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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold)
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Gin (Silver)
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Ignoring the egg: When going to the salon in the Underground in Goldenrod City, tell the barber to groom the egg. He will ignore you and not groom it.
Cheap Hyper Potion: At the location where you get the haircuts, go down more to find an old lady that will sell you a sort of Hyper Potion. It costs 400 credits cheaper than Hyper Potions. Note: If she is not there, keep trying and she will appear.

The Ice Caves or Ice Path is located between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City.
Exiting: If you are stuck at the second ice bit in the ice caves (with the rocks and sliding, etc.), and are standing at the entrance, the way out is as follows: up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, right.

Before you go into the Ice Path, make sure you bring along a Pokemon who knows Strength. Most of the Ice Path is easy to navigate; however the large sheet of ice towards the middle can be tricky. To get past, work your way to the northeast corner of the sheet of ice. From there, slide down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, and right. This will put you back on solid ground.

Silver cave:
Go to Kanto to see Professor Oak after getting all sixteen badges. Then go to Indigo Plateau and follow the way you would go on Pokemon Red or Blue. Go on the right side and notice an empty place. Keep moving until you see an entrance. Go through the entrance, then go to the Pokemon Center. Move left, then up to reach the cave. Make sure you have at least 20 ultra, heavy, and lure balls and an empty space on your PC.

Go to New Bark town. Find the water by your house. SURF right and keep going in that direction until you find land. You will then be in Kanto.

Radio station: Go to the shop that has a radio inside at Ectreka City. Go to your Pokegear and turn on the radio. Scroll through the channels and you will find a station that was not there before that makes weird sounds.
Items from Magikarp: Use you Super Rod to fish at the Lake Of Rage. Find a Magikarp and capture it with an inexpensive Pokeball, such as a Lure Ball. Take it to the man inside the hut near the Lake of Rage sign. He will measure your Magikarp. If your Magikarp is bigger than the current record, your name and Magikarp length will be posted outside, and you will get a useful item, such as a Super Potion or Ether. You can do this as many times as desired, but each Magikarp has to be bigger than the previous one to get the prize. There is no way of telling how big you Magikarp is until you talk to the man and get him to measure it.

Secret music: In Mahogany Town, before you defeat Team Rocket, tune into the radio on the last channel. You should see five question marks (?????). You will hear secret music that is not available after you beat Team Rocket. The secret music is about the Lake Of Rage. The radio thing is what Team Rocket is using to evolve Magikarp.
Hidden Full Heal: In Mahogany Town's Team Rocket hideout, on floor B2 go down from the stairs to where the computer is located. Next to the computer are some tall black things. Go up to the second one from the outside and press A. You will find a Full Heal.

Secret: On Mondays after 6 PM, go to Mt. Moon and you will find two exits. Take the one that is all the way atop the screen inside the Mt. Moon. After you exit through there, you should see a house standing by itself. Go west (left) and you will find a plot of flowers. Enter the flower plot and you will see an animation with two Clefairies circling a newly fallen Moon Stone. Before visiting this, equip a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash so that you can crack the Moon Stone open.

Talk to Professor Oak after you defeat the Elite Four. Go there by passing the tunnel to reach Victory Road. There is a guard. After you have spoken to Professor Oak, you can pass.

Faster boat: In Olivine City, it normally takes quite awhile when your ride the boat. To speed things up, when you get in the boat, go to your cabin. Then, go over to the bed and heal your Pokemon. When you are done, the boat will be in Vermilion City.

Go to Kanto and then go to Lavender town. Go to the radio station, talk to the man and he will give you an EXP.Card. Then go to Vermilion City. Go on the right side of the screen or just go to the Snorlax. Go to the radio on your Pokegear and tune to the station that has the Pokeflute. Play it, then you can either a battle or capture Snorlax. Go through the cave to reach Pallet Town.
Raising loyalty: When trying to evolve a pokemon through Loyalty (Eevee in Umbreon or Espeon), Gary's sister in the top right house in Pallet Town raises the loyalty by grooming. The older haircut brother raises its mood by giving it a haircut. When doing this, raise its loyalty first as the grooming lowers its mood.

Use the following steps to complete Route 37. In Goldenrod City, go by the kid that says "I know there's a bike shop here somewhere". Walk to the right and you will see a house .Enter the house and talk to both of the girls. One of the girls will give you a "Squirtbottle". Go to route 37. Note: You must first get the Plain Badge and clear National Park . When you are in Route 37, walk up to the tree that you would use CUT on. Press A, answer "Yes", fight the Pokemon, and it will clear.

Rail Pass: Find a house that has an upstairs and two people on the first floor. Talk to the man on the first floor. Then, go upstairs to talk to his daughter. She will tell you she is missing her Clefairy. When she asks you if you could help, answer "Yes". Go to Vermilion City. Enter the Pokefan building. Walk towards a fat man and talk to him. He will give you the doll. Return to Saffron City and give Copycat the doll. In return, she will give you the Rail Pass.

Rare Candy: Go to where the cut bush is located. Cut it, then go up past the house. You will see a dead end. Use the Item Finder to reveal a hidden Rare Candy.

Quick journey: As soon as you get on the SS Aqua to Kanto , go down the staircase on the right side of the ship. Talk to the man that will not let you pass, then walk into the room next to yours. Battle the man, win, then find the captain. Talk to the girl, and you will get The Metal Coat, which is used to evolve Onix and Scyther, Then, talk to the man in front of the door on the way out. He will move out of the way, and you will end up in Vermilion City.

Quick escape: When you have caught Ho-oh, simply fly away to another city. Since you are on a rooftop, you can just fly away. You will have Fly by the time you battle Ho-oh.

1. If you are stuck in the Underground Warehouse with Team Rocket, the shutter code is 3, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 1.
2. If you are stuck at the Underground Warehouse, battle all the trainers and turn on the switches in this order: 3, 2, 1.

Pokemon Training Hall and Mystery Gift: Whenever you do Mystery Gift with a person, that person and his Pokemon will be downstairs for you to battle. For example, when you do Mystery Gift with Tom and at the time he has Pikachu Lv.14 and a Cyndaquil Lv.16, that would be the Trainer and the Pokemon you would battle at the Training Hall until you do Mystery Gift again.

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