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Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, SNES Game Cheats
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Tri-Force (Japan)
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More money: Go to the village and enter the house with the patrolling young lady. Go up to the painting on the back wall and pull on it. Hold on until coins appear.
More money (2): Go in the Desert of Mystery, very close to where you obtained the second pendant. There are two big rocks after you obtained the Power Gloves. They are in the same temple as the second Pendent. Pick up the rock that is behind the first rock. There should be steps there. Go down to find a man surrounded by pots. You will find five rupees under every pot. Exit, then re-enter until you obtain as many rupees as needed.
More money (3): Go to Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Pull on the right paw and wait for coins.
Extra bombs or arrows: Go to the Pond Of Happiness in the lower right corner of the map and throw in rupees until a fairy appears. She will ask if you want to carry more bombs or arrows. Select which ever you prefer, as you can repeat this until up to 50 bombs and 70 arrows are accumulated. Note :A large number rupees are required.
Easy wins: When you get the Boomerang, use it to freeze enemies until you can defeat them. Note: This may not work on the Bosses of the castles where you get the pennants.
Easy health: Go in the house on the mountain that belongs to the old man who gave you the magic mirror. Talk to him to get full health. Then, go to the stairs behind him and lift up the pot. Leave the house and go into the cave to the right. Go back in and repeat as many times as desired.
Defeating Moldorm: Although Moldorm in the Mountain Tower is extremely difficult to defeat, if you use the Dash Attack, you can run right through his body taking no damage. If you line it up correctly, you can attack his tail. This makes him much easier to defeat. Make sure to stop running before you get to the edge.
Dungeon 6: The Hookshot is not needed to get inside Dungeon 6. Move behind the block in the beginning, then dash into it. While your character is in the air moving to the right, hold Right until reaching the other side. The same technique may be followed to exit the dungeon by using the other block.
Super bomb: Complete the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. Go to your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.
Super bomb (2): If you defeat the Bosses in Palaces 5 and 6 first, you can get the Super Bomb. This will allow you to get the fourth sword and the Silver Arrows, Because you can go to Palace 7, you can also get the Big Shield. Of course, you cannot get the red mail until you defeat the other Bosses.
Flying bomb: This trick requires arrows and bombs. Equip the bombs and arrows. Then, press the button to release a bomb and try to release the arrow at the same time. This will create an exploding flying bomb.
Treasure trees: Go to different trees and charge in to them. For example, there is a tree in the village next to the underground hut. Run in to it, and 20 rupees will appear. Go into a house, exit, and do it again. This is a good way to get unlimited rupees. The following is a list of items that you can get from the trees: magic, apples (health), bees, faires, money, and bombs.
Chris Houlihan room: Start your game at the Sanctuary and immediately run south with your Pegasus Shoes until you are outside. Then, run south and stop before you hit the barrier. Proceed to run west until you are able to run south. When you run south, you should be in a heavily wooded area with guards. Navigate this area and find the entrance to the castle grounds. While still running, go around the castle grounds to the hole where you fall into at the beginning of the game. If done correctly and fast enough, you should be in a room with 45 blue rupees and a Saharasla tab that says: "My name is Chris Houlihan" and "Let's keep this between you and me." Note: This may require several attempts.
Blue shield: This trick requires that the second (red) shield. Find the enemy that sticks out its tongue and can take your power-ups. When you kill that enemy you will get the last power up that it stole from you. This enemy can be found in various places, such as in the forest, in the Dark World. Set Ether as your special attack, Allow the enemy take your red shield (this may take a few tries since it takes items at random). When the tongue is still out and the shield is half way to the enemy, use Ether to freeze it. Kill the enemy and to get your shield back. Your shield will appear blue and remain that color even after moving to a new screen.
Blue rupees: Get the Master Sword, then return to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes and weeds, and kill all enemies outside the castle. Return to the secret entrance which your character fell into at the start of the game and jump in to reach a room full of Blue rupees.
Rupees from bronze plate: In the town, there are two houses with women patrolling in front . Sneak into the house on the eastern side of the town. A bronze plate will be hanging on the back wall. Go up to it and pull it to get either 4 green, blue, or red rupees.
No Hookshot needed: After you get the Hammer from the first dungeon in the Dark World, you can already get to the third or fourth level without the Hookshot. First, get the Hammer and return to the Light World. The exact location does not matter. Go to the town. On the northern side of the town are two direct entrances to the northwest of the town that lead to the Lost Woods (the forest area). If you take the entrance that is second from the left, you will see a heavy rock blocking your path. Take the entrance furthest west and find a back way into the entrance that is to the right of the one furthest west (this should not be difficult). When you come out, walk down to find wooden pegs that you can use the Hammer on. Once you get past those, you are behind the heavy rock. When you pick up the light rock in the middle of the area, there will be a teleportation pad that will take you to the Dark World. You will be in the town that you originally would not have been able to reach without the Hookshot.
Rupees or bees: If you receive the Pegasus Boots, run into some trees that are not connected with other trees. You will either get some rupees or some bees that chase you.
Selling bee for rupees: You can sell the Good Bee from the cave next to the Ice Rod cave (go inside, dash into the Fairy Statue and catch the bee that appears). Get the bee, go to the man who sells you the bottle in the village next to the castle, and release the bee. When it touches him, he will give you about 100 rupees. This trick cannot be repeated.
Angry helper bee: If you release your helper bee in the area with the weathercock, it will fly away. When you retrieve it from his statue, he will sting you. It appears that he did not think it was funny to be asked to attack an inanimate object. Note: The helper bee will not attack another bee.
Transformations: Go to the village. Enter the house to the left, with the patrolling lady. One of the pots contains a chicken. Throw magic dust on it to it turn into a lady. The green characters in Light World near the witches hut will turn into hotdogs, and the soldiers will turn into sand bags.
Transformations (2): If you throw magic potion on a bee it will turn into a fairy.
Transformations (3): If you throw magic powder on an orange fireball that takes away hearts and magic, it will turn into a fairy.
Transformations (4): The magic powder can be used to turn the spinning enemies that take both hearts and energy into a fairy. However, this does not work on the ones that guard the switch to open the chest to the big key in Palace 1 in the Light World. The magic powder will also turn the obnoxious little dust spinners that make you become a bunny into a fairy.
Silver Arrows: Throw your bow in the pool where the Golden Sword was obtained to get Silver Arrows.
Magic Boomerang: Obtain the Super Bomb after completing four dungeons. Then, go to the Bomb Shop where Link's House is in the Dark World. Purchase the Bomb. Take the Bomb to the crack in the Pyramid and blow up the wall. Enter the hole and throw your sword first (only if the sword is level 3), followed by your arrows, and finally the boomerang. You will receive the Gold Sword, Silver Arrows, and the Magic Boomerang. Note: The boomerang should turn a reddish-orange color.
Get Magic Boomerang earlier: Buy your Water Boots from the shopkeeper at the top of the map for 500 rupees. Then, swim down to see another waterfall. Go inside, put in your shield and boomerang, and they should upgrade.
Get Red Shield without entering Dark World: You can get the red shield without entering the Dark World or paying 500 Rupees. After you get Zora's Flippers, go to the Mysterious Pond behind the waterfall. When you are asked to throw something in, answer "Yes". Throw in the small shield. When the fairy asks you if it is yours, answer "Yes" and she will give you the Red Shield.

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