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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Coming down from Death Mountain: Talk to Capoera Gobera (the owl) when at the top of Death Mountain as a child. He will take you down the mountain.
Gossip Stones: The clock stones or stones that look like grave stones are actually useful. Use the Mask Of Truth and talk to it. Instead of telling you nothing, the stone reacts to your mask and it tells you some interesting things.
Gossip Stone blast off: Drop a bomb near a Gossip Stone. It will begin blinking blue and blast off into space. If the stone hits anything (such as the ceiling in a secret grotto), it will explode like a bomb.
- Drop a bomb near a Gossip Stone and wait for it to explode. The stone will start blinking blue, blue, blue, red before launching. Hit the stone while it is blue to keep it at that color. To keep it red, wait until it flashes blue three times, then press B to hit it while it is gray.
Stretching a Gossip Stone: Hit a Gossip Stone with the Megaton Hammer. Alternatively, stand in front of a Gossip Stone and use Din's Fire.
Malon's obstacle course: Return to Lon Lon Ranch after getting Talon to go back home (by waking him up with the Cucco the girl in Kakariko Village gives Link). Complete Malon's obstacle course at as an adult (talk to her while on Epona) in under fifty seconds. If successful, she'll give Link a cow! It will be at his house in Kokiri Forest. Use it to get Lon Lon Milk by playing Epona's Song in front of the cow.
Free Fairies: Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of a Gossip Stone and they will give you a free Fairy. Play the Song of Storms in front of a Gossip Stone and it will give you a Big Fairy. Get a butterfly to land on a Deku stick and it will turn into a Fairy. Slowly walk towards the butterfly with a Deku Stick out; this requires patience. Play the Song of Storms near a soft patch of soil with a Magic Bean planted. It will grow and produce three regular Fairies.
How to add an extra challenge: To add to the challenge of completing the game, try skipping almost all of the heart-extending power-ups gained from defeating the Bosses. For example, you may want to win and save a game where you have beaten Gannon with a life meter with a maximum capacity of five hearts. For a very serious challenge, try completing the game without picking up any life-extending heart containers.
Exploring the underwater cave in Zora's Domain: Enter Zora's Domain as a child. Go up to the Zora that offers the diving game for twenty rupees. Talk to him and play the game. After diving in the water swim to the right, to the ladder. Climb the ladder and wait for the diving game timer to run out. When it reaches one, jump off. If Link is in the air when time runs out, he will hit the water and sink to the bottom. After reaching the bottom, he can swim into the little cave (which is empty).
Keep Fire Room pathway from sinking: The main pathway in the Fire Room of Ganon's Castle can be kept from sinking. Equip the Hover Boots and instead of jumping onto the main pathway, roll onto it. You will hover over it, then come down onto it. The main pathway will not sink. To keep it in this state, keep the Hover Boots equipped and always roll onto the to the main pathway when returning.
Carry up to 20 Deku Sticks: As Link enters the Lost Woods from the Kokiri Forest as a child, go through the tunnel to the left. Link will be in the room with the skeleton. Then, take a left. A Deku Shrub will begin shooting at Link as he walks under the bridge. Defeat him to gain the ability to hold twenty Deku Sticks.
Save Deku Sticks: You do not have to let a Deku Stick burn out after setting it on fire. Put it away before it burns out by selecting another weapon that you have ready to use. For example, if you have a burning stick that is equipped with C-Right, press C-Down or C-Left button before it burns out to get that weapon and put the stick away. This will save that stick from burning out and allow you to have the same amount of sticks.
Super Deku Stick: Place a Deku Stick in Link's hand and jump off a cliff. While falling, swing the stick against the cliff wall to break it. The piece that remains in Link's hand can be used repeatedly, and is stronger than most swords in the game. Note: This super stick will disappear when you switch items, leave an area, or dive in the water.
Catch fish in bottle for free: You can catch a fish in a bottle without paying. Just go to any secret grotto or the area of Zora's Domain to the right of the store. There are fish swimming there. Just swing the bottle at the fish and it will be caught.
After hours shopping: Try this trick if you have completed the game and want to try something new. Enter a shop that has a door (and not one that can be simply walked in). Play the Sun's Song and to be inside the store at night, when it would normally open in the morning.
Destiny revealed: At any point in the game, go to Link's home in Kokiri Forest. If you look closely at the base of the tree to the left of the ladder, you will see a picture. It is a picture of young Link fighting Kind Dodongo, the Boss of Death Mountain.
How to get past the Gerudo easily: To knock out a Gerudo thief, simply shoot her with an arrow. To freeze her, use the hookshot or longshot.
