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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Defeating Bosses: When the Boss is stunned, quickly take off Z targeting and go up to the Boss. The head works the best. Rapidly press B to quickly defeat the Boss. Note: This will not work on every Boss.
Dodge the Fire Temple Boss: To dodge the Fire Temple Boss get on a ledge and do not fall. This is also good when dodging rocks.
Stalfos in Shadow Temple: When in the Shadow Temple and fighting against the Stalfos on the platform, hold on to the edge of the platform, as if you are about to fall off. The Stalfos will try to make a jump attack for you. Since you are not on the platform, it jumps off and dies.
Finding items when fighting Ganon: If you are low on arrows, magic power, hearts, and other items in the last battle with the mutant Ganon, some of the Debra that are lying around contain items. Lure Ganon over to one and hide behind it. Ganon will smash it with his sword and the items will come floating out.
Ganon's castle's sinking floor: In the fire room in Ganon's castle, the floor sinks while you are on it. To keep it from sinking, equip the Hover Boots while walking on it.
Deflecting Ganondorf's attacks: After deflecting Ganondorf's small lightning balls a few times (and weakening him), he will power-up a gigantic lightning orb. He will throw it, and several small ones will fly in all directions toward you. There will be no way to deflect all of them, so you are most likely to get hit with five or six of them if you run. To deflect all of them back to Ganondorf, you will have to charge up for a magic sword spin attack. It takes timing, just like for the smaller orbs. It is a fairly easy task to most players. It would also be wise to use the Biggoron sword to do more damage.
Goron attack: Approach the giant rolling Goron on the second floor of Goron City, and repeatedly bomb him. After approximately the tenth bomb, he will scream and all of the other Gorons will rush out of their hiding places to attack Link. The Goron's will not chase Link if he enters another area.
Avoid skeletons while in Hyrule Field: The skeletons in Hyrule Field will not chase Link if he wears the bunny hood, or walks on dirt trails for softer footsteps.
Giant skeleton: Go to Hyrule Field at night and kill approximately fifteen skeletons. A giant skeleton should appear.
Combo swings: Press the D-pad in all directions while swinging your sword. Your opponents will not be able to get a hit most of the time.
Double the sword damage: To cause twice as much damage to an enemy, take out Link's sword (so he is holding it in his hand), hold Z (Z-target) and press A so that he jumps into the air and hits the target. This is especially helpful when fighting a Boss, and you want to cut the battle time in half.
Fighting the Aqua Cell guard: In Gerudo Valley, while fighting the guard that patrols the Aqua Cell, Enter the prison next to the cell. Link can hit her but can not be hit back from this location.
Use bow with Epona: When your an adult and are riding Epona, press B to equip your arrows. Then press Z to unequip -- the bow will still be in your hand. Press A to go faster, and Link will hit Epona with the bow.
Freeze zombies: In order to freeze zombies you need to know the Sun's Song. Go up to a group of zombies and play the song. They will turn white and freeze for a little while. This works best in the market when you are an adult or in the royal family's tomb. Note: You can only hit them once before they unfreeeze.
Swing Megaton Hammer like a sword: As an adult, equip the Megaton Hammer to one of the "C" buttons. Hold Z, then hold Analog-stick Left or Right to begin walking sideways. Press the "C" button that corresponds to the megaton hammer. Link will swing it sideways as if it were a sword. This may be a faster way of swinging the hammer repeatedly. You may want to try it on Volvagia.
Using the Megaton Hammer: Pressing the hammer button will do a normal overhead swing. Pressing it while holding Left or Right will make a short lateral swing. Holding R while pressing the hammer button, unlocked, will stab with the hammer. That is half as effective as a normal swing, but it has no recoil and is much faster. Pressing R with the hammer up and a target locked will raise it in a defensive posture, but will not protect you.
Giant Leever: Leevers are the spinning cactii monsters that attack Link in the later part of the Haunted Wasteland and the Desert Colossus. Get to the Desert Colossus as adult Link with Giant's Knife or Biggoron Sword, and lots of health, potions, or Neyru's Love. Activate Neyru's Love (if available), and attack at the approaching Leevers. Although any weapon can be used, the Giant's Knife or Biggoron Sword are the best choices. After a dozen or so small green Leevers have been killed, a giant purple Leever will attack. It takes about four hits with the Biggoron Sword to kill it, and Link will get either two red or two blue rupees as a reward. There are about four at the Desert Colossus. After they are killed, the little Leevers will not appear until Link re-enters the stage/room.
Kill the rolling Goron: To kill the giant rolling Goron in Goron City, bomb him about ten times. After the ninth bombing, he will grunt and the other Goron's will run out to kill you. Note: The rolling Goron can not be killed if the bomb bag has already been obtained from him,
One hit kills in Ice Cavern: Use Din's Fire for a one hit kill for anything, including the wolves. Make sure you have a lot of magic.

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