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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Business Scrubs: When business scrubs try to make a deal with you, simply hit the ground (not the platform) and all the Scrubs will be easily defeated.
Dark Link: During the battle with the Dark Link in the Water Temple, press Z to lock on to him, then press Forward + B to jab at him until he is defeated.
Dark Link (2): Start the battle with at least one fairy and the Biggorn Sword. Lock on to Dark Link and press Z + B to stab him. Continue to do this until Dark Link is defeated. Stay away from him when he attacks because you cannot block with the Biggorn Sword.
Dark Link (3): If you stab at Dark Link (Z-target and press B), he will jump onto your sword. After he does this a few times, he will start to hit you. A good way to kill him is to keep attacking nonstop, mixing overhead swings (Forward + B) and horizontal swings (Side + B). Eventually, Dark Link will drop his guard and you will score a hit.
Dark Link (4): The easiest way to defeat Dark Link is with the Megaton Hammer. Although he mimics your moves, he is not as swift as he would like to be. Since he does mimic you, get directly in his face. He will not hit you because you are not hitting him. Without Z-targeting him, hit him with the hammerHe will pop up behind you after he is hit. Quickly turn around and repeat. You should be able to take him out without getting hit.
Dark Link (5): Get Dark Link to start fighting you. Get to some distance from him, then let him approach. Wait until he starts madly slashing you, then smash him vertically with the Megaton Hammer. He will go straight through the ice. Turn around and he will be running towards you again. As soon as he gets to you, smash him again. Turn around again. Again, he will be approaching you. Repeat the same tactic about five times and you will defeat him.
Dark Link (6): Using this trick, you can defeat Dark Link in the Water Temple without getting hit. Before you fight him, make sure that you have a Broken Giant's Knife. Equip the Iron Boots and the Broken Giant's Knife. When he begins to attack, notice that neither of you can move very easily, disabling the CPU's ability to dodge most of your attacks. Also, since the Giant's Knife is a two-handed sword, they cannot use their shields. The sword is too short for the CPU to have Dark Link jump on; continuously thrust the sword at him (forward and attack). He will not be able to move in time and will not be able to guard against it. Note that once yuo hit him, he reappears by the tree in the center of the room -- keep your guard up. This is a very good strategy if you are doing the Three Heart quest. If you do not have a Giant's Knife and are not able to hold 200 rupees, you can use Din's Fire, if available. Make sure that he is not doing a back flip when you start it, or he will end up too far away to hit. Also, if you need some time to strategize, you can trap him on the other side of the tree.
Ganon: Note: The following strategy is for defeating "Ganon" the Monster, not "Ganondorf the Great King of Evil". Equip the Megaton Hammer then run at Ganon. When he raises his arm to slice you or hit you with his sword, immediately roll between his legs. Then Z-lock his tail and use the jump attack. This strategy works when you get the Master Sword back from past the Ring Of Fire.
Ganon (2): Use the following trick to beat Ganon the huge pig beast. Make sure you have at least two green potions and thirty Deku Nuts. Use Naryu's Love and you will be invincible. After using the spell, just run around Ganon and start throwing nuts at him. The first one will stun him and give you time to circle around him and throw another nut at his tail. This will hurt him. Also, you can use the hookshot to stun him by shooting it into his face. Try any other items that you want to.
Ganon (3): Use the following trick to dodge Ganon's dangerous sword slash attack. It is recommended for more experienced players. When Ganon swings his huge double bladed sword at you, wait until the sword is a few feet away then do a backflip. You should be able to backflip over the attack.
Ganon (4): When you are running down the side of Gannon's castle, you can equip the Hover Boots or Kokori Boots (recommended). When you get to the point where you meet up with the Stalfos, have the Big Goron Sword equipped. This will inflict more damage, and will cut your battle time in half. You will be awarded with a number of hearts. When facing Gannon, have the Master Sword equipped and proceed to the rubble. Gannon will come out and change into a huge monster with two swords. His attack are the same each time. He will lift up his two swords to swing at you. Run towards him, roll under his legs, and attack his tail. When you lose the Master Sword, take out the Big Goron Sword, Hammer, or Bombs, and proceed. When you lose the Master Sword, he will become slightly faster. Simply run a little faster and repeat.
Ganon (5): Use the following trick if you are low on arrows and magic. When Ganon is about to attack, he stands up legs open, giving you the perfect opportunity to roll under and do a quick spin.