Escaping the Gerudo Fortress dungeon: When a Gerudo catches you while walking around, they will yell and throw you in a room with no door. Use the Longshot or Hookshot to pull yourself up to the wooden ledge. You may now jump off and walk around again.
Raising the water in the Water Temple: In the Water Temple, there is a section where you have to push a block into some water to raise the water level. An easier way to do this is use the Iron Boots. Jump into the water and stand on the switch. Get very close to the edge and switch to your normal boots. Resume the game and immediately hold Forward to swim. It looks as if you will not make it, but he will jump up to the ledge at the last second.
Pushed by Epona: Go to Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Stand in front of Epona and play Epona's Song. She will push you across the ranch.
Mad guard: Go to the castle courtyard as a child where you first met Zelda. After passing the guards, go to the room where Zelda is standing. Facing Zelda, from the entrance, go over to the window at the left from the entrance. With the Fairy Slingshot, shoot a few Deku Seeds at that window and one of the King's guards will stick his head out of the window. He will say ' Hey, you, stop making noise out there!'. After that he will throw a lit bomb in your direction and disappear. Run if you are low on health. Note: This trick cannot be done if you have gotten the Gorons' Ruby, and can only be done once.
Dying soldier: After recovering the Ocarina Of Time out of the moat or stream, go into the alleyway by the Bombuchu Shop to see a soldier who was just attacked by Ganon.
How to walk on castle gate: Go to the castle gate in the morning as a child. There will be a chain on both ends of the gate to pull it up at night. Walk all the way up to the top without falling off. You could also get some rupees by jumping off to the opposite side from where you are standing.
Target practice on a Flying Tektite: Go to Lake Hylia, then take the Megaton Hammer out and pound it on the ground to make the Tektite flip upside down. Note: The Tektite has to be on the water. Then, stun it with your Hookshot. When it is no longer stunned you will see it flying into the air. Use your bow to shoot it and the Tektite will fall on the ground. If you do this without the bow it will look funny to see it flying into the air.
How to use shield in water: Hop into any body of water where you can swim. Hold Z + R to take out your shield. You can now swim around with your shield.
Hit Link with boulders: When going up Death Mountain to see the first Great Fairy, equip the Kokori Shield. When the boulders start falling, pause the game and equip the Hylian Shield. Press Start and hold R. When Link appears again, he will be equipped with the Hylian Shield, but will not be bent over. Instead he squats down, as if he is holding the Kokori Shield. When the boulders come down, they will hit Link, but they will bounce off as if they were hitting the Hylian Shield.
Turning backflip: Go to Kokiri Forest as an adult and proceed as if you are going to Hyrule Field. When you get on the bridge, repeatedly do backflips until you return to Kokiri Forest, at which point Link will do a turning backflip.
Take out sword without swinging: Press B to take out your sword while in the middle of a backflip (hold Z + Down and press A).
Purple Cuccos: Go to Bombchu Bowling Alley, play, and win. Do not play again. Press C-Up and look at the Cuccos to see a little purple in the feathers.
Sages on Koume and Kotake's entry portals to the Spirit Temple Boss Room: When Koume enters the boss room, get a good look and you will see the Fire Medallion. When Kotake enters the room, get a good look and you will see the Water Medallion.
See stars: Go to Gerurdo Fortress. Shoot an arrow at a Gerurdo. When it falls to the ground, press C-Up and look at the head. You will see stars. If it does not work, go in the hideout and try again.
How to perform a Matrix-style move: This trick can only be done after you have the boomerang. Whenever you kill a Gold Skulltula and the gold skull token appears, Z-target it and throw your boomerang. When it snags it, immediately before your boomerang returns to you, do a backflip. Link will bend over backwards as if he were dodging bullets.
How to find the royal family tomb: Go to the Kakariko Village graveyard in the daytime as a child. Then, go to the hill in the back with the large grave stone. Stand on the Hylian Seal (the Triforce) that is etched in the ground. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Fairy Ocarina. Lightning will flash and the grave stone will explode, leaving a hole that is entrance to the royal family tomb.
- Go to the cemetery and approach the Royal Tomb. Stand on the Triforce mark on the ground and play Zelda's Lullaby. The tomb will open and you must jump in. Shoot the bats with your slingshot and a door will open. Enter it. There are three Bosses here. They cannot be stunned because they are undead. They will freeze you, jump on you, and suck the life out of you. To prevent this, carry a bottle of Lon Lon milk. They will freeze you at least once. Repeatedly slice them to kill them. You do not have to kill all of them too pass. Also, if they fall into the acid pits they cannot get out, but the acid only hurts you. Dash to the other door across the room to find an inscription and the Sun Song. You will not be teleported out. You must fight your way back because the bosses regenerate after you leave the room. Escape and use the Sun Song to change day to night and night to day.
