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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Ending bonus: Successfully complete the game and wait at the 'The End' screen. Eventually, the Scarecrow's Song will begin playing with different instruments.
Z-target anything: The following trick allows you to Z-target objects that cannot normally be Z-targeted. Press A to check an object, and hold Z while you read the description. Keep holding Z after the text disappears, and you will be targeting it. Try this on the mat in front of Darunia's room, the grave in the front of the graveyard, or the Triforce symbols in the Great Fairies' homes.
Rolling without using an arrow: When in bow and arrow mode and holding the button waiting to fire with nothing to shoot at, hold Z to enter targeting mode. Then, without releasing the button assigned to the bow, press A. Link should roll forward without using an arrow. This is especially useful when you are running short on arrows.
The chicken game: When at Lon Lon Ranch, go visit Talon, the character you woke up before at Hyrule Castle. Accept his offer when he asks if you want to play a chicken game. To catch the three chickens, move to the corners of the room and just start grabbing all the chickens. It helps if you watch where at least one of them lands, to capture one quickly. As a reward for completing the game, Link will receive a bottle of milk which restores five hearts to his health.
- To capture the chickens easily, pick up all the chickens before talking to Talon. Place the chickens in the corner between the table, the stairs, and Talon. They will stay there and allow Link to find the super chickens without the other chickens wandering around.
- Go to Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Take all the chickens and throw them in a corner. Then, talk to Talan saying you want to play and simply pick out the only three.
- To easily win this mini-game, grab chickens. If it is not a special one, throw it on the stairs. Do this repeatedly until you have found all three special chickens.
Extra chicken: Get the Longshot and go to the village as an adult. Go to the roof with the man to see the windmill. You should also see an opening without a door. Look closely at the opening to see a light brown object. Shoot it with the Longshot and you should should see a staircase. Go up the staircase to find a chicken. Pick it up, and go through the 'fan'. You can go to that roof with that opening to get the heart by the cow.
Target Cucco: Enter Lon-Lon ranch, as an adult. Go to the former Super Cucco room when it is empty of everything but chickens. Pick up a Cucco and equip the Hover-Boots. Climb the stairs and jump towards the shelf opposite with a crate and bucket on it. You will land underneath and see a shadow on the shelf, where the crate should be but nothing above it. You will also see just the front side of the bucket and crate. Throw the Cucco and it will fly through the shelf, landing on top. After a while it will fall off the shelf. You will now be able to Z-target this Cucco, but no others.
Cucco attack: Repeatedly assault a Cucco (chicken) with any weapon or run over it with Epona. This will result in hundreds of chickens causing you lose life when they attack. They cannot harm you if you are on Epona.
Trapped by Cuccos: As an adult, go to Kakariko village. Use your Longshot to get on the blue roof with the man, then Longshot to the small post in the windmill. Climb the stairs and grab the Cucco. Go down the waterless well with it, and at the bottom, attack it to start a chicken attack. It will be very hard to escape as the Cuccos will get you while you are on the ladder.
Invincible to Cucco attack (method one): For a difficult challenge when you have made the Cuccos angry, try to climb up the ladder to where the man says that he hates to see anyone higher than him. Cuccos will keep trying to knock you down when you are on the ladder, but if you manage to get to the top, you will be invincible from any of their attacks.
Invincible to Cucco attack (method two): This trick requires adult Link, Epona, and her song. Get a Cocco in an area where Epona can get to you. Start attacking it until it calls other Cuccos to kill you. When this happens, take out your ocarina and play Epona's Song. Quickly get onto her, and you will be invincible to their attacks.
Change Gerudo Guards color: After rescuing the last man in the Gerudo's Fortress, a woman will appear and say that you are free to enter the fortress at any time. When she finishes, change your clothes (green, red or blue). The Gerudo will change the color of her lipstick, clothes and shoes. Note: This only works once. When you return later or save the game, she will be gone for the rest of the game.
Avoid Stal Kids: This trick lets you avoid the Stal Kids (annoying skeleton things that rise from the ground of Hyrule Field at night). If you do not wish for the Stal Kids to show themselves, simply wear the Bunny Mask.
- Whenever you see Stal Kids at night on the field, play the Sun's Son and they will disappear.
Big Stal Kid: As a Child, go to the sign in front of Hyrule Castle. Go in the grass near it. Stay there and fight off all the Stal Kids. Eventually you will see a big Stal Kid that is twice the size of Link after the moon is halfway in the sky.
Get inside Jabu-Jabu's belly: Go into Zora's Domain. Go to the right of the shop and use an empty bottle to catch a fish in the water. Take it and put it directly in front of Jabu-Jabu's mouth. He will swallow you.
Finding Saria: When finding Saria, go to the Lost Woods and move in the following directions: Right, Left, Right , Left, Straight, Left, Right. You will then battle a dog-like creature. A few slashes with your sword will kill him. You will then enter a maze with monsters that shoot nuts at you. Use your Deku (fairy) shield to reflect them back at them. The maze is very simple, You will then find Saria. She will talk and give you Saria's song for your Ocarina.
