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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Locations of Potions: Green potion: Found at Kakoiro town and the Market. It fills the magic meter. Red potion: Found at Kakoiro town and the Market. It fills up your all of your hearts. Blue potion: Found at Kakoiro Town only. Go behind the potion shop and climb the steps. Enter the door and you will be in the Blue Potion Shop. Talk to the lady and you will get the Blue potion. You must get the Biggoron's sword (broken) to do this. The Blue potion fills both your magic and heath.
Recommended equipment for temples: Forest Temple: Master Sword, Hyrule Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Boots.Fire Temple: Master Sword, Hyrule Shield, Goron Tunic, Kokiri Boots. Water Temple: Master Sword, Hyrule Shield, Zora Tunic, Kokiri Boots/Iron Boots. Shadow Temple: Master Sword, Hyrule Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Hover Boots. Spirit Temple: Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Boots.
Fairy fountain locations: Location 1: After getting the Goron's Bracelet and the Bomb Bag, search Hyrule Field for suspicious looking boulders for a fairy fountain. Location 2: In the same tomb where a Hylian Shield is found, destroy the wall to find a fairy fountain. Location 3: On the way to Zora's Domain, move along the green shores of Zora'a River. Bomb a boulder at this location to discover a fairy fountain beneath it. Location 4: When leaving the Sacred Forest meadow, a ladder will appear on a hedge. This leads to a clearing that contains a boulder. A fairy fountain is under the boulder. Location 5: In the watery paradise of Zora's Domain, play the Song of Storms to open a hole in a platform. The hole leads to a fountain below. Location 6: In the dry desert after playing the Song of Storms, a hole will open up in the ground that will lead to a fairy fountain.
Hidden pictures: Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Look into the window on her left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi can be seen. Look from different angles to see them all. Throw something into the window with Mario to receive 20 rupees. Throwing something into the other window will result in a lit bomb being thrown back at Link.
- As a child, go to Lon Lon ranch and a little girl will be singing. Look down at her shirt to see a small Bowser emblem.
- When you enter Zelda's castle and talk to her near the end of the game as Adult Link, on your right is a picture of Luigi and Mario.
- When you first exit from Links house, look to your left (when facing the house). You will see a couple of drawings on Link's house. Hold C-Up to see them better.
- When you talk to Princess Zelda, after you have collected the Forest Stone from the Deku Tree, both sides of the courtyard have windows. On one side are three to four pictures of other Nintendo characters. The other side appears to be empty. However, if you shoot a Deku Seed with the Fairy Sling Shot at the empty window, you will see a little 'Easter egg' from the programmers.
Finding the key at the Treasure Box Shop: Go to the Treasure Box Shop in the Market at night as a child. Talk to the man to get the first key, then use the Lens of Truth to learn which box contains the key.
- At night as a child, go in the back alley to the key shop. Play the game and if you choose the right chest the first time, choose the following chests in a zig-zag pattern to will win every time.
Breaking open boxes: To break open a regular brown wooden box, just run at it and press A. Link will roll and smash open the box. This is useful when finding all the chickens and to get a Skulltula in the Marketplace room with the pots.
Items from trees: Roll into a tree in Hyrule field or in a town. The tree will randomly give Rupees, Hearts, Deku Nuts or other items, but at times will not give anything. Note: If you roll into the tree near a bunch of stones in a circle at Hyrule Castle, a golden Skulltula will appear. This trick also works at the tree closest to the entrance at Kakario village and Zora's river.
Free key in the Gerudo Training Grounds: Go into the lava room in which you must collect silver rupees in the Gerudo Training Grounds. Stand on the first platform and use the Song Of Time. You can jump to the two time blocks and grab the key above. If you keep going ahead, you will find the key room where you open the locked doors. You will find three treasure chests there. Do not open the door to the left. Only go to the right when you enter the key room in the entrance of the training ground. Note: Once you go back into the lava room, you will have to retrieve all the rupees you collected earlier. This is also another way to go through the room with only a hookshot.
Link's records: Look to the left of Links bed and press A. You can read all of Link's records that he accomplishes through the game.
Easy Fairies: When you are a child, take out a Deku Stick and hold it near a butterfly. If it lands on the stick, it will turn into a Fairy.
More money with Arrows Of Light: After getting the Arrows Of Light from Zelda, you will not have any problems with money, even if you do not have all golden Skulltulas. Just go to Lake Hylia or another location with enemies and kill them with the Arrows Of Light. You will always get a purple rupee (worth 50 rupees). This does not work with spiders on the walls or enemies who always give the same thing, such as the Poes. Note: This trick also works with bats.
Finding a Deku Seed bags: Go to the Lost Woods. After entering, turn right and continue forward to a ledge with a fence and ladder to the left. A metal circular object will be suspended from a tree at this location. Shoot it three times exactly in the center with the slingshot and to receive the bag. A '100' will flash when your shot hits the center. You must score '100' three times in a row. The bag will hold 40 seeds.