Phantom Ganon: He will first get on a horse and ride into one of the paintings. He will then appear and fire an electric bolt at Link. He also has a duplicate, so it is easy to get confused. To tell them apart, the real one has a battle ax. After you do this three times, he will jump of his horse and fight Link. He will fire an energy ball at you. You can dodge it, but must kill him with your sword. No items will hurt him -- to kill him you must reflect the energy at him. Hit it with your sword and it will bounce back and hopefully hit him. However, he can also hit it back. When he falls, slice him with your sword and repeat until he is defeated.
Ganondorf: When Ganondorf creates a gap on the floor when you are fighting him, do not jump it and lose valuable hitting time. Instead, before entering the room with Ganondofr, equip the Hover Boots. Then, when he is down on the floor after playing "Tennis" with him, fly across using your hover boots and swing your sword at him. Doing this saves valuable time and it is quicker and easier then jumping across and waiting for Link to land.
Ganondorf (2): Stay in one corner of the room and hit Ganondorf's magic back at him by swinging your sword until it hits him. Quickly fire a Light Arrow at him and use your Hover Boots to cross over to him. Attack him. As soon as he rises into the air, run back and repeat this process.
Ganondorf (3): First, equip the Hover Boots and the Big Goron Sword. The Big Goron Sword will give you a little extra reach when Gannondorf throws the electric ball. When Gannondof pounds the ground the first time, immediately run to a solid stone in one of the corners. This piece of rock will not fall no matter how many times he hits the ground. When he throws an electric ball at you and you finally manage to hit him, immediately hit him with a Light Arrow. Run to his platform (not Hookshot) and strike him. When he starts to resist your hitsm run back to your corner. The Hover Boots will provide you with all the power needed to get back on the ledge. If done correctly, he will never knock down another piece of platform. When he gathers the black energy orb, do not run. Just hit him with a Light Arrow; this will prevent him from throwing it at you.
Gohma: When inside the Great Deku Tree, fighting the Boss Gohma, bring a full Slingshot and about five to ten Deku Nuts. When you enter, hit her with a Deku Seed from the Slingshot. Then, hit her with your sword. When she tries to go on the roof of the battlefield, hit her with another Deku Seed from the Slingshot. If you happen to run out of Deku Seeds, when she is on the ground use a Deku Nut. After about six to nine hits, she will die and you will get a Heart Container.
Dead Hand: Allow one of the hands to grab you and the monster will appear. Move the Analog-stick to break free, then slice him. Continue until it is defeated.
Dodongo: To defeat Dodongo in Dodongo's cavern, throw a bomb in his mouth, then strike him with your sword. Repeat this three or four times.
Dodongo (2): Before going into Dodongo's cavern, equip yourself with a Hylian shield by buying it at the Bazaar shop in the Castle Market, or by pulling the grave with the flowers in the Kokoira Grave Yard. When the King Dodongo rolls at you, press R to put up the Hylian shield. You will duck under it and be unaffected, unless he shoots fire at you.
Dodongo (3): When he rolls at you, just go against the wall and chase him. When he gets ready to breath fire, throw a bomb in his mouth and hit him with your sword. Repeat this three or four times until he is defeated.
Dodongo (4): King Dodongo is very easy to defeat. Take a hand held bomb or Bombflower and throw them into his mouth. Then, run at is head and slash him with your sword a few times when he is reddish and he will lose some of his life, Do this about three or four times to defeat him.
Bongo Bongo: Get the Biggoron's sword and the Eye Of Truth so you can see him. First, hit his hands with arrows (you may still keep the Eye Of Truth on). Then hit his eye ball to stun him. Slash violently and repeat these step. Z target his hands, then shoot your arrows.
Iron Knuckles: An easier way to defeat the Iron knuckles (big enemies with big axes) is to first target him. Then, just as he swings, do a back flip. Then do a lunge attack as he finishes his swing. If he does a double swing, just wait for him to finish his second swing, and quickly do a lunge attack. If you get hit, try to lure him to hit a pillar or his chair. If he hits the chair or pillar, then hearts will appear. The only Iron Knuckle on which this strategy will work on is the one faced before the two witch sisters.
Iron Knuckles (2): An easy way to defeat an Iron Knuckle is to use Nayru's Love. Then Z-target and keep slashing him with your sword. He will still able to knock you back with his ax, but it will not hurt you. To get out of the way of the ax, just use backflips or a sidejump.
