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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
Beetle Adventure Racing
Also known as: HSV Adventure Racing

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Unlocking the cheat option:
Begin game play in one player championship mode on the Coventry Cove track. Locate the shortcut near the barn with two haystacks. Intentionally drive into the haystack closest to the track and hit the Daisy Box hidden inside. The word "Groovy" will confirm correct trick entry. Successfully complete the race. A "Cheats" selection will now appear on the options screen.
Unlock the Novice level bonus cars: Successfully complete Novice tracks to unlock a racing striped Beetle, the #8 Beetle, and the Lightning Beetle.
Unlock the Advanced level bonus cars: Successfully complete Advanced tracks to unlock the #8 Beetle with a spoiler, the Lightning Beetle with a spoiler, and the Flower Beetle.
Unlock the Alien Beetle: Successfully complete the Professional Championship.
Unlock the Police Beetle: Successfully complete all the standard Championships to unlock a bonus mode. Complete bonus mode to unlock the Police Beetle. Hold C-Left while driving that car to turn on the siren. This will cause the other racers to slow and stop.

Get a Quick start:
Quickly press L when "Go" appears at the start of the race. When done correctly, your car will begin the race at over 40 mph.
Car spins: Select a car with bad steering and high speed/acceleration. Go to a track with jumps, such as Inferno Isle. Immediately before the jump, slam on the hand brake (not the regular brake) at the same time you turn left or right. Note: A few attempts may be needed.
View from top of level: Go to multi-player mode with any number players in the airport and get a nitro (boost). Start up the ramp on the side, but near the top, turn off so that you are vertical against the wall. Activate the boost and you will shoot up. You can pause game play when at the top and the screen will look around and give a good view. Note: Sometimes you will go over the trees and in the water.
Get above wall: Go to the airport in multi-player mode and go on top in the far corner (on the side opposite from the tower). Accelerate along the edge, with the tower on your right. Jump off the other end onto the grass above the rock wall. Try getting more than one player up there and try to knock each other off.
No horn: Crash into any object, then hold C-Right immediately after hitting it. When game play resumes, the horn sound will be disabled, but will actually still be considered on by the game.
Echoing horn: Go into a tunnel with the horn on. Hold the horn button while going out of the tunnel and the sound will continue to echo.
Fall through level: Go to Coventry Cove's Stonehedge. Try to go up the hill beside the dirt road at an intense speed from the other side. If done correctly, you should fly off the hill, over the boundary hill, and fall into the sky where you will eventually go under water.


Daisy Boxes:
There are two hay stacks where the barn is located. The one nearest to the road contains a Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (2): Shortly after that barn is another shortcut leading into a lot of stones. Some of them are on top of each other. The last one on the left that has three stones on top of each other and has a Daisy Box on the other side of it.
Daisy Boxes (3): After the town (and after the jump) is a crane. Look behind your car while you are passing it. There is an opening in a big stone wall large enough for your car. Drive through the opening to find a Daisy Box.

Daisy Boxes:
Hit the last hut before the finish line (along the small path to the left). Run over the Daisy Box to unlock the Beetle Battle Time Limits cheat.
Daisy Boxes (2): Before the Jurassic Park is a shortcut to the right. Follow the shortcut and slow down while you are approaching the big hut so while you are in the air from the jump you can put on your handbrakes. If done correctly, you can stay on the wooden platform that the hut is on. Break open the hut and on the far right of the platform is a Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (3):In the town, the first shortcut on the right has two small jumps. On the second jump, hold Analog-Stick Left because there is an opening there. If you land on top of it, drop your car on the roof of the building, where another Daisy Box is located.

Daisy Box:
In Metro Madness, take the shortcut to the left of the barricade after the first tunnel. Break through the glass doors in the center of the first building on the left. After reaching the railroad tracks, turn around and go backwards on the tracks. Your car will eventually hit a Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (2):Far through the race are few tunnels. After coming out of the one that curves hard three times, the road is straight. After a short distance, you can see two nitro blasts that close to each other on a hill and one that is not. Approach the one on the hill, but do not hit it. Instead, turn left into a bridge between two shortcuts. Inside, there is a Daisy Box.

When you get to the shortcut with the tunnel before the big loop, do not take it. Instead, go towards the big loop and just where the wall ends, slow down and go left until you go into the small tunnel.
Daisy Boxes: Locate the ski fest in the town. There is a hole in the short little wall where you can go through into a jump. Jump in at such an angle to get on a pretty flat piece of land that is way left of where the hole is. You probably will hit the wall, but if you go backwards far enough you will find a Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (2): After a big jump inside some type of a crystal cave, there is a large orange bridge that slopes down and goes back up. After the bridge is a tunnel. Look behind you at the end of the tunnel to see a Daisy Box. Turn around and run over it.
Daisy Boxes (3): In the cave near where you found the second Daisy Box, instead going straight through, go to the ramp immediately before the entrance of the second crystal cave. There is a platform high above the exit. Make the jump and keep going until you get to a fork in the cave. Go to your left and you will cross a bridge. After you cross the bridge, look behind you and you will find a Daisy Box.

Daisy Boxes:
At the beginning of the race, go right and drive through a space in between two tall rocks. Continue up the hill of sand it turns flat to find a Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (2): When you turn on the game, it will display a shortcut for each course. Note the Sunset Sands shortcut that is shown has a Daisy Box. In the shortcut, the first Daisy Box is in a tight space which turns harshly and then has a jump onto a straight and flat surface followed by another jump. Once you land use the handbrake and turn right, facing the wall. Drive up to it and turn right again. Drive forward until you reach the Daisy Box.
Daisy Boxes (3): There is a Daisy Box in the village (city). Brake all the boxes in that area to find it.

Submitted by: AJ, CheatbookJon, Milly T, and Marcus Rose

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