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Retro Game Boy and Game Boy Color Game Cheats
Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold)
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Gin (Silver)
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Aerodactyl: There is only one Aerodactyl in the game, but it is not that difficult to get. Catch a Chansey and trade with the girl on Route 14 to get it.
Ariados: Ariados evolves from Spinarak at level 22. The moves Ariados learns are Scary Face (level 6), Constrict (level 11), Night Shade (level 17), Leech Life (level 25), Fury Swipes (level 34), Spider Web (level 43), Screech (level 53), and Psychic (level 63).
Bayleef: Bayleef evolves from Chikorita at level 16, then evolves into Meganium at level 32. The moves that Bayleef learns are Razor Leaf (level 8), Reflect (level 12), Posion Powder (level 15), Synthesis (level 23), Body Slam (level 31), Light Screen (level 39), Safeguard (level 47), and Solarbeam (level 55).
Bellosom: Go to Grampa Bill and show him an Oddish. He will give you a Leaf Stone. Go to the baby sitter's house from Pokemon Red and Blue to find a Gloom. Evolve it into a Vile Plume or get a Sun Stone from getting in first place in the bug catching contest. Use it on Gloom to get a Bellosom.
Buruki: In the town with the fourth gym, go inside the second cave and turn to the right and SURF. Go to the top and enter another cave that is there. Make your way around the mazes and talk to the karate character that is there. Defeat him and to will get Buruki. Note: Make sure you have an open space in your Pokemon holder.
Chansey: The best time to catch Chanseys at night on Routes 13, 14, and 15.
Charizard: Go to Route 39 and enter a house. A man will sell a Charizard for 3460.
Chikorita: Chikorita evolves into Bayleef at level 16 then to Meganium at level 32. The moves it learns are Razor Leaf (level 8), Reflect (level 12), Poison Powder), (level 15), Synthesis (level 22), Body Slam (level 29), Light Screen (level 36), Safeguard (level 43), and Solar Beam (level 50).
Chinchou: Go on the dock outside the S.S. Aqua in Olivine City. Fish with a Good Rod or Super Rod. You will find some Chinchou and the evolved form, Lanturn. They use Water, Thunder, and normal attacks.
Chinchou (2): Chinchou evolves into Lanturn at level 27. The moves Chinchou learns are Supersonic (level 5), Flail (level 13), Water Gun (level 17), Spark (level 25), Confuse Ray (level 29), Take Down (level 37), and Hydro Pump (level 41).
Cleffa: Leave a Female Clefairy or Clafable with any other Male Pokemon at the Daycare south of Goldenrod City. Note: Baby Pokemon may have an attack of their father. Check both Pokemon while they are in the Daycare. They may not like each other. Any Pokemon that you can get once in a game, such as Mewtwo or Lugia, or does not have a gender, is unbreedable.
Cleffa: Cleffa can be obtained by an egg containing a Clefairy or Cleffable. The moves Cleffa learns are Encore (level 4), Sing (level 8), and Sweet Kiss (level 13).
Clefairy: Dancing: In Kanto at six o'clock, you can find dancing Clefairies on Route 4 (outside Mount Moon ), but only on Monday nights. They are in the patch of grass with little flowers. When the Clefairies notice you, they run away, but will leave a rock that one of your Pokemon can Rock Smash. Underneath, is a Moon Stone, which that can evolve Pokemon such as Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Nidoran (male and female).
Corsola: On Pokemon Silver at the Misty's gym, go fishing with a super rod. You will encounter a Lv. 40 Pokemon, and a Corsola. It has very good moves: Recover, Bubblebeam, Spike Cannon and Mirror Coat.
Corsola (2): Make sure you have a Good Rod. Go to the Day Care Center in Goldenrod City. Enter the house and go out the other door. Fish at the small lake on the right with the Good Rod. You will eventually battle a Lv. 20 Corsola.
Corsola (3): To get Corsola in Pokemon Silver, fish behind the Day Care below Golden Rod City with a Good Rod. You will find it with the moves Recover, Bubblebeam, Tackle, and Harden.
