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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

How to get the Illegal fishing lure (method one): Use the following steps to get a better fishing lure that can catch more fish. As an adult, walk to the log that is sticking out in the pond. Walk around on it awhile to find a sinking lure, that can catch fish almost every time. Note: The lure may only be used once, and if used to catch a record weight fish, the counterman will not give Link a prize. The sign on the tank will also be marked with "With illegal fishing lure".
How to get the Illegal fishing lure (method two): To get the sinking lure at the fishing pond, walk along the walls and you will eventually find it.
How to get the Illegal fishing lure (method three): The sinking lure may be found more than once. For example, in one game it can be found for the first time in the little stream by the rocks by the wall in the fishing pond. Quit fishing, then return a few minutes later. Walk on the log in the water, then go over to the same location to find the sinking lure again.
How to get the Illegal fishing lure (method four): Play the fishing game by using the Scarecrow's Song or complete the Water Temple as an adult. Get up to it in Lake Hylia. Go across the pond to where the lily pads are located. Walk around for a short while and you should find the sinking lure. This is the only way you can catch the 20 pound eel in the middle of the pond, because it stays at the bottom. The reward for this fish is the Golden Scale, which allows you to dive 12 feet underwater.
How to catch big fish: Cast at the logs or sticks in the water. You can catch a 22 lb. fish at those locations.
How to catch the Loach (method one): When fishing in the Hylian Pond, you may see a strange looking fish that resembles like a eel with fins. That is the Hylian Loach. You can Z-target all other fish, but the only time you can get a lock on the Loach is when it comes up for air. When it does you will hear a popping sound. However, after it reaches the bottom, you will lose your targetting. First find the sinking lure. Then find out where the Loach is located. Press C-Up, center the screen on it, then cast. Your lure has to go over him if you want to catch it. Use the Analog-stick and slowly move it in various directions. Your lure should come on top of the Loach. It weighs around 15 pounds so it should not give you much trouble when reeling it in. Do not cast too far over it -- while you are trying to pull your lure toward the Loach another fish will go for the lure and pull it off track. If you ask the man to weigh it he will give you 50 rupees and put the Loach back because there are very few of them left.
How to catch the Loach (method two): The Zora Tunic and Iron Boots are required for this trick. Go to the bottom of the lake so you can see the Loach. Stay a short distance away from, it and you can see the fish swimming in a circle. Get the sinking lure and throw it in the middle of the fish to catch a 22 lb. fish and get 100 rupees from the man.
How to catch the Loach (method three): Go to the Fishing Pond immediately before the rooster crows or wolf howls. When you go in, the water should be all cloudy and misty. That is when you know the Hyrule Loach is there. Rent a rod and find the sinking lure (which should be on the log or near the rock around the little stream). Once you find the sinking lure, walk in the water and look around for a long eel-like fish (the Loach). Walk out the water and cast the lure, making sure that it is about a foot or so in front of the Loach's face, and wait. He should go up for air. After he goes up for air for the fourth of fifth time, he should see the lure and go after it. Press B a couple times and he should bite the lure. Just reel him in. He weighs up from 30-35 pounds. When you catch the Hyrule Loach, the man will only give you 50 rupees since the Loach is a rare species. This will only work when the water is cloudy -- that is the only time the Loach appears (80%). The Loach will only go for the lure on the fifth or sixth time he goes up for air (or even longer) -- press B button every time he goes up for air, and your chances of catching him are greater.
How to catch the Loach (method four): Do not get the Sinking Lure, instead use your original Rod. As an adult, the Loach is there only once in a while but always at the same location. When you enter the Fishing Pond, it is at the left leaves. It only changes position when you scare it by walking nearby. Then, it will be in the center of the pond and will be unable to be caught. You must catch him while he is in the leaves. The best location to stand at is the small stream between the rocks in the water. To do this without scaring the Loach, when you enter the pond, go to the right until you get there. Use the Iron Boots to see if it is there before trying. Also, there are two other fishes that make it more difficult to catch the Loach. If you throw your rod and the other fish grab it, you hear the "enemy" sound and the Loach will be gone. If the other fish catch your lure, do not do anything. Just wait until it is off. The fish that it was on will swim to the middle of the pond and you will not have trouble with it any more. Repeat this if needed until the Loach remains in the leaves. Throw the rod again in the leaves and reel it in with the Analog-stick as quickly as possible. If you do not reel fast enough, it will not grab it. Repeat this till you get him, then reel him in. Note: When you are child, there are two Loaches, one in the left leaves, and one in the right. Use the same strategy to catch them.
How to get the Hat lure (method one): Go to the fishing pond as an adult. The owner will now be wearing a hat. Cast at him and to steal his hat. Do not give it back and you can use it as a lure. He will charge you for it when it is used.
How to get the Hat lure (method two): Go to the fishing game at Lake Hylia, and cast the rod at the man at the counter. If you catch his hat, get the sinking lure (as explained in the "Illegal fishing lure (sinking lure)" hint. The hat will disappear and the man will never have it again. Note: This will not work if the sinking lure has already been collected.

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