How to find the Forest stage: To find the Forest Stage, go to the Lost Woods and go right, left, right, left, and left. Pass the Business Scrubs to reach the grassy area. Go to where the butterflies are flying and search there to find and fall into a hidden hole. Wear any mask down in that location to get different items. If Link gets shot by nuts, exit, then go back down for another result.
How to get quicker transportation: After you get the last spiritual stone, go back to Lake Hylia and swim to the island with the big tree. Go up the bridge and you will find the owl. Talk to himm and he says he will give you a ride to the castle. Accept his offer. When he puts you down, it will go from bright daylight to stormy night. You will then watch Impa and Zelda flee from the castle.
How to fly over Kakariko Village: As and adult, get the Longshot and go on top of a roof in Kakariko village that is near the windmill. When looking through the first person view with the Longshot, you can see a small stake in the opening. Use your Longshot to hook it and pull yourself inside the windmill. Go up the stairs to find a chicken. Pick it up and jump out the window with it. You are now flying over Kakariko village. After some practice, you should be able to fly right out of town.
How to go higher than windmill in Kakariko Village: In Kakariko Village, you can go higher than the top of the windmill. As an adult, use your Longshot to go on the roof of Impa's house. Use your Hover Boots, and you can cross to the cliff just over the entrance of the village.
Inside the windmill in Kakariko Village: There is a secret hole in the windmill which you can enter. First, climb up the watch tower. Using the Longshot, shoot down to the blue roof when a man is sitting. From the roof, go as close as you can to the edge nearest to the windmill. An attachable target is around the bottom left corner. Hookshot there, and you will be inside the windmill on the Kakariko village map. The only thing in there is a staircase and Cucco. You can use the Cucco to fly over to Impa's house to get some milk from the cow.
Lookout tower man in Kakariko Village: The man on the lookout tower in Kakariko Village will say that he always has to be up the highest and hates people who are higher than him. There is a way to get higher than him. Go to Kakariko Village as an adult and use the hookshot to get to the high opening in the windmill. Walk up to the place with the chicken, and if you look at the man on the lookout you will be at a higher elevation the him.
Reach the wooden ledge in Kakariko Village: When you are a child, go to the top of Death Mountain and talk to Capora Gabora, the owl. He will fly you down to the wooden ledge behind the house in Kakariko Village. Go into the hole and get the Heart Piece. You can also play Epona's Song to get Lon Lon milk in an empty bottle from the cow.
Followed by dog in castle market: As a child, go to the Hyrule castle market at night. Let a dog follow you then play the Sun's Song to go to day. The same dog will be following you. Nobody will notice it, but if you go in a place such as a shop or the Temple Of Time the dog will disappear.
- Also, after getting the dog to follow you, play the Sun's Song. Go up to its owner and you can listen to her talking about the dog that is not there. You can also try this with other dogs.
Never get lost in the Lost Woods: Try this trick to avoid all of those exit portals in the Lost Woods (the giant log tunnels that warp Link back out). First, fire child Link's slingshot or boomerang (or Long Shot if playing as an adult) into an exit portal. If it is an exit portal (a dead end), you will hear your projectile ricochet off something solid. Or, to save ammunition, just turn up the brightness on your screen and look at the color of the portal. All of the plain black portals are 'safe' and will not warp you back out of the Lost Woods.
- If you see what looks like a flat black sheet, it is safe to go through. However, if you see a portal that looks like a very long hall way leading away then it is not safe.
- When you enter through Kokiri Forest go in the following directions: right, left, right, left, up, left, right. To get past Mido when you are an adult, play Saria's Song.
Crossing the River of Sand: Either aim your Longshot at a crate on the other side of the river or wear the Hover Boots and just walk across.
Warp from dungeon to dungeon: Note: You must have Farore's Wind to do this trick. Place a warp point in any dungeon. You can now warp there from any dungeon. You do not even have to be in the same dungeon as the warp point. Note: Warp points will disappear if you travel between the past and future.
An appearance by R2D2: Go into the Bombchu Bowling Alley in the market as child Link. Press C-Up to switch to the first-person look-around view. Look at the music machine of the bowling alley to see that R2D2 has found an interesting job.
An appearance by Bowser: As a child, when you go to wake up Talon in front of the castle press C-Up to look at him while he is still asleep. You can see a Bowser emblem on his chest.

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