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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
GoldenEye 007
Alt. Name(s): 007 Golden Eye, Golden Eye 007


Destroy entire silo game glitch: Enable the "Invincibility" and "Infinite ammo" codes. Throw a large number of plastiques and have the silo explode with you in it. You will not die, while everything that can be destroyed will blow up. The level will not stop exploding until you quit or go through the elevator doors.
Walk through walls game glitch: Enable the "Tiny Bond" cheat. You can also enter other cheats and this trick will still work. Go to a level that has stairs, preferably Freight or Aztec. Next, climb up to the top of the staircase and crouch. Then, turn around so that you facing the stairs again. While crouching, walk forward. You should be hovering. This glitch will deactivate when you either go past the end of the staircase or, on the Freight level, go through too many walls.
Extra ammo game glitch: Get two guns that take the same kind of bullets, such as a DD44 and the Klobb. Get as much ammo as you can with the Klobb, then switch to the DD44. You will have more ammo than you are supposed to carry.
Unlimited mines game glitch: In multi-player mode, get remote mines and go to them. Get another player to shoot the remote mine, which to them appears to be in your hand. It will blow up, but if you are invincible, you will have the same amount of mines. To do it again, just switch to another weapon and then back to the remote mines.
Glide on stairs game glitch: Begin game play in either Bunker level with the "Tiny Bond" code enabled. Once you have completed all the objectives and are on the last staircase, go to the top and crouch. Once crouched, try to go down the stairs. If done correctly Bond should start to glide and end up on the top of the stairs, almost on the next level. Once there, you can look down and see the stairs but you cannot shoot. Standing up will cause you to fall.
Floating mines game glitch: In multi-player mode, get the set of guns that contain the proximity mines. Go to the main room and throw one mine on each TV that is connected to the ceiling. After that, all the mines you throw from now on will be floating.
Disable grab game glitch: Look down when you run over something. You will not be able to pick it up. This is useful in Flag Tag.
Invincible Trevylan game glitch: Enable the "All Guns" and "Turbo Mode" codes. Cycle through your guns until you get to one of the Golden Guns and keep that active. Catch up to Trevylan and blow up the computer before he activates the Antenna Control Console. After that Trevylan will be moving very slow. If you shoot him with another gun it will not kill him. The only way to kill him is by using one of the Golden Guns.
See inside camera game glitch: Go to either of the Surface levels. Go to the two cabins, just past the cabins in the fence. You will see a cabin with a camera close to the ground. Go behind the camera, move very slowly to it, and you will be able to see inside of the camera.
Bullet holes in enemy's head game glitch: Play under the 007 difficulty setting and change the enemy health meter to 1000%. After shooting an enemy in the head for a while, bullet holes will begin to form.
Shoot tank shells out of your forehead game glitch: Go to one of the tank levels (Streets or Runway) and get in the tank. Scroll through your weapons, while it is changing to the tank shells, press B to get out the tank. If done correctly, you can now shoot tank shells out of your forehead.
Freeze game game glitch: Start a level with a safe (such as Surface). Enable the "All guns" and "Infinite ammo" cheats. Open the safe, throw about five remote mines in it, close the safe, detonate the mines, and try to open the safe again. When you press B to open the safe, the game will freeze and you will have to restart.

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