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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu - Alt. name: Zelda OOT

Extra Rupees method 1: Go to Death Mountain, on the trail that goes to the top. After the part where you throw bombs at the rocks to open the path, there is another rock and you can hear a cow mooing. Bomb the rock and go in the hole. There will be a puddle with about 25 Rupees in it. Get the rupees. You can keep re-entering the hole and the money will replenish itself.
Extra Rupees method 2: As a child, go to Hyrule City's gatehouse in the day. Slowly walk up the chain of the drawbridge and jump of once at the top. You will get twenty rupees when you jump off.
Extra Rupees method 3: Go to the Lost Wood as an adult. Go to the Skull Kid to the left. Kill him to get 200 rupees.
Extra Rupees method 4: As a child, go to Hyrule Field. Go to the draw bridge and make sure it is daytime. Play the Sun Song if needed. When the drawbridge is down, go to one of the chains used to pull it upwards. Walk up the chain to the top and make sure not to fall. Play the Sun Song and the drawbridge will raise. Walk across the drawbridge and collect three red rupees (60 all together). Fall down inside and go into the market. Play the Sun Song and step outside. Then, repeat the process to collect 60 more rupees.
Extra Rupees method 5: In Koriki Forest, the starting town, go by the shop and jump on the blocks that lead to it to get 5 rupees. Enter in the shop, come back out, and jump on the blocks again to collect more money.
Extra Rupees method 6: To get easy rupees, go to Kakariko Village as an adult. Break the small rock and catch a bug in a jar. Sell it to the weird kid who is kneeling by the Bazaar. You can sell the bug to him for fifty rupees.
Extra Rupees method 7: As a child, go to the house at the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Break the jars.
Extra Rupees method 8: Go to the Lost Forest as a child. Proceed to the entrance where you get Sarah's Song. Wait until you feel the controller rumble, then place a bomb at that location. Defeat the two werewolves to get 50 rupees in a chest.
Extra Rupees method 9: Go to the Hyrule drawbridge and cross it. To Link's right there is a door. Enter it and destroy the pots and boxes to get rupees. Once they are all destroyed, go out of the door then go back in. Destroy them again and repeat this process. Also, when you are a child and are in the same room, there are two boxes at the far end of it. The one to the far right as a Golden Skullula in it.
Extra Rupees method 10: There is a door to the right before entering the market. Enter to find some vases and boxes that contain rupees. After collecting the money, exit, then re-enter the room. Search the vases and boxes again to collect the rupees again.
Extra Rupees method 11: When first entering Hyrule Castle, there is a door that resembles the background. Enter and smash all the pots to collect about fifty rupees. Leave the room and return to collect all the rupees again.
Extra Rupees method 12: After collecting all the chickens in Kakariko village for the first time, keep repeating that process to collect 50 rupees each time.
Extra Rupees method 13: Shoot the signs in Gerudo Fortress with a little moon on them with your hookshot or longshot for 20 rupees.
Extra Rupees method 14: As you enter the Gerudo Fortress, there is a sign with a symbol on it. Stand directly beneath it and shoot its bottom. If timed correctly, a rupee will fall from the sign. Note: This can only be done once per game.
Extra Rupees method 15: Shoot the decorated skulls over the doorways In the Gerudo Fortress with an arrow. They will drop arrows, or rupees.
Extra Rupees method 16: Go to the front of the marketplace during the day. Walk up to the chains holding the drawbridge all the way to the top. Then, turn and jump off. As Link falls, 20 rupees may be collected. Walk over the other side and repeat for even more rupees.
Extra Rupees method 17: While as an adult, collect the Odd Mushroom from the man in the forest and taken it to Kakariko Village. Give the Potion to the little girl that was left in his place. Return to the first screen to the left, when Link entered the Lost Woods from Kokiri Village. Use the sword to kill the Skull Kid at that location to get 200 rupees. Leave the woods and return for another 200 rupees, and repeat as needed.
Extra Rupees method 18: When Link is a child, go to the drawbridge to get 60 rupees. During the day, stand on the very edge, which is the part that goes to the top when it closes. Wait for nightfall, or play the Sun's Song to make it night. Link should be able to stay on it until it goes all the way up. He will get three red rupees for walking across the top.
Extra Rupees method 19: When Link is as a child, go to Zelda's castle. Go to the moat of water in front of the castle. Get your slingshot, and aim at two green diamond-like objects on each side of the drawbridge. When you shoot them you will get some rupees -- but you can only shoot them once.
Extra Rupees method 20: When Link is an adult he can get an orange ruby that is larger than the yellow one, as many times as needed. It will fill the wallet each time. Go to the Lost Woods, and take a left in the first area. Get to the room with the single Skullkid. Target him, and walk up to him until he jumps off and decides to fight. Use a sword to keep him from jumping away. Link will probably take a few hits as he shoots. After a few slashes he will pass out, leaving a giant orange ruby.
