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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold)
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Gin (Silver)
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Easy money: On Monday, go to the Underground Path in Goldenrod City. Buy a nugget and attach it to a Pokemon. Use the duplication trick as many times as needed. Detach the Nuggets and sell them for 5000 each.
Easy money (2): On Monday mornings, go to the Underground Path in Golden Rod City to where the Haircut Bros. are normally found. The man who sells the cheap trinkets will sell you a nugget for 4500. Buy it, go to a market and sell it for 5000.
Easy money (3): Use the "Set Time" password to change the day of the week to Sunday at anytime between 12 a.m. and 11:45 p.m. Resume your saved game and fly to Golden Rod City. Go to the fifth floor of the Poke Mart and talk to the lady (to the left of the TM Salesman) to receive a TM. Sell the TM to the TM Salesman. Then, save your game and turn off the Game Boy Color. You can repeat this trick as many times as needed.
Items from Time Capsule Pokemon: When you use the Time Capsule to trade with the older games, every Pokemon that comes from the Red, Blue, or Yellow version will have an item equipped with them. Some will just have berries, but others have better things.
Items from your mom: To get Moon Stones or other mystical stones, tell your mom to save your money. Keep battling until she calls you. Check your PC and see what she bought you -- it could be a Moon Stone or any other stone or item.
Item from the Goldenrod City Department Store: Visit the Goldenrod City Department Store on Sunday and talk to everyone. You might pick up a great item.
Cheat trinkets: Every Monday morning, go to Goldenrod's Underground Path. Talk to the old man and to find out that he sells cheap trinkets. His stock includes: Nugget, Pearl, Big pearl, and Starpiece.
Cheaper healing: The Poke Mart Super Potions cost 900 and heal only 50 HP. However, the vending machine at the Goldenrod Department Store sells Lemonade for 300, which heals 80 HP.
Faster way to get on your bike: Go to your key items list in your pack. Find "Bicycle" and press A. Then go to "SEL" instead of "USE" and press A again. Exit the menu screen and press Select. Your bike should automatically appear.
Unlimited Rare Candies: This trick requires Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Stadium 2. Using Pokemon Crystal, get Rare Candies from the lady you trade points to inside the radio tower. Transfer the Rare Candies to Pokemon Stadium 2. Put Pokemon Gold or Silver in the Transfer Pak and send the Rare Candies to that game.
Duplicate items: Go to the item that you want to be duplicate. Note: You cannot duplicate items in pokeballs, such as Rare Candy. Then get the password to reset the time and change the day. This works best with berries and balls from Kur
Annon Pokedex: First, solve the Kabuto puzzle, which you should know how to get to. The rest will require the HM for Surf, found in Enjyu City, TM 08 (Rock Breaker), and the HM for Strength. Surf down by the Ancient Ruins (below Kickyou City) and solve the puzzle there. The puzzles should be somewhat easy. Just put in the corner pieces first. Then, go to the Connection Cave. Walk around and find the Pokemaniac. If you have not defeated him, fight him. Then Surf in the waters near him. You will have to return here twice. Break the rock you find, and solve the puzzle. Then return, move the boulder, and solve the last puzzle. Catch the different Annon, then exit the ruins. Talk to the scientist near the cave and he will give you a complimentary Annon Pokedex.
Apricorn balls: Go to Azalea Town and go due west. Near the gate at the north will be a house with a berry tree just above it. Go into the house and talk to the man ahead of you. Give him a apricorn you wish to turn it into a new type of pokeball. Exit the house and save the game. Turn off the game, then turn it back on. Use the "Set Time" cheat and change the day back or forward one day. Start the game and go back to the man you left with the apricorn. He will give you the ball.
Badges: Flanker: 7 Pidey,9 Pideyotto in Violet City. Bugsy: 14 Metapod,14 Kakuna, 14 Sycter in Azalea Town. Whiteny: 18 Clefariy,20 Miltank in Goldenrod City. Morty: 21Gastly,21 Haunter,25 Gengar,23 Haunter in Ecruek City. Chuck: 28 Primape,30Machamp in Cinawood City. Bryce: 29 Seel,29Dewgong,31 Piloswine in Mahongy Town. Jaminse: 30 Magimite,30 Magmite,35 Steelix in Olive City. Clair: 37 Dragonair,37 Dragonair,37 Dragonair,40 Kingdra.