Corsola (4): On Pokemon Gold, you do not have to get Corsola by trading. Go to the backyard of the Daycare and use a Super Rod in the water. Soon enough, you will find a Corsola at level 40 in the water. It has the moves Recover, Mirror Coat, Bubblebeam, and Spike Cannon.
Corsola (5): On Pokemon Gold, go to Cianwood City. Go near the water and use Good Rod (obtained in the first house you see in Olivine). A wild Corsola should bite.
Corsola (6): On Pokemon Gold, make sure you have a Good Rod. Surf left of Cherrygrove and meet the fisherman on an island. Stand at his right, facing the way he is. Use the Good Rod and eventually you will find Corsola.
Crobat: Crobat evolves from Golbat by taming it. The moves Crobat learns are Supersonic (level 6), Bite (level 12), Confuse Ray (level 19), Wing Attack (level 30), Mean Look (level 42), and Haze (level 55).
Croconaw: Croconaw evolves from Totodile at level 18 then evolves into Feraligatr at level 30. The moves Croconaw learns are Rage (level 7), Water Gun (level 13), Bite (level 21), Scary Face (level 28), Slash (level 37), Screech (level 45), and Hydro Pump (level 55).
Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava at level 14 and into Typhlosion at level 36. The moves that Cyndaquil learns are Smokescreen (level 6), Ember (level 12), Quick Attack (level 19), Flame Wheel (level 27), Swift (level 36), and Flamethrower (level 46).
Denryuu: If you want a Pokemon rumored to be a pre-evolution of Dratini (Denryuu), do not try to de-evolve Dratini. Instead, go to the route after Kickyou City towards the Connection Cave, and try to capture the electric sheep, Meripu. Let it grow to level 15. It will evolve into a pink sheep. Train it to level 30, and to get Denryuu.
Ditto, shiny: You will need TM 31 Mimic (in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow) and The Red Gyarados. Trade the Red Gyarados to Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow and teach it Mimic. Find and battle a wild Ditto and it should go as follows: You Mimic Transform. Ditto transforms into Gyarados. You transform into Ditto. The Ditto Transforms into Gyarados. You catch Ditto. If done correctly, when you trade the Ditto you caught back to Pokemon Gold or Silver, it will be blue and shiny.
Dunsparce: Dark Cave (Violet City side); talk to Hiker Anthony, found at Route 33.
Eevee: Use the following steps to get Eevee to evolve into an Umbreon or Espeon. Take your Eevee to the Pokemon League Championship and defeat one Pokemon with it. It should be happy after you defeat all of the trainers. If it is happy and at night, it will evolve into Umbreon. If it is happy in the morning or day, it will evolve into Espeon.
Eevee (2): To get multiple Eevees, first, get an Eevee from Bill. Then, either trade for another Eevee from any other Pokemon game, or buy another Eevee from the Celedon City Game Corner. Leave them at the Daycare. Get all the eggs laid to hatch multiple Eevees, and have the ability to get all five evolutions.
Entei: You need to use a masterball (which can be obtained from the Lucky Number Show) to catch it.
Entei (2): Look south in the patch of grass of Mt. Mortar on the right side entrance.
Enteican: Enteican be found in the grass just before you get to the Lake Of Rage. You will need a Masterball to catch it.
Espeon or Umbreon: After defeating the Pokemon League, get the Evee from Bill in Goldenrod City. If you have a exp. Share, give it to Evee and win the Pokemon League again until Evee reaches level 47. Repeat this as many times as necessary.
Feraligatr: Feraligatr evolves from Croconaw at level 30. The moves that Feraligatr learns are ), Rage (level 7), Water Gun (level 13), Bite (level 21), Scary Face (level 28), Slash (level 38), Screech (level 47), and Hydro Pump (level 58).
Flareon: Flareon learns Flamethrower at level 52.