Iron Knuckles (3): If you have the Big Goron sword, this will be easier. When you first activate the Iron Knuckle, keep hitting him with your sword by pressing B. This paralyzes him for a second or two, but do not back away. Do not is jump attack him.
Morpha: He will summon a water arm to search for you. When Morpha does this, it will also appear in a separate tube of water. Using your Longshot. grab onto the red orb to bring it out of the water. Continue until it is defeated. Note: Near the end Morphia will send out another arm and sometimes three arms other than itself. Back up into a corner if this happens.
Morpha (2): When fighting the boss of the Water Temple, Morpha, you can use Din's Fire to destroy the water arms it sends out and, if it is close to you, make it jump out of the water so you can hit it. This is especially useful if an arm got you and another one is waiting to snare you after you get the first arm off.
Queen Ghoma: While battling Queen Ghoma in the first dungeon, "Inside the Deku Tree", notice that Navi says "Her eye is vulnerable when its red." You can stun her by shooting her eye with your slingshot when her eye is red. Also notice that her eye is red while she is preparing to lay eggs while hanging from the ceiling. Shoot her down before she lays her eggs.
Queen Ghoma (2): When her eye turns red, just walk up to her and throw a Deku Nut at her. The slingshot is unnecessary here. Her eye should turn green, Hit her with your sword. Remember that the A jump attack does double damage. When she is on the ceiling, wait for her eggs to drop. When they drop, walk up to each one of them, stand as close as you can without touching it, and hit it with your sword. When you destroy all the eggs, Ghohma will drop down again. Repeat this strategy.
Queen Ghoma (3): When starting off, throw a Deku Nut at it and slash it (Z-target it, press B to equip the sword and press A) a couple of times. Then, when it is going to lay eggs, wait until it is about to approach the middle of the ceiling. Immediately take out the slingshot and shoot it in the eye. This will cause it to fall on the ground. Then, finish it off by slashing it the last few times.
Queen Ghoma (4): When you first get in to her chambers, use C-Up to look for her red eye. You should have as many Deku Nuts as you can carry. Before you enter her chambers, get the 40 seed bag. Run up to her and stun her with a Deku Nut. While she is stunned, hit her with your sword. She will move up to the ceiling. While she is doing that, back up and pull out the Sling Shot. Shoot the Gohmas that appear with it. Repeat this until she is defeated.
Twinrova: When the fight begins, they will fly around and take shots at you. Use the Mirror Shield to reflect an attack into the other witch -- Ice into Fire, Fire into Ice. After you do this four times to each witch, they will combine into one. Twinrova (the large witch) will fly around, firing blasts of ice and fire. Absorb a type three times with your mirror shield and you will release a blast of energy. Hit her, and then cut her with your sword. Note: If you absorb two different types of energy, the incoming blast will hurt you.
Twinrova (2): You must have both Fire and Ice Arrows. When Kome the fire witch charges, fire an Ice Arrow. When Kotake charges, fire a Fire Arrow. This may not always work. Note: Bring a Green Potion and a Fairy.
Volglava: After hitting Volglava on the head two times with the Megaton Hammer, he will do one of two things: fly around the room screaming, which causes earthquakes, or chase after you breathing fire. If he chases you, Z-target his head and bombard him with arrows.
Volglava (2): When you start, the dragon will fly around and breathe fire at Link. You can stop this by firing an arrow at its head. It will fly back to a hole. It will appear from the ground and swing its head at you. After that, hit it on the head with the Megaton Hammer. It will appear again and drop boulders from the sky, then fly back down. Continue until it is defeated.
Volglava (3): When Volglava comes out of one of the lava pits, go to him and hit him with the Megaton Hammer. After that Volglava, will either chase you or fly up and throw rocks down at you. You can avoid this by moving to the edge of the platform and go down. This will cause Link to hang at the edge. Press Analog-stick Down and Link will go down as if he was going down a ladder. Go down about two steps to avoid the attacks. When he goes back down to one of the lava pits, go back up and hit him with the Megaton Hammer. Repeat until Volglava has been defeated.
Volglava (4): First, hit Volglava with the Megaton Hammer then your sword until it goes back into its hole. Next, go to the cliff part of the little "island" you are on until Link hangs. Instead of the dragon breathing fire at you, it will go straight back to its hole, letting you hit it when it pops its head back up. You can also have Link go on the cliff when Volglava uses its boulder attacks. Repeat the process, and you should have a much easier time defeating this Boss.
Wolf: When fighting the wolf creature by the Sacred Forest Meadow, hit him once in the back and he will die.

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