Great fairy locations: Great fairy of power: This Great fairy gives Link the 'spin slash' attack. She is located at Death Mountain, outside the crater to the left of the entrance, behind a bomb-able wall. Great fairy of wisdom: This Great fairy doubles Link's magic meter. She is located inside the Death Mountain crater. Face the entrance to Goron City (inside the crater). A bridge will be to the right. Use the Megaton Hammer (obtained after passing the Fire Temple) to destroy the rocks blocking the entrance. Bombs will have no effect. Great fairy of courage: This Great fairy doubles adult Link's defensive powers. She is located near Ganon's castle. Obtain the Golden Gauntlets inside Ganon's castle. Use them to lift the column that is blocking the entrance, which is to the right, when facing Ganon's tower. Great fairy of magic: This Great fairy is located at the same spot as the Great fairy of courage when Link is a child. Use a bomb to open the entrance. She will give Link a new spell, 'Din's Fire'. Great fairy of magic: She is located behind Zora's fountain, when Link is a kid. Move all the way behind the fountain to find a piece of land. Then, destroy the wall behind it. She will give Link a new spell, 'Ferore's Wind'. Great fairy of magic: This great fairy is located between the two palm trees at the desert colossus. Use a bomb at the crack on the wall. She will give Link the 'Nayru's Love' spell.
Great fairies: During the game Navi will turn green and want to signal something to you. Play the Sun's Song or the Song of Storms at that location. If there is a Great fairy, it will appear. Note: You cannot capture the fairy in an empty bottle.
Free fairies: Stand in front of a Gossip Stone and play Zelda's Lullaby and two or three fairies will come out of it. Gossip Stones can be found right in front or beside a temple or dungeon. Note: This may only be done once per Gossip Stone. Plant a Magic Bean and then play the Song Of Storms as a child. The plant will grow and three fairies will come out. Play the Song Of Storms in front of a Gossip Stone and a red Fairy will appear. Note: You cannot catch it. As an adult, go back in to the Temple Of Spirits and die to get a Fairy.
Quick fairies: You can have up to four Bottles to do this trick. Play the Prelude Of Light to warp to the Temple of Time. Go outside and go right. You should see four Gossip Stones. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of each one to catch a Fairy. You will now have four Fairies, and your heart meter will fill up whenever you die until you run out of Fairies. You can also use the 'Multiple bottle' trick to get more by exiting to a different screen and returning.
Double defense from magic fairy: Get the Golden Gauntlets in Ganon's Castle. Then go outside the castle and go the your left. Go to the big black block and grab it. An intermission sequence will begin. Then, go in the small hole. Go on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby. The Great Fairy will give you double your defense. Your Hearts should now have a white outline. This is very useful against Iron Knuckles and Ganondorf. Note: Link must be an adult.
Big Poe locations: Big Poe locations are signified by a little Poe appearing when you are not on a horse. Their locations are as follows: Sign in front of Hyrule Castle. Overhang near Kakariko entrence. Bush near northwest of field. Tree in front of Lon Lon ranch. Tree in southeast of field. Choppable bushes near southeast of field. Big gray rock. Y-shaped intersection near where field turns into Gerudo terrain. V-shaped wall near Lon Lon ranch. Tree near Gerudo.
Poes as extra life: After you catch a Poe in a bottle, you can drink it and it will refill your life. Be careful, as some will take away life.
Poe type: If the bottle with the Poe in it is dark purple, it will hurt you. If it is bright purple, it will give you health.
Great view of Zora's fountain with Gold Skulltula: Note: The Silver Gauntlets and Lens Of Truth are required for this trick. Go to where Link received 'Ferore's Wind' at Zora's fountain, at night. Life the rock in the middle using the sliver gauntlets. Fall down the hole, then put on the Lens Of Truth and kill the Skulltulas. Climb up the ladder and kill the Gold Skulltula. Look over the ledge to see a great view of Zora's fountain
Flying fireball: Use Din's Fire while flying on a Magic Bean. The best place to try this is Lake Hylia. The camera movement will change allowing you to see Link flying around in a fireball. This works with every bean.
Get to the top of the Spirit Temple: Once in the Spirit Temple and at the switching walls, use your longshot to snag the brick rectangle at the top of the wall.
Secret passage in Deku Tree: Note: You must have bombs to use the secret passage. In the Deku Tree, after cutting the giant spider web in the middle off the floor, go down the hole (where the web use to be located). Climb the block with the moon on it, and enter the hole in the wall. Crawl through the hole in the wall, go forward to a spider web, and burn it with a lit Deku stick. The will be a plant there. Kill it and use a bomb to blow up the cracked wall that was behind it. This will open to a room with a golden Skulltula, which was not on the map before.
