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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

No sword glitch: Get to the last battle with Gannon. When he knocks the Master Sword out of Link's hand. save and restart the game. When the game is resumed, Link will not have his sword.
Play sword instead of Ocarina glitch: Get a fish in a bottle. Drop it on the stairs, jump off, and press B. If done correctly, Link should have a sword in his mouth.
Deku Stick sword glitch: Assign the Deku Stick to one of the C buttons. Then, go to the top of a cliff or ledge. Stand facing opposite of the edge and do a backflip off it. While in mid-air, use the Deku Stick. When you hit the ground you will be holding only half of the Deku Stick. You can now use it as a sword. It will be twice as powerful as the Master Sword. Note: Once you equip or move to an other area, it will disappear.
Bouncing chicken glitch: On you way to Zora's Domain, you will need a chicken. When you are done with it, throw the chicken into the river, press C-Up, and watch it carefully. It will bounce off the water and fly out of the game. However, ot will still be there the next time you are there.
Sparking torch glitch: Go to The Pirates Fortress. Fight one of the pirates and get in a corner by the torch. Hold R and press B until the pirate is defeated. Every time you touch the torch after this, it will make sparks.
Half a sign glitch: Destroy a sign by using a horizontal slash to cut off the top part of it. Then, play "Zelda's Lullaby" to fix the sign. As the sign is reforming, hold Z and press Up + B to stab. This will cause the bottom of the sign to fall off of its post. If timed correctly, the top half of the sign will be floating in mid-air above the sign post.
Unlimited Gold Skulltula tokens glitch: The Boomerang and Song Of Storms are required for this trick. As a child, go into the market and towards Hyrule Castle. Get past the guards and jump into the flowing stream. When you get up, there is a tree. Go to the tree and play the Song Of Storms. Enter the hole that appears. Inside, blow up all the walls with bombs until you find the one with the Gold Skulltula. Kill the Gold Skulltula, but do not retrieve the token. Take out your Boomerang and throw it to get the token. Make sure you are next to the platform that gets you out of the hole. After the boomerang has the token and it is on its way back to you, step back onto the platform just before the boomerang returns. If timed correctly, you will have the token, but the Skulltula will still be in the hole. Note: Z-targeting the token so that you can do a quick backflip onto the platform is recommended. Save the game after you are satisfied with the number of tokens you have collected.
See the sky on the ground glitch: Go to Lon Lon Ranch and go to any of the fences. Face the opposite side of the fence and press Z. You might see the sky on the ground. If not, look at the opposite side of the fence at an angle. You can do this as a child or adult (recommended).
See the sun on the ground glitch: Go to Lon Lon Ranch and go to any of the fences. Face the opposite side of the fence and press Z. You might see the sky on the ground. Play the Sun's Song to make it night and face the opposite side of the fence. Press Z then walk facing the fence. You might see the sun on the ground, where is a black spot when you see the sky on the ground. You will see the sun, which will be red or orange.
Disappearing Goron glitch: When you are in the Fire Temple, you will reach a big maze. In the big maze is a Goron in a cage. Once you open the gate to free him, jump down from where you pressed the switch and leave the room. Go back to the cage. The Goron is gone.
Bouncing screen glitch: As an adult, go to the Sacred Forest Meadow, Get to the part where the Moblin is blocking the entrance to the Forest Temple. You will see the Moblin attack you, hitting his giant club to the floor. The screen will start bouncing. Attack the Moblin with your sword when he is about hit you (just before he moves his club). The screen will bounce, even if the club does not touch the path. Note: Watch out when trying to do this as you can get hurt.
Clinking and clanking without shield and sword glitch: Note: This can be only done when you have not received your Deku Shield and Koriki Sword. When you first start the game, run, jump, or roll without your shield and sword. You will still hear the clinking and clanking as if you had your equipment.
Disappearing Naryu's Love glitch: Go to Desert Colossus and find the two palm trees touching a wall with a crack in the middle of them. Get the Naryu's Love in there. Equip Naryu's Love, use it, and play the Bolero Of Fire. Naryu's Love should disappear and your magic meter will be flashing.
Enter bazaar at night glitch: Climb up onto the crate next to the bazaar and roll jump off towards the door. Eventually, you will end up in the bazaar. The people in there will act as if it were supposed to be open. When you go back out, you cannot go back in unless you do the process again. Note: It take quite awhile to get in; try to aim at the door or the wall beside it.
Replay intended music glitch: Use this trick to replay the intended music for special sequences. Before you lift or put the Master Sword, play any warping song (such as Requiem Of Spirit or Bolero Of Fire). Answer "No" at the "Do You Want To Warp To..." prompt and pick up the sword. While you are picking up or placing it, the song will continue to play and the intended music for this sequence is played over by the warping song. This can also be done before you enter Ganondorf's lair or immediately before you encounter Ganon himself or any Boss.
