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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
GoldenEye 007
Alt. Name(s): 007 Golden Eye, Golden Eye 007

Armed scientists:
Shoot a scientist in the foot twice with a silenced PP-7 or Klobb in any level that they appear under any difficulty level. He will fire back with Dostovel and may even throw a grenade. Note: This also works if the scientist is shot in the hand. For best effect, enable the 'Golden PP-7' code to have more ammunition. Kill the scientist to get his gun.
Double knives usage: Go on any level with throwing knives (or enable the 'All Guns' code). Get the knives, then hold Z until the knife goes out of view. Then, aim on something. Release Z and the knife remaining counter will show two missing. If you have double knives, four will be missing. If you have double knives they are thrown at the same time so that two knives will hit the target. This works best with the 'Unlimited Ammunition' code enabled.
Shooting enemies that are lined up: Use the Cougar Magnum to kill all enemies that are in a line. This is very useful for clearing doorways.
Improve your aim: Try to shoot the hats off enemies. This is a good way to help with your aim. It is easier if the 'Invisibility' code is enabled, so that enemies cannot see you.
Floating Bond: Enable the 'Tiny Bond' code, and start any level with a stairway. Move to the top of the stairway and press L + C-Down to duck. Then, walk off the stairway to begin floating.
Quick remote mine detonation: Instead of having to switch to the detonator, just press A + B to blow up the remote mine. Note: This is not an effective tip if you want to place mines all over the level.
Disappearing remote mines:
Enable the 'Infinite ammo' code and go to the Facility level on the Agent difficulty setting. Look straight down and throw remote mines continuously at any location except the vents. After approximately thirty mines, the stack will disappear into thin air.
Remote free exploding mines: Enable the 'Infinite ammo', 'All guns', and 'Invincibility' cheats on any level. Press Start during game play and select remote mines. While throwing the mines hold A + B to detonate. Keep doing this for a few minutes. After that, keep throwing mines but release the buttons. The mines will start to explode by themselves.
Falling rockets: Note: This trick must be done in a level that has an open area. Enable the 'All guns' and 'Unlimited ammo' codes, or go to a level with rocket launchers. Take your rocket launcher and aim it up in the sky as far as possible. Fire multiple rockets and wait a few moments. After a short time, the rockets will come back down. Note: Back up, unless you are invincible.
Juggling knives: Enable the '2x Knives' code, then press C-Down until Bond is facing the sky. Start throwing the knives, and it will appear as though Bond is juggling them.
Protecting Natalya: The easiest way to protect Natalya in the control room is to take out all the tables, except the one that she needs. This will give you a clean line of fire on the guards.
Using Natalya as a shield: If you are playing a level that features Natalya, always use her as a human shield. She cannot be shot by guards, any only may be shot by Bond. This trick is especially useful during the Bunker and Jungle levels.
Easy guard kills:
To kill guards faster and avoid being shot, go behind a a guard when they begin to shoot. The firing will pause leaving the guards in a position where the will not move, exposing their backs for easy kills. This works best against the Soviet assault weapons.
Use two different guns simultaneously: Obtain any paired set of guns. Then, hold A and press Z, Z. Release A, then press A again. Press Z two or three times to fire while changing weapons. If timed correctly, the weapon being fired will be paired with another weapon creating a mixed set.
- Another way to accomplish this is to enable the 'All weapons' code. Obtain two weapons, with one in each hand. Press A, A, A and when the weapon in the left hand appears on the screen, hold Z. When it starts shooting, press A. The next weapon will appear in the other hand while you still have the first weapon.
Easy 00 Agent mode: Enable the 'Bulletproof Bond' GameShark code. Since it does not appear on the cheat menu, the game can be completed easily for 00 Agent mode.
Side-stepping: Side step to dodge bullets, but try to aim while side-stepping.
Look through walls: Walk up to a wall at a certain angle in first person view to see past it.
Ostrich Bond - Slappers Only trick: This trick will prevent your character from being harmed if Slappers Only is being played. Kneel down and press C-Up to look at the floor. Keep that button held while using the Analog-stick to move and play as usual. Your character will be very low and difficult to slap. Your opponent will have to kneel in order to hit your character.
Alternate detonator: Press A + B to detonate remote mines. This also allows the mines to explode while in the air.
Destroying cameras easily: Cameras can be destroyed with a single shot from any gun if they are hit directly in the lens.
Shoot during ending sequence: Set the game controls to 'Domino' and complete a level. Then, press Z on controller two to fire whatever Bond is holding during the current scene. Natalya may also be shot at the end of some levels.
Invincible enemies: Activate the codes for 'DK Mode', 'Slow Animation', 'Enemy Rockets', and any other useful cheats. Enemies can not be killed even if shot in the head with the rocket launcher.
Give enemies a rocket ride: Enable the 'All Guns' and 'Infinite Ammo' codes. Begin game play on any level. Find an opponent, but do not shoot him. Throw at least twenty remote mines by his feet then, back up a safe distance, and detonate the mines to send him flying into the ceiling.
All enemies with no rockets: Enable the ''All Enemies With Rockets'' and ''Unlimited ammo'' codes. You must have a rocket launcher and mines for this trick. Throw mines until you cannot throw any more. Then, fire your rocket launcher. If it does not fire a rocket, you have disarmed your enemies.
Killing guards and others: Select a level that has people other than Bond in the ending. Complete all the objectives, but before you get to the end, change the control style to 'Domino'. Complete the level and while the ending sequence appears, fire on controller two. Bond will shoot the other people.

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