Delay Deku Tree dying: After you defeat the first Boss(Qeen Ghoma) the Deku Tree dies. There is a way to delay this. Immediately after you defeat the Boss, save the game and turn off the Nintendo 64. Resume the game, and you will start in the entrance to the Deku Dungeon. Walk out and the Deku Tree will still be alive. However, Navi will want you to go back through the dungeon and come back out via the warp in the Boss area. If you do this, the Deku tree will go through his long explanation of Ganondorf -- and die and dries out as originally intended.
Make magic beans grow: Play the Song Of Storms next to a magic bean to make it grow.
Get get out of the room with the slingshot without shooting the ladder: When you enter the room, do not jump onto the floating platform. Instead, jump down and climb up the vines on the other side, get the slingshot, then jump back.
Spooky Mask on a ReDead: When you are in the Royal Family's Tomb, get the Sun's Song. Stun all three ReDead with it, and slash one three times while Z-targeting. Then, press C-Up. If you can get a good view, it will seem as if the ReDead is wearing the Spooky Mask.
Trading all the masks: Fox Mask: Royal Guard at the edge of Kakariko Village on the way up to Death Mountain. Skull Mask: In the Lost Forest. Enter the forest and move to the left. Hop on the tree stump while wearing the mask and play Saria's Song. The Skull Kid will then ask Link for the mask. Spooky Mask: Sell it to the boy in the Graveyard in Kakariko Village. Bunny Mask: Sell it to the man running around in the Hyrule Field by Lon Lon Ranch. You must first beat the Forest Temple as Adult Link and then travel back in time to find the jogger. Mask of Truth: With this mask Link can talk to the 'Gossip Stones' that have the eye on them. They will reveal helpful hints throughout the game.
Hatless man at the pond: Get very close to the man at the fishing pond and cast your line. It may take a couple of tries, but if you aim correctly you can steal his hat. If you can spare thirty rupees, walk out into the middle of the pond with the Iron Boots. Cast a few times, and his hat will come off. The man will be hatless for the rest of the game.
Shark at Lake Hylia: At Lake Hylia, go into the house where the old man lives. Put on the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic then jump into the pool in his house. Look to your left when underwater to see a shark in a cage.
How to swim faster: Press B repeatedly in deep water to swim faster. This is helpful if one of the monsters in Lake Hylia is after you.
How to walk on water: Get the Hover Boots and find a lake or another body of water. While wearing the boots, Link will be able to walk on water for a few seconds.
How to fix a broken sign: After slashing a sign and breaking it, play Zelda's Lullaby while standing in front of the pieces.
Jumping sign: You must be an adult with the Megaton Hammer to do this trick. Go to a square sign and hit it with the Megaton Hammer so there is one full piece of sign laying on the ground. Then, hit the ground next to the sign rapidly with the Megaton Hammer to see the sign jump.
Chicken attack: As in previous games in the series, if Link approaches a chicken and hurts it in some way, it will call for others to attack. The attack can be stopped by entering door or leaving the area.
Alternate jumping sword attack sound: You can make Link's jumping sword attack sound differently. To do this, place Link on the middle of a set of stairs, facing toward the top. Then press B to get the sword out, then press A while holding Z to perform the attack. It will sound much louder if you do this.
Jump further: Take your sword out, then jump off of an object. Press A while in the middle of your jump.
- Link sometimes cannot normally jump over small fences. To do so, face in the opposite direction where you want him to jump. Hold Back then press A. This is helpful if you want to get on the roof at Kakario village as a child, but you have to land on the fence and carefully walk across it. Note: You will lose a heart piece, or half a heart depending if you saw the fairy that halves damage.
Silent running: Keep pressing Z while running to run faster and silently.
Easy aiming: Use the following trick to complete the Gerudo Archery Course easily, shoot all ten Big Poes, or hit anything with the bow. Take some time and use a dry-erase marker, crayon, or any other removable mark to draw a cross hair on the screen.
Invincibility from Shadow Temple spikes: Wear the Goron's Tunic when in the room with the invisible spikes in the Shadow Temple to avoid injury. Link will just walk over them.
Get into Hyrule Gate without climbing: To get in to Hyrule Gate without climbing the gate, talk to the guard until asks for 10 rupees to allow you to enter. It is better to do this at night.
Play sword as though it were an ocarina: Set a not-so-useful item to C-Down, such as Zelda's letter or a bottle bug. Walk up to a large cliff and jump off. Press C-Down + B just as Link lands. If done correctly, Link will be holding his sword next to his mouth, and it can be played as it were an ocarina. The notes will be strange, and you cannot use the different songs as though it were an actual ocarina.
Running man in Gerudo Valley: The running man will always beat you by one second no matter how fast you run.
Multiply bugs: Capture or buy a bug, then dump them on the ground. Three of them should appear. Use the same jar to capture the first bug. Bring out another jar and catch one of the other bugs that are on the ground. Repeat to multiply the number of bugs that have been captured. This is useful when hunting the Gold Skulltulas in the soft soil.

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