Play two notes at quest/status item sub-screen glitch: Note: The Song Of Storms is required for this trick. Go to the quest status/item sub-screen and put the pointer on the Song Of Storms. Select it, and when it is over quickly go to the R icon and press A(2). It will play two notes on the second one. It will hold for a few seconds.
Fall through the ground at the entrance to Hyrule Market glitch: Become a kid, then play the Sun's Song to make it day. Go to Hyrule Field, and climb up the ropes to the top at the drawbridge. Play the Sun's Song to make it night. Once the drawbridge has fully gone up; jump down inside the entrance to Hyrule Market. If done correctly; you should have gone right through the ground and ended up in Hyrule Market.
See Hyrule Castle and Town as an adult glitch: While you are an adult, stand near the broken drawbridge at the entrance of Hyrule Castle Town. Face the entrance, and Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Town will appear, as if nothing ever happened.
Fall through the ground at Forest Temple entrance glitch: Become an adult; then warp to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Hookshot up on top of the tree. Jump down on the entrance to the Forest Temple to go right through the ground.
Falling through the ground glitch: To fall through the ground you have to go through the separating area of two different areas while falling. For example, consider the bridge into the Castle town. The bridge is a part of Hyrule Field. The 2D-type background of the town is really a flat wall that can be traveled through for the running into town mini-intermission. Since the wall is supposed to be traveled through, you can fall into it. However, because it is a 2D image you disappear as you are falling into it.
Falling into the sky glitch: Step to any hole in the ground, such as the one in Kakariko, until you stand very close to it. Then press the Z and use your sword or the hammer to jump forward. If done correctly, Link will fall into the hole, the camera will follow, and it will look like he is falling through the sky for a few seconds.
Stand on edge of drawbridge glitch: Go to the drawbridge at the castle during the day. Climb up the chains to the every top, then play the Sun's Song. Wait for bridge to pull in -- this will not effect you. After it is pulled in, walk to the bridge and walk across it to get rupees. Then stand in the middle of the bridge on the edge. Play the Sun's Song again, and you should start to lean with the bridge until the end, where you are then standing straight.
Not on Epona anymore glitch: As an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch on Epona. Go around the course once, then make a fast stop. Speak to the girl when Epona is on her back legs and it will appear as if Link is not on her back.
Bury Epona alive glitch: At Lon Lon Ranch, and go along the outer wall about 50 paces past the Cuccos. Play Epona's Song and then quickly run into the Barn. Return to where you played Epona's Song, and she will be there, stuck in the ground.
Floating Epona glitch: Escape Lon Lon Ranch with Epona, then ride over to the entrance to Gerudo Valley. Ride at full speed. As you enter Hyrule Field from Gerudo Valley, there is a ramp that descends to the Field. On your left will be a fence that runs along the ridge above the ramp. Back up and ride full speed (using A to go faster) headlong into the edge of the fence. This requires good timing; as soon as you hit the edge of the fence, pull back on Epona and dismount. if timed correctly, Epona will be floating about two feet off the ground. You can play Epona's Song and she will run in mid-air. To get her back onto the ground, go to the castle (or anywhere else far away) and play Epona's Song again.
Headless Epona glitch: While at Lon-Lon Ranch just after you have learned Epona's Song, Epona will push into you and start moving you. Press C-Up and look directly at her face. It will disappear, and you will see a large hole where her head was.
Carpet sound when there is no carpet glitch: Get to the very long staircase with the carpet when traveling upwards towards Ganondorf. Step onto the side (the part with no carpet). Every time Link steps, it will make a carpet step sound.
Platform does not fall glitch: When you are in the Fire mini-dungeon in Ganon's Castle, the middle platform (among others) will fall. Equip the Hover Boots, and the middle platform will not fall out from underneath you. However, this only works on that specific platform.
Water temple when dry glitch: As an adult, get on Epona and run straight into Lake Hylia. You can explore the bottom of the lake.
Go through the bridge glitch: During the day, go outside of the Market. Stand on the platform close to the water. Play the Sun's Song and the bridge will comes down on Link, and then he will be on it.
Bent Hookshot or Longshot glitch: As a child, travel to Kokiri Forest and plant a magic bean in the dirt patch near the shop. Return to this spot as an adult and ride the large leaf. When you are riding it, your Hookshot/Longshot will bend while you are using it.
Dead end with no Bombchus glitch: If you have used the trick to exchange your "C" items for bottles and trade your Bombchus, you cannot finish the game! You will become stuck in the Spirit Barrier at Ganon's Castle. 

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