Furret: Furret evolves from Sentret at level 15. The moves Furret learns are Defense Curl (level 5), Quick Attack (level 11), Fury Swipes (level 18), Slam (level 28), Rest (level 38), and Amnesia (level 48).
Golem: Get a Graveler, then link another game and trade it.
Haganal: Equip the Metal Coat on Onix and trade it to another GameBoy. It will evolve into Haganal.
Heracross: Go to Route 42 and headbutt a tree near there to eventually find one. In addition to Heracross, you can also find some Spearow and Aipom.
Heracross (2): Fly to New Bark Town and go left until you find a tree that you can cut. Headbutt one of the little trees to find a Heracross.
Hitmonchan: Use the following steps to get a Hitmonchan that knows Mach Punch, Hi Jump Kick, and Rapid Spin. Win Tyrogue from Blackbelt Kyo in Union Cave. Evolve it into a Hitmonlee (Lv. 20 with defense higher than attack). Train it until it learns Hi Jump Kick. Breed it with a Ditto to get an egg. Hatch it and evolve that Tyrogue (Lv. 20 and its attack and defense equal). Have it learn Rapid Spin and breed it with a Ditto. This time evolve the hatched Tyrogue into a Hitmonchan with its attack higher than its defense.
Hitmontop: Defeat the Karate King in Mount Mortar and receive Tyrogue from him. Raise it to level 20 with the attack and defense being the same. To get its attack and defense the same, buy Iron from the Goldenrod City Mart.
Houndour: You can capture one at Route 7 at night.
Ho-Oh: There is only one Ho-Oh in the game. You can find it on top of the Tin Tower, but you will need the Rainbow Wing to go up there. You can get the Rainbow Wing from the Radio Station Manager in Goldenrod City (Gold version) or the old man in Pewter City (Silver version).
Ho-Oh (2): On one floor there is a maze. Go left two times, down, down all the way, then right all the way -- you will find the stairs.
Ho-Oh (3): Go to Azalea Town and get a lot of heavy balls. Get a Gastly, raise it up to a high level, and make sure it knows Mean Look and Hypnosis. Put Ho-Oh to sleep, then use Mean Look. After that, use Tail Whip until it cannot be used anymore. If he wakes up, put him back to sleep and weaken him until he is in the red. Then, use a heavy ball, hit, hold B and rapidly press A. If done correctly, he will be caught.
Ho-Oh (4): Save your Masterball for Ho-oh to catch it easier.
Ho-Oh (5): Go to Pewter City and find the man in front of Mt. Moon. Talk to him and he will give you the Rainbow Wing. Fly to Saffron City and go on the train to Goldenrod. Fly to Ecrutek and go to the house close to the water.
Ho-Oh (6): Ho-Oh's level 70 attacks are Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Swift, and Recover
Hoothoot: Hoothoot evolves into Noctowl at level 20. The moves Hoothoot learns are Foresight (level 6), Peck (level 11), Hypnosis (level 16), Reflect (level 22), Take Down (level 28), Confusion (level 34), and Dream Eater (level 48),
Igglybuff: Leave a Female Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff with any other Male Pokemon at the Daycare south of Goldenrod City. Note: Baby Pokemon may have an attack of their father. Check both Pokemon while they are in the Daycare. They may not like each other. Any Pokemon that you can get once in a game, such as Mewtwo or Lugia, or does not have a gender, is unbreedable.
Igglybuff (2): Igglybuff can only be obtained by breeding using either Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff. The moves Igglybuff learns are Defense Curl (level 4), Pound (level 9), and Sweet Kiss (level 14).
Kingdra: Equip Seadra with the Symbol of King, and then trade it.
Kingler: Staryu only appears at night in Goldenrod City in the water by the Day Care Center. You must look carefully.
Kirehana: Give Gloom a Solar Stone and it will evolve into a Kirehana. You cannot evolve Kirehana into Vileplume.