- As a child, after you get the Deku Seed bag that holds 40 seeds, go either to the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Castle Town or the Lost Woods (the place that the two Skull Kids are at with the silver bulleye). If you go to the Shooting Gallery, hit all 10 Rupees to get the bigger bag. If you go to the Lost Woods, you will have to hit the center of the target three times or the outside of the target thirty times. After that, a Deku Scrub will spit out the 50-seed bag. Going to the Lost Woods is recommended because you will save 20 Rupees if you do so. Note: If you run out of seeds at the Lost Woods, you will have to get more. If you run out, the Deku Scrub will restart the counting cycle. When you hit the center of the target the number '100' will appear. When you hit the outside of the target, the number '30' will appear.
Getting heart piece above Dodongo's cavern as a child: Go up to where the bomb flower used for opening the cavern is located. Throw the bomb flower somewhere so you can use Z-targeting. Then, hold back on the Analog-stick and do a back flip. If done properly, you should land on the mesa-type platform. Although you will lose hearts from the fall, you will regain them when the heart piece is in Link's hands.
Heart piece in Kakariko Village: When you get a Longshot, you can get on the roof of Granny's potion shop. An easier way is to go to the windmill with the fence in front of it. Get on the section right in front of the door. Now the roof is accessible by a Hookshot.
- There is an easy way to get this Heart piece as a child. Climb on the lookout tower and go as far forward as you can. Use Z Targeting (you will not actually target anything) and run to the left side of the tower, while still facing forward. Keep running and the Action Button should turn to 'Jump'. Press A and to hang off of the big fence near the house. Climb on to it, then jump up to the roof of the house. Talk to the man, and he will give you the Piece of Heart.
The Giant's Knife: Go to Goron City as young Link. On one of the floors is a wall that appears questionable. Blow it up, then keep destroying the other walls behind it. Talk to the big may to learn that he is working on a weapon. Return as older Link to receive the Giant's Knife. Note: It will break with about five swings.
- Before The Giant's Knife breaks, it is the best sword in the game. It is even better than the Big Goron sword because it is slightly more damaging. Even after it breaks, it is still useable. The only problem is that it is now as short as the Kokiri sword. It does suffer from less damage after it breaks. You can buy another one after it breaks, but this is not recommended. Only use it before it breaks on a Boss or similar enemy to get its full potential.
Getting the Biggest Quiver: Enter the archery game as an adult after getting the Gerudo Membership Card. It costs 20 rupees to play, but is worth it. Play the first time and get 1,000 points and to receive a Heart Container. Play the game a second time and get 1,500 points and to receive the Biggest Quiver, which holds up to fifty arrows. When starting the archery game, aim for the bulls-eye and fire to get 100 points each time. Also shoot at the target at the end. When you come around the end target, aim for the clay jars. Shoot them to collect 100 points per jar. Keep getting 100's on the targets and successfully shoot all the clay jars to get the required 1,500 points for the Biggest Quiver.
Getting the Golden Gauntlets: Go to the shadow room in Ganon's Castle. When you enter the room, you will see green rubble. Destroy it so it does not get in your way. then longshot to the torch that you see. Next, longshot yourself to the Like Like and destroy it. Get Fire Arrows and shoot the torch. When catches on fire, use the Lens Of Truth and go for the switch on the right. Get on it and a treasure box will appear. Longshot over and open it to get the Golden Gauntlets.
Free Lon Lon Milk: Approach any cow with an empty bottle and play Epona's Song. The song will remind the cow of the pasture, and will give Link free milk.
Ocarina flats and sharps: Hold R and press one of the Ocarina playing buttons to make a sharp note, or Z to make a flat.
Iron Boots in Shadow Temple: When in the Shadow Temple, use the Iron Boots when near the fans. The fans will blow Link back without the extra weight of the boots.
Getting the three tunics: There are three tunics that can be found in the game.
Kokiri Tunic: As a child and adult, you will start with this tunic.
Zora Tunic: You can buy it as an adult. For 300 rupees. Or, after getting blue fire (buy it or find it in the ice cavern), burn the diamond that surrounds King Zora. He will give you the tunic.
Goron Tunic: You can buy it as an adult. For 200 rupees. Or, as an adult, bomb the little rolling Goron. He will talk to you for a while. He will give it to you after you ask the two questions .
Finding the Goron Bracelet: Enter Goron City. Go to the bottom floor with the statue and stand on the carpet. Play Zelda's Lullaby to open the door. Once inside, stand in front of big brother (the Big Goron), and play Saria's Song. He will then dance. After he stops dancing, he will compliment the tune that you played and present you with the Goron Bracelet.
Deku Shield: Enter the Dodongo's Cavern. Go to the left, get the Bomb Flower, and explode the breakable walls. Behind one of the walls is a Business Scrub. For 50 rupees, he will give you a Deku Shield.
Water Tunic: You can get the Water Tunic by unfreezing King Zora. You have to be at least at the Ice Cavern as an adult. The Ice Cavern is near where Jabu-Jabu was located.
Big Sword: The Big Sword will break after a few tries, but if you perform a series of tasks later in the game you will get another one that never breaks.
