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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Warp to different temples glitch: Have Farore's Wind and complete the game up to the Shadow Temple. When you are a kid, go to the Shadow Temple. Go in and cast Farore's Wind. Then, exit and go to Zora's Domain. Go all the way up to JabuJabu and go in. When inside, cast Farore's Wind again and it will ask you if you want to return or dispel the warp point. Choose "Return To The Warp Point" and you should return to the entrance of the Shadow Temple.
Hookshot/Longshot beam remains on glitch: Get the Hookshot/Longshot and set it to a C-button. Pull it out and hold Z. The camera should shift to the back of Link's head. Next, press the C-button again to fire the Hookshot/Longshot. About one second after you fire it, press R to pull out your shield. Release Z and walk around. Link will still be holding the Hookshot/Longshot, only this time the red aiming beam will still be on.
Arrow through body glitch: Equip the Bow and Arrow and go to Kakariko Village. Go to the side of the house with the man sitting on the roof. Aim at the man and take out your Bow and Arrow. Hold the C-button so Link has an arrow ready to fire. Then, press A to talk. Link will put away the Bow, but the Arrow that he had ready will still be floating in mid-air, sticking straight through Link's head.
No wall glitch: Go to Hyrule Castle and enter the room with all the jars. Hold B and do a sword spin, then use Z-targeting and back up to the door. The wall that would be there to hold the door will be gone.
Two masks of the same kind at the Happy Mask Shop glitch: This trick works best if you have sold all of your masks. Borrow any mask. Put on the mask, go back to the Happy Mask Shop, and put the mask on when you are inside the shop. Talk to the mask woman while wearing the mask and trade in the mask for another. She will give it to you and the mask you were wearing will go back on the shelf. Link will hold up the new mask, but he still will be wearing the first mask -- meaning the first mask is on you as well as on the shelf. Navi will fly in front of Link's face, and when she moves Link will no longer be wearing the first mask.
Walk under Zora's River without Iron Boots glitch: Go to the area in Hyrule Field that joins to the Zora's River area as an adult or child. Start on the left side of the bank facing the entrance to Zora's River, and run towards the entrance. As you run, stay to the right of the sign. Run directly towards the angle in the river. If you are successful, you should walk down and under the river, back up the other side, and then end up in Zora's River. If timed correctly, you can do the above steps and also have Link run under the river and turn around underwater, seeming to go back to Hyrule Field. However, he will still end up in Zora's River.
Damage from marathon runner glitch: Stand in front of the marathon runner in Hyrule Field. He will start punching you and it will do damage.
Sign in Lake Hylia glitch: Hit the sign next to man's house over the ledge, then play Zelda's Lullaby. The sign will come back up through the ground after a few seconds.
Float in Gerudo Valley glitch: When Ganon knocks the sword out of your hand, save and reset the game. Go to Gerudo Valley and hookshot the object hanging above either side of the bridge. You can now float to anywhere you want to. Note: If you draw any of your swords, you will have to re-glitch the game to get the same effect.
Float in a house glitch: Go to Lake Hylia and go into the house on top of the hill. Inside the house are two shelves with a crab, a pot, and items on it. Approach it and jump on it. You will stand on air for awhile, then fall three times.
Float in air glitch: As a child, go to the Kuko lady and bomb one of the Kukos twice, until it calls for help. You will see yourself float in mid-air during the short move scene.
Float on ladder glitch: As an adult with the Hover Boots, go to the old woman's potion shop (in the village Impa's house is in). Jump on the boxes in front of the ladder. Run at the ladder and grab it. If done correctly, you should still be hovering while on the ladder.
Stuck on ladder glitch: When you are in the Zora's Domain, go up to the king then leave the room towards the diving game location. Talk to the Zora and and play the game. Get all the rupees except for one. When you have fifteen seconds remaining, go to the ladder going up. Get on the ladder and when he says "Time's up!" and the screen comes back to you, you will be on the ladder. However, you are standing up and you cannot get off, or go up or down.
Floating arrow glitch: Go to Kakariko Village to where the man wants bugs from you. Look to the right of him and you will see two boxes. The box to the right has an arrow. Roll into the middle of the boxes. They will both break apart and an arrow will be floating where the left box was located.
Floating item glitch: Have your Ocarina set to one of the C-buttons. Get an item, then quickly press the button for the Ocarina. If done correctly, the item should still be over Link's head.
Floating bones glitch: In the Royal Family's Tomb, go to the room where the poem is inscribed. Once you climb the stairs, notice that the bones are floating.
Floating rupee glitch: Go to the place in Hyrule City where there is one guard and a group of pots as a child. As soon as you walk though the door, look to your left and you should see three crates. Ram into the crate farthest from the door, and if you are lucky, a rupee will fly toward the second crate and land on it. Ram into the crate with the rupee. The rupee should be in the air. Note: You can do this in other places as well, with two crates and other items.
