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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
GoldenEye 007
Alt. Name(s): 007 Golden Eye, Golden Eye 007

How to do more damage in multi-player mode: When shooting, run in to your opponents to cause more damage
How to set up tricky bombs in multi-player mode: Set weapons to proximity mines and start putting them on the ceilings and under stairs. Your opponent will not see the mine and will set it off. Another good strategy is to place the mines on both sides of doors. Your opponent will think that he blew up all the mines in the area, and when he goes through the door they will explode.
Bloody multi-players: Enable the 'Invincibility' code in multi-player mode, find your opponent and shoot your opponent at every angle. The character will basically be all red.
Invisible flag: Begin a game of 'Flag Tag' in multi-player mode. Find the flag, but do not pick it up. Instead, scroll through your weapons until your character is unarmed. Hold Fire and pick up the flag. The flag will now be invisible, and your character can kill the other players in the game. Note: Releasing Fire or scrolling the weapons will end this trick.
Hiding in multi-player mode: Begin game play in multi-player mode and select the Archives as a level and Oddjob as a character. Blow up a box somewhere and then hold R and press C-Down to duck in the box. You will be able to see your opponent but they will not be able to see you.
How to train for multi-player matches: Use this trick to prepare yourself for multi-player matches when no one else is around. First, earn 007 mode by beating all stages on the 00 Agent difficulty level. Now, set the enemies to these settings: Health=48%, Damage=49%, Accuracy=40%, Reaction=35%. Then, turn off your auto-aim and set the control style to use the Analog-stick for aiming. Not only do these settings simulate human players, but they also greatly improve your skill. Remember, the multi-player matches are action-based, and stealth will not help.
How to get a quick flag-tag win: First, select a level that has no sliding doors, such as the ones found in Stack or The Temple. This trick will only work in stages that have swinging doors. First, get the flag, then run in a room with only one way to go in or out. Enter the room, close the door behind you, and stand in front of it. The other player can not open the door. Make sure the door shuts away from you (i.e. opens towards you). For example, select the Archives stage, get the flag and go to the ground floor. Once there, look around and find the little room with only one door. Open the door, enter the room, close the door, and stand in front of it. Your flag will stick out of the door but the other player can not do anything to you. Make sure that you do not pick weapons that can shoot throught doors or things that expolde.
How to temporarily disable opponent's auto-aim: Disarm yourself during a multi-player game by selecting Down until no weapons are held. Your opponent's auto-aim will not function, making it very difficult for your character to be shot. This trick is especially useful when you want to make a quick getaway to grab more power-ups and don't want to face a better-equipped player.
Strange aim: Activate the code for 'Invincibility' and begin game play in multi-player mode. Stand in front of another player and shoot him/her in the face. It will appear you are aiming for the stomach, but hitting in the face.
Bowing characters: Begin a multi-player match. Hold R + C-down and press the Analog-stick Up and Down.
Dancing characters: Begin a multi-player match. Have both players face each other within sight. Have one player stare at the other player while the other player looks straight at the ground. (It will appear as if the other player is staring at his or her toes.) Then, have the character that is staring at the ground rapidly tap the 'strafe left' and 'strafe right' buttons. That character's arm will start to swing up and down as if he or she is dancing the Hustle. Have Jaws do this for a particularly funny effect.
Invisible mines: Begin game play in multi-player mode. Place a mine on ammunition, then take the ammunition. Although the mine will still be at that location, it will not appear on your opponent's screen.
Floating mines: Enter the Stack in multi-player mode with remote mines as the weapon. Go to the glass. Place remote mines on the glass, but do not detonate them. Shoot and shatter the glass with the PP, but do not hit the mines. The mines should be stuck in midair.

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