Extra Rupees method 21: Run around Hyrule Field at night as a child and kill twenty skeletons. A giant skeleton will appear. Kill it to get rupees.
Extra Rupees method 22: In the Desert Colossus, kill the sand creatures until a giant one appears. There are a total of four giants, that have a large amount of rupees.
Extra Rupees method 23: To get easy rupees, go into the castle courtyard where you first met Zelda. Use your slingshot to shoot the window to the right (if you were facing Zelda). A rupee will drop down and land in the water.
Extra Rupees method 24: The following enemies will usually give 20 or more rupees per kill: The spongy enemies that eat your shield and tunic; the giant that clubs the ground right before the Forest Temple; and the hand that falls from the ceiling in certain dungeon areas.
Extra Rupees method 25: Go to the shop as a child and move to the right side. Walk behind the counter to get some rupees.
Extra Rupees method 26: As an adult, go to the Lost Woods with the Biggoron Sword. When entering from Kokiri Forest to the Lost Woods, go through the left opening, where the lone Skull Kid is playing his flute. Fight and kill him with the Biggoron Sword. After defeating the lone Skull Kid, a huge Rupee will remain where the Skull Kid was standing. The Rupee will be worth 500 Rupees. This is an easy way to gain some fast money.
Extra Rupees method 27: As you enter the Lost Woods, make a right into the tunnel. Then make a left, another left, and you will be in the place with a lot of bushes. Go to the back where a grotto is hidden. Enter there as a child. When you enter, stand on the platform about five steps in front of you. Wear the Mask Of Truth and play the Song Of Storms. The flowers will start to dance or they will get mad. If they get mad, try again until they dance. You will eventually get a lot of rupees. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Extra Rupees method 28: Enter the shop in the Kokiri Forest and go to the little doorway off to the right of the counter to find 5 rupees. This is useful in the beginning of the game, when you are gathering rupees for you shield.
Extra Rupees method 29: As a child, go to the market. In the back alley, go to the lady who cannot find her dog. When you walk in, you will see a box. Break it and you will get five rupees. Walk out, then go back in and break it again. Keep repeating this to get as many rupees as needed.
Extra Rupees method 30: As an adult in Kakariko village, walk 5 to 20 paces slowly facing the well before the house. The Rumble Pak will activate if you have the Stone Of Agony. Take out the Megaton Hammer and swing it towards the spider house. A hole will appear. Go down kill the two zombies to get a chest with 200 rupees.
Extra Rupees method 31: To gain an unlimited amount of rupees do the following. As a child, talk to the giant Goron inside of the third floor in Goron City. As an adult, go to the top of Death Mountain and play the Song Of Storms. Run to the Death Mountain crater and play the Song Of Storms again. You will hear a sound. Run back outside to find a giant gold Skulltula drop in front of the giant Goron. He will stand up. Jump around kill the Skulltula (requires eight hits), then talk to the giant Goron. He will thank you and tell you to visit him anytime. He will give you 100 rupees each time. Note: This trick must be done in under 45 seconds.
Extra Rupees method 32: Near the end of the game (when you have all medallions, etc.), get the Biggoron Sword and go to the Kokiri Village. Enter the Lost Woods and take out the Biggoron Sword. Follow the first left, and you should be in the area with the tree stump. Near the stump will be a giant Skull Kid. It is pretty fast, but one hit from the Biggoron Sword should kill it. When dead, it will leave behind 200 rupees.
Extra Rupees method 33: When you go to see Zelda, walk to the window to your left. Shoot the window with your slingshot and a man will tell you not to cause trouble. You will see an explosion. Walk over to the window to the right. Shoot the top left corner of the window and a red rupee will appear.
Extra Rupees method 34: One bottle is required to perform this cheat. After you become adult Link and the town's people move from the castle to the village, go to the area behind the potion shop. There will be a hole in the ground in that area. Fall into the hole and you will be in a small cavern. If you look at the ground, there will be puddles. In the puddle to the left will be a fish swimming. You cannot hurt the fish with your sword or any weapon. Instead, take out a bottle and press the C-button again to select and use it. Link will swing the bottle downward and catch the fish. Go back out and find the homeless lady. Press the C-button that contains the fish. Link will pull it out and the lady will buy it for 100 rupees. Repeat the process until your wallet is filled. Note: It does not cost you anything to get the fish.
Extra Rupees method 35: When you have just gotten the Iron Boots, put them on outside of the ice cave, where Jabu Jabu used to be. Go to the bottom to find some rupees and a Heart container in the middle.
Extra Rupees method 36: After winning the Piece of Heart from the single Skull Kid, return to his grove at any time and kill him to get a giant rupee worth 200 rupees. This can be done multiple times, as he returns every time you leave and always gives a giant rupee.

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