Float while fishing glitch: Wear the Hover Boots while fishing. Walk out onto the water. While still hovering, press B to cast the line. You will fall, but the line will go out. Link can still move and do anything he normally can. You can also leave the fishing pond like this and take the fishing rod with you. Do not cast outside or the game will freeze.
Get Fire Arrow without completing the Water Temple glitch: Get your own Scarecrow Song. Get the Longshot from the Water Temple. Go to the place where you shoot the sun. Walk as far as you can to the edge of the hill facing the Fire Arrow. Play the Scarecrow Song and a scarecrow will appear from the ground. Shoot the Long Shot at the scarecrow and pick up the Fire Arrow.
Extra arrow glitch: Go to Kakariko Village and go to the shooting gallery to play a game. When prompted to play again, answer "Yes" and press B to skip the dialogue. When you start the new round, you will shoot an arrow but still have fifteen arrows total.
Bomb goes through Link glitch: As a child, equip the Hylian Shield, and pick up a bomb. Press Z. Link will bend over, release the bomb, and the bomb will go through Link, through his shield, into his body, and it will be set. However, unlike other ways (when you put a bomb in front of you, take around three steps behind, and use the Hylian Shield to avoid the bomb blowing up) the bomb will explode and hurt you if you stay there while still holding Z.
Link stuck on skull glitch: In the Shadow Temple, there is a room with three rotating skulls and a Golden Skulltula. Use the Longshot to kill the Skulltula and lock onto the token. Use the longshot to get the token. When the message stating that you got a token appears, the skulls will still be moving. Press A just before the skull reaches Link and you should be stuck inside. To get out, just place a bomb and the skull will explode.
Flying Princess Ruto glitch: Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu, throw Princess Ruto into a spot were a giant chest is going to appear. Once the chest appears, Princess Ruto will be on top. Open the chest and the lid will go through her, sending her flying. Note: You have to leave the room to get her down.
Flying spider glitch: Go to Lake Hylia. Go near the blue spider by the water. Use your Hammer to flip it over, then use your Hookshot or Longshot to hit it. It will unfreeze and fly into the sky.
Girl at Lon Lon Ranch disappears glitch: You have to be child Link to do this. Enter the house where you can play the Cucco game during the day. Go upstairs an play the Sun's Song. You will exit the room. Go back in the room where the girl is supposed to be sleeping and she will not be there.
Invisible shield glitch: After you get all the Stones, go to Ganondorf. Before you go through the intermission sequence, equip your Hylain Shield. Link should still have his Hylian Shield on his back but will take out an invisible shield during the sequence.
Talking Stones stay blue or red glitch: Set a bomb next to a Talking Stone pull out your sword. Wait for it to change colors and hit it. If done correctly, it should stay blue or red. If you leave the room and renter, it will be back to normal.
Running with Iron Boots glitch: When you obtain the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern you cannot run with them. However, if you go through a portal or exit a dungeon with the Iron Boots on, you will see yourself running with them.
Mr. Ingo's eyes glitch: Mr. Ingo (in Lon Lon Ranch) sleeps with his eyes open. To see this, go to Lon Lon Ranch at night as an adult. Enter the house on the left, where the Cucoo game was located. Walk up the stairs to the second floor to find Mr. Ingo sleeping on the bed. Jump onto the bed so the sleeping Ingo is facing you. Look down at his face and you should see his eyes are open. When you speak to him, the z's indicate that he is sleeping.
No more Navi glitch: Go to the Temple Of Time as an adult. Stand on the red carpet between the green stone and the red stone. Do a backflip onto the stand they are on (between them) and the play Saria's Song. Talk to Saria then walk away. Navi will be stuck there until you make the screen change (exit, then put sword back).
Navi's disappearing wings glitch: You can make Navi's wings dissapear when she is still flying. Go to any wall anywhere, then walk to it. Navi will crash into the wall. Look and you will see that Navi has no wings and is just a glowing ball.
Frog parts glitch: Go to Zora's River, walk on the log that Navi points out to you, then face in the direction of the left edge of the rock that holds up that log across the water from you. Press the C-button that your boomerang is set to. Press the Ocarina button almost immediately after the boomerang is thrown. If done correctly, it will appear as if the frog in the middle of the group has a nose, or it may look like he is smoking a pipe. If you press the Ocarina button as soon as the boomerang is thrown (just keep tapping the Ocarina button rapidly immediately after you press the Boomerang button), it may look like the green frog has an antenna on its head. Note: All of the frogs have to be big in order for this trick to work. It does not matter which Ocarina you have.

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