Lanturn: Lanturn evolves from Chinchou at level 27. The moves Lanturn learns are Supersonic (level 5), Flail (level 13), Water Gun (level 17), Spark (level 25), Confuse Ray (level 33), Take Down (level 45), and Hydro Pump (level 53).
Lapras: Enter the cave that links to Azalea town on Fridays and SURF. You should be able to see Lapras in the little lake at the back of the cave. Note: There is only one.
Lapras (2): Go to the exit of the Union Cave. From there, go up and all the way to the left. SURF down and go down the ladder. In the next floor, SURF down and take the first left. Go left and down. Defeat the trainer standing there, then SURF right to see Lapras surfing in the water. Note: Lapras can only be caught on Friday and he only appears once.
Lapras (3): On Friday, go to Azalea Town and enter Union Cave. When you enter the cave, you will see a man standing next to you. Go up, then make a left all the way, and SURF down . Go down at the ladder. When at the bottom, SURF to the right and go down the stairs. SURF down and go to where the girl with the red hair is located. Go all the way down and you will have to fight a girl. SURF on that water to find Lapras.
Lapras (4): On Fridays, go to Union Cave and at the end instead of going right, go left and down the staircase. Find your way to a big lake. Surf out there to find Lapras.
Larvitar: Go in Mt. Silver, walk around, but do not go deeper into the cave (do not go through a door). You can find a Lv. 15 to 20 Larvitar. Do not use Water, Ice, Ground, Fighting, Grass, or Steel moves to weaken it, because it is super-effective. Note: Use a weak Level 24 Water Pokemon with Whirlpool to try to catch it.
Larvitar (2): Larvitar cant be found in Silver Cave. When you enter Silver Cave, walk around the stairs that leads to the doorway or the black hole entrance on the other side of the first room.
Ledian: Ledian evolves from Ledyba at level 18. The moves Ledian learns are Supersonic (level 8), Comet Punch (level 15), Light Screen (level 24), Reflect (level 24), Safeguard (level 24), Baton Pass (level 33), Swift (level 42), Agility (level 51), and Double-Edge (level 60).
Ledyba: Ledyba evolves into Ledian at level 18. The moves Ledyba learns are Supersonic (level 8), Comet Punch (level 15), Light Screen (level 22), Reflect (level 22), Safeguard (level 22), Baton Pass (level 29), Swift (level 36), Agility (level 43), and Double-Edge (level 50).
Lugia (Silver version): Learn HM06 (Whirlpool) and go to the place where you received the fifth badge. Destroy a whirlpoor and enter the cave. Go through the maze and you will reach Lugia.
Lugia (Gold version): Go to Pewter City and talk to the old man. He will give you the Silver Feather that fell of from Lugia. Go to the city in Johto where you received the fifth Badge. Pass through the whirlpool and enter the cave. Pass through the maze cave until you reach Lugia. To catch him, use a Master Ball (recommended) or Ultra Ball.
Lugia (Gold version) (2): Use the following trick to catch Lugia or Ho-oh without a Master Ball. Use an Ampharos that is at least level 40. You can also try any other Electric Pokemon that knows Thunder Wave and Flash. Use Thunder Wave to Paralyze it, then use Flash until it does not have any effect. Then, use a Scyther or Scizor that knows False Swipe, and get it down to 1 HP. False Swipe can never kill a Pokemon. Use many Ultra Balls and you will eventually capture Lugia or Ho-oh. It would be best not use this on a level 70 Lugia or Ho-oh, because Ultra Balls will not catch them no matter what you do.
Lugia: Go to the cave nearest to the city with the light tower, or just follow the wall on the right-hand side while in the water. You will encounter two trainers and then a whirlpool. Use WHIRLPOOL to get into the cave. Once inside, you will see a small walkway with jump-able bushes on one side. Jump over and go up and right. Go down the ladder. You will be on an island with an item nearby. Get the item and SURF down. Once down the waterfall, you will see an entrance in the cliff and a ladder. Go into the entrance. SURF up to find Lugia, Use the ladder to exit the cave.

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