contest every few minutes. Reset the time so that it is Friday, then begin game play. Check the radio tower for the number. If you want to repeatedly check the number, save and turn the game off. Turn it back on and reset the time again, but set it to Thursday. Begin game play, save, and turn off the game. Turn it back on, and reset the time to Friday. The number will be different, which greatly increases you chance of winning a prize.
Easy Pokemon captures: Get a Scyther that knows Fake Swipes and a Drowzee that knows Hypnosis. When a wild Pokemon appears, use Scyther's Fake Swipes to reduce the Pokemon's HP down to 1, then use Hypnosis to put it to sleep. It can now be captured easily.
More damage: When you are battling a Pokemon and do a attack, hold A + B. Release the buttons when the opposing Pokemon only has a small amount of HP remaining. This will result in slightly more damage.
Catching difficult Pokemon without a Masterball: Lower the opponents' HP to less than half. Then, highlight the pokeball you wish to use. While holding Up, hold A to launch the ball, then quickly hold B. Hold those two buttons while the pokemon is struggling to get out. Most of the time this will catch anything you want.
Quick rematch: Go to your mom, ask her to switch to daylight savings time, then do it again. A trainer will then call you for a rematch. You can do this as many times as needed.
Quick level gain: Give your Pokemon Exp. Share and battle with it. It will gain up to double extra experience.
Fight your rival again: After you face the Pokemon League several times, you will once again fight your rival.
Get Gary Back to his Gym: Go to Cinnabar Island and notice that there is no gym there. On the top left corner you will see Gary. Talk to him and he will fly away. Go to Pallet Town and talk to his sister and she will tell you that Gary is the Leader of the Viridian City gym. Go there and defeat Gary. You should have 15 badges after defeating him.

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