Big Snorlax Doll: Get your mom to save $100,000 and she will buy you a Big Snorlax Doll.
Blackbelt: Blackbelt can be found on Wednesdays on the left side of the Lake of Rage. SURF is required to get it. Blackbelt powers up fighting Pokemon.
Bright powder: Trade a Zapdos from Pokemon Blue, Red or Yellow to get Bright Powder, which lowers the opponent Pokemon's accuracy.
Charcoal: Charcoal can be bought in Azaela Town. Charcoal powers up fire attacks.
Charmander doll: Make sure you are sending money to mom. As soon as she gets too much money, she will spend some. The third time she spends money, it should be for a Charmander doll.
Cleanse Tag: Travel to Cerulean City to where the Daycare in Pokemon Red/Blue used to be located.
Dragon Fang: Dragon Fang will be an automatic item obtained in Dragon's Den after you defeat Ibuki. It powers up Dragon attacks.
Dragons' Scale: There is a pokeball containing Dragon's Scale in the Dragons' Den at Mahogany.
Ether: One of these is located by the sign on route 37.
Everclaw: Go to the National Park and talk to the girl sitting on the bench with her Pokemon. She will give you a Everclaw.
Everstone: This item may sometimes be found with a wild Geodude.
Experience Share: When you get to the Lake Of Rage you will see a red Gyrados. Fight it. After the battle, you will obtain the Red Scale. Give the Red Scale to Mr. Pokemon (the man that gives you the mystery egg at the start) Cherrygrove City. He will give you the Experience Share for the Red Scale. It has the same function as the Experience All from Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow. Give it to one of your Pokemon to hold. They will gain half the experience from the battle without being out. Note: This is best used when leveling up lower level Pokemon and works best when fighting the Elite Five.
Gold Berry: You can get the Gold Berry by winning third place in the bug catching contest.
Gold Leaf: Trade a Muk or Marowak from the Yellow Version. It will have a Gold Leaf attached to it.
Good Rod: In Olivine City, enter the house to the left of the Pokemart to get the Good Rod.
Hard Stone: Hard Stone can be found on Thursday on route 36. This powers up rock attacks.
HM 01: Item Type: Move/Field; location: catch the Farfetched in Ilex Forest; teaches the technique "Cut". Can cut certain bushes on field.
HM 02: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Cianwood Island; teaches the technique "Fly". You can fly to cities to decrease travel time. You get this from Chuck's wife, after defeating Chuck.
HM 03: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Ecruteak City; teaches the technique "Surf". You can travel on water with a Pokemon. Defeat the five dancing girls and talk to the man inside the Ecuteak City Dance Theater.
HM 04: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Olivine City; teaches the technique "Strength". You can move boulders. Obtained from the sailor in the town with the light house.
HM 05: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Sprout Tower; teaches the technique "Flash". You can light up dark areas such as Mt. Silver. Defeat the monk at the end of Sprout Tower to obtain it.
HM 06: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Mahogany City; teaches the technique "Whirlpool". While on water, you can eliminate whirlpools which block your path to other areas. Obtained from Lance in Team Rocket's HQ.
HM 07: Item Type: Move/Field; location: Ice Cave; teaches the technique "Waterfall". While on water, you can travel up waterfalls.
King's Rock: This item may sometimes be found with a wild Slowpoke.
King's Symbol: Go to the town where you had to rescue the Slowpokes from the Rockets. Enter the cave where you got the Slowpokes from the two Rockets. Use Strength and push the boulder, then Surf in the pond. Find the ladder, go to it, and Surf. Talk to everyone there in that part of the cave. Someone will give you the King's Symbol.
Lightball: Trade Pikachu from the Yellow version. Pikachu will have a lightball for an item. The Lightball powers-up all electric attacks.
Lucky Egg: Use THIEF on a Chansey and at rare times you can get a Lucky Egg. Have a Pokemon you want to grow quickly hold it for double the experience points.
Magnet: Magnet can be found on Sundays at Route 37 . Talk to the girl next to the three fruit bearing trees and she will give you a magnet. It powers up electric attacks.
Masterball: Once you collect all eight badges, Professor Elm will give you a ring. Visit him at his lab to get a Masterball.