Getting Biggoron's Sword: Use the following long trading sequence as an adult to get Biggoron's Sword. Go to the lady that gave young Link the empty bottle, when her Cuccos were rescued. She will give Link a Pocket Cucco egg. Wait for the egg to hatch, then bring it to Talon in Kakariko Village. Bring the Cucco back to the lady, to receive Cojiro, the Blue Cucco. Go to the Lost Woods, then turn left at the entrance. Give Cojiro to the man to receive an Odd Mushroom, which will spoil if too much time is wasted. Rush to the Potion shop in Kakariko Village, then go left into the room. Run into the shop to the right, then give the Mushroom to the lady at that location. She will give Link an Odd Potion. Hurry back to the Lost Woods. The man will be gone, but a Kokiri will be here. Give the Potion to her to receive the Poacher's Saw. Ride the horse to Gerudo Valley. There is a broken bridge here, so whip Epona to jump it. Give the saw to the carpenter that is outside to receive Biggoron's Broken Sword. Go to the top of Death Mountain, then walk to the right. Biggoron will appear, rubbing his eyes. He has an eye infection and will give link a Prescription. Bring the Prescription to King Zora after he has been unfrozen to receive the Eyeball frog, an ingredient for the Eyedrops. Hurry to the Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia and give the Eyeball Frog to the Old Man. He will give Link the Eyedrops. Hurry back up to the Death Mountain Summit and ive the Eyedrops to Biggoron. After using them, he will give Link a Claim Check. Wait three days (play the Sun's Song six times to quickly pass the time), give him back the Claim Check to receive Biggoron's Sword. This weapon is twice as powerful as the Master Sword, and will not break like the Giant's Knife. Note: If Link is late during any of the time-sensitive parts of the trade, the game will restart back at the person you need to give the item to, and allow another try. Ocarina songs may not be used to teleport to a location during the trade.
- When you are getting Biggoron's sword and you are timed (as when giving the eyedrops to Biggoron), instead of running all the way up Death Mountain, you can save and reset the game. You will have the eyedrops but you will not be timed.
- When completing the 'Trader Link' quest to get the Biggoron's Sword, after you get the eyedrops from the lakeside professor. ride Epona to Kakariko village. Cut through Goron City and mountain (you must have the Megaton Hammer) while wearing the Kokiri/Zora Tunic. When you get inside the crater, the countdown for the eyedrops stops, and you are given a countdown for how much longer you can stay. Leave through the top of the crater and give the eyedrops to Biggoron. It is possible to complete the run in about 1:53.
Deku Nut upgrade: When Link is running through the Lost Woods, he will find two boulders. One boulder will be near the beginning of the maze and the other will be near the end. Go after the boulder near the end, and bomb or hammer it. Fall into the hole that appears to find two Deku Business Scrubs. Defeat the first Scrub and he will allow Link to carry up to 30 Deku nuts.
- The two Deku Nut upgrades can be found in the Lost Woods, in a secret grotto from a Business Scrub and in the Forest Stage, with the Mask of Truth. If you have already gotten the first one, you may not be able get the second one. Some other action, such as completing the game, getting through a certain temple, or something else may prevent this from happening. The following can be done to get both upgrades: start a new game, become an adult, complete the Forest Temple, go back to childhood, and get the second upgrade. Then the first upgrade can also be obtained.
Getting Fire and Ice arrows: After completing the Water Temple, go to Lake Hylia. Play the Sun Song at plaque near the warp point (serenade of water) to make the sun rise. As soon as this happens, shoot the sun with an arrow and fire arrows will appear. To get ice arrows, complete the Gerudo training center.
Link's earring: An earring can be seen in Link's left ear at the end of the game during the close-up, when Zelda and Link are talking in the sky.
Bowser label pin: Go to Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Go to the room were you play the Cucco game. Do not play the game. Instead, look at his shirt to see a pin that has a Bowser head.
Getting Epona: When an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch, talk to the man standing at the gate, then pay him. Once in the corral, play Epona's Song. She will come to you. Get on her. Jump over the little fence, then while on Epona, talk to the man at the gate again. He will ask you to have a race. You have to defeat him the first time, then you have one more race. If you win that time you get to have Epona. However, he will say that you can only keep her in the ranch. Jump over the fence in the back of the corral. Note: This only works if you have 50 rupees or more.
Epona's butt: Once you have Epona as an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch. Go to the far big fence and jump it to exit the ranch. Once you land, you will be looking directly at Epona's butt.
Epona whines: Ride Epona, take out an arrow, then hold Analog-stick Down so the tip of the bow is on her neck. Fire to hear Epona whine.
Bowser necklace: Look down at Talon when he is sleeping outside of the castle. A necklace that resembles Bowser can be seen around his neck.
Free Hylian Shield: Instead of paying 40 to 80 rupees for a shield, go to the graveyard at night. Go to the first row of graves in front of Link. Go to the second grave in that row and pull it all they way back. This will not work during day because the kid will threaten to tell Dampe. Jump in the newly opened hole. Go up to the chest and open it to get a free Hylian Shield.

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