Max Potion: Go to Silver Cave (a.k.a Mt. Silver). There will be a boulder to your left at the entrance of the second floor. Walk up to it and press A when in front of it. You will find a Max Potion.
Metal Coat: Collect all eight badges, then talk to Professor Utigi (the person from the start of the game). He will give you the S.S. Anne ticket. Go to the city where at the Gym Leader was at first not there. Go inside the house at the shore, the person will let you go through, and you will be on the S.S. Anne. You will meet a man that wants you to find his daughter on the ship. You can find her with the captain. Return her to her father, then go back and talk to the captain to receive the Metal Coat.
Miracle Seed: Miracle Seed can be received from a man on route 32. It powers up grass type attacks.
Monorail ticket: Go to Saffron City and talk to the girl copy cat. FLY to Vermilion City and talk to everyone in the house where you received the bike voucher. Someone will give you the Clefairy doll. Take it to the copycat and to get the monorail ticket.
Moomoo Milk: Feed the sick Miltank a lot of berries. You can then obtain Moomoo Milk from the father for 500.
Moon Stone: Go to Mt. Moon central on a Monday night. You will see Clefairy dancing. Use Rock Smash on the rock by them to get a Moon Stone.
Mystery Gift: The Mystery Gift function becomes available after you speak to a little girl on the fifth floor in Goldenrod City. Save your game, then turn off your Game Boy. Get a friend with the game, use your IR Device (COMM), link the two arrows together, and press A.
Mystic Water: Mystic Water can be found in Cherrygrove City. After you get surf, go west and surf to the fisherman he will give you Mystic Water, which powers up water attacks.
Nevermeltice: Nevermeltice can be found in the Ice Path. It powers up ice attacks.
Nugget: This item may sometimes be found with a wild Muk.
Old Rod: In Route 32, go into the Pokecenter and talk to the fisherman to receive the Old Rod.
Pink Bow: Pink Bow can be received from the lady at the Radio Tower after you defeat the seventh Gym in Johto and clear the event that follows. Pink Bow powers up normal attacks. Pink Bow can also be found on Route 29 on Tuesdays.
Poison Barb: Poison Barb can be found on Fridays on Route 32. It powers up poison attacks near Union Cave.
Polka-dot Bow: Trade a Wiggelytuff from Pokemon Yellow and it will be holding a Polka-Dot Bow, which powers-up normal-type moves.
PP Up: Get third place in the Lucky Number Show.
Rainbow Wing: In order to get the Rainbow Wing, you must have all three legendary Pokemon (Suicine, Raikou, and Entei).
Sacred Ash: Fight Ho-oh and with a Pokemon in your party that knows TM46 (Thief). Use the technique and to get the Sacred Ash, which completely recovers all fainted Pokemon.
Sharp Beak: In Olivine City on Mondays, go out to the shore and talk to the person who is not normally there. She will give you a Sharp Beak. Sharp Beak powers up flying attacks.
Silver Trophy: Trade an Omastar from Pokemon Red or Blue to Silver or Gold. When, you get Omastar take the item it has away. The item is a normal box. In your items, click on the normal box and open it to get a silver trophy. You can put the silver trophy in your room.
Silver Wing: After defeating Team Rocket in Celadon City, the Director will talk to you. He will give you the Silver Wing.
Soft Sand: Soft Sand is an item that increases the power of ground type moves. Go to Route 34 and look for a lake. SURF on a Pokemon and travel to the south. You will arrive at a beach with three cooltrainers. Defeat them and the oldest one, Kate, will give you the Soft Sand.
Spelltag: Spelltag can be found in Blackthorn on Saturday. Spelltag strengthens Ghost attacks.
Sun stone: Win first place in the bug catching contest to get the Sun Stone. It can be used to evolve Sunkern and Bellosom.
Super Rod: In Route 12, enter the house and talk to the fisherman inside to get the Super Rod.
Thick Club: This item may sometimes be found with a wild Marowak.
Thunder Stone: You can get a Thunder Stone from Dana Lass. First, battle her, then get her phone number. Next, fly to New Bark town and talk to your mom. Keep switching it to daylight savings time.
TMs: On Sundays, a girl on the fifth floor in the Golden Rod City Mart gives away TMs.

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