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Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, SNES Game Cheats
Super Mario World
Alt. name(s): Super MarioWorld, Supermario World, Mario World 1
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Hidden level: Note: The following only is available in the PAL, European version of the game. Complete (and save) all the 96 levels on each one of the three memory files. The number "96" will be blue if you have the European version, otherwise three stars should appear beside them. Power off the SNES and turn it on again. Do not press any buttons and wait for the demo to play. It should be different. Mario dies and you will be able to play the title screen level. This is a shorter version of "Groovy", with no exit gate.
Strange Mario walk: Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits.
Never lose a life: To be able to do this trick, you must have completed the current level previously. When you are falling, press Start + Select in mid-air. You will exit the level and not die.
Strange Mario jump: Duck, then jump to have Mario jump while crouching.
High jumps: Jump with Yoshi, then spin jump off Yoshi.
High jumps (2): To get extra height on Yoshi jumps while wearing the Cape, run and jump to do a high jump, but at the peak of that jump, jump again.
Climb and carry item: Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, and may continue to climb the vine.
Uphill Yoshi slide: Face toward a slope and press Down and Left or Right to slide upward.
Break blocks with Yoshi: When you press A on a block (not the "?" or the "!" block), you can break it. If you are on Yoshi, and he is on top of the breakable block, press A. You should be flying off Yoshi. As you go down, try to go on Yoshi again. If accomplished, you should be on Yoshi breaking blocks.
Red Yoshi: Red Yoshi always spits out fireballs, whatever the color shell in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.
Blue Yoshi: Blue Yoshi can fly for a fixed length of time, whatever the color of the shells in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.
Yellow Yoshi: Yellow Yoshi throws out sand clouds for a fixed length of time when he jumps, whatever the color shell in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.
Large Yoshi: Eat every fruit in one level while riding Yoshi.
Instant large Yoshi: In the Star Road levels, grab and hold a baby Yoshi then immediately feed it a Star (the item that makes Mario invincible for a brief period of time). It will instantly grow into a big Yoshi. This is especially useful when you need to act fast and you do not have time to feed it six enemies.
Yoshi with Luigi: When Luigi is on Yoshi, it has the power to swallow a greater variety of enemies to spit out than with Mario.
Instant large Mario: Go to Star World 3 and have a Yoshi. Run toward the egg, and it should hatch into a 1-Up mushroom. Run at it before it reaches the goal. When you run into the goal, it should go above your head and become a mushroom. It should touch you when points are added for time. You will instantly become big.
Bomber Mario: Get a Cape and pick up a Shell. Start flying, then drop it.
Fly further: When you get a Cape and have taken flight, wait until Mario slowly drops. Then, press Back to make him go into the air a little bit higher while advancing forward. He will then start to fall, but you can repeat this as many times as needed to get past difficult parts or to get secret items in the sky. If you have good timing and accuracy, you can actually fly past an entire level.
Enter a castle again: To enter a castle that has already been completed (except for the Valley Fortress and bonus rounds), go to the castle and press L + R.
All exits marked as complete: There are a total of 96 exit points throughout the game. After you find all of these exits, save the game, reset, then go to the area that lists the three files. You will then see a number 96 with a star by it, next to the file you completed the game with. Note: Make sure you have completed the Star Worlds by using the secret and non-secret exits. Also do this with the other worlds that have secret exits.
Reuse P: Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.
Boss skip: After completing Soda Lake, go to the Star and warp. Then, complete the road until you reach the Star in the bottom right corner. This will takes you directly to Bowser. You can skip a maximum of six Bosses with this trick.
Switch lives: When at the map in two player mode, press L or R to exchange the number of lives with the other player. The other player will die. You can also bring back a player with no remaining lives this way.
Secret pathways: There are different level colors (yellow and red) in the game. Red indicates that it leads to a secret pathway. Yellow indicates that it leads to a regular pathway.
Power-up mushrooms: When a red mushroom appears, remember that it always goes to the right.
Moon star: On the map that features that various levels that can be selected, enter the cave. To the right is a level where you ride on skeleton heads on lava the entire time. In the middle there is a piece of land with two yellow tunnels. Inside is a turtle and a cape. Get the cape and run on the left side of the tunnels until you have enough power to fly to the ceiling. Go all the way to the left to find a compartment area with a moon item. Get it and you will have three or four lives.
Easy Star Roads and Star Worlds: To have access to other places in the game easier, unlock the Star Worlds early. To do this, exit Donut Secret House to the first Star Road. Enter the first Star World, and complete the key section which will allow you access to Star World 2 where you can find the Blue/Purple Yoshi. You can now complete all levels of the Star Road, even the fifth world, without having all the color blocks up. You can even complete the "Special" area. The Purple Yoshi will become invaluable in the "Special" area.
Red exit: Fly over the blue exit with Yoshi's Wings or Caped Mario and walk forward to get to the red exit.
Star Warp 4: To get to the fourth Star Road warp point, go into the Fortress just outside the Haunted Forest (after Forest Secret Area). Get a Cape, then proceed towards the end of the stage. Jump over the stone walkway that leads to the first Reznor, and you will see a giant lava pit. Get some momentum, go into a flying run, but hold A (spin jump) instead. Doing this will cause you to spin jump off the lava balls, and you will make it to the other side without any problems. Then, defeat the Reznor.
Get to Bowser's Castle quickly: Get to the Star Road entrance on the second island. When on each level of Star Road, complete it by the using the key. There is a key on each level; you just need to find it and its keyhole. Then on the last stage, you can complete it normally. Follow that path and the next stage will be Bowser's Castle.
Torpedo Mario/Luigi: Once Mario or Luigi has a cape and is in mid-air, press Back to create a parachute. If you keep pressing Back you will go a little higher each time. Then, press Down and either Y or B to drop straight down and act like a torpedo. Any enemies near you should be flipped on their backs. To return to the original airborne state, press Back again. Note: This process can be repeated as many times as needed.
Easy save: Since the game automatically saves the game each time a castle is completed, just finish an easy ghost house to save the game as needed.
Easy level completion: On Star Road. get a Blue Yoshi. Go to any outdoor level and eat a Koopa. Fly towards the end of the level. Once you run out of shell power, eat another Koopa and repeat until you complete the level. Note: This only works on levels without a roof, such as Yoshi island 1. This is very useful in water levels.
Extra points: Get a fire flower and a feather. Move away from your enemies and keep pressing Select. Get the flower and then the feather. You will get 1000 extra points each time you get the feather.
Steal a cape from a flying turtle without shell: In some Worlds, there are turtles that fly with a flashing cape. Jump on one. The turtle should die and the flashing cape will turn into a Feather. Note: The turtle's cape has to be flashing red, yellow, and orange very fast.
Change direction while flying: Have Mario run and jump while wearing a Cape. When Mario gets to a certain point, he will begin to descend. You must still be pressing Y, but may release B. Pressing Back will help him stay aloft. If you want him to change directions, hold Back and immediately press X (and keep holding Y). Stop Back as soon as Mario changes direction. Then, you can press Back to keep aloft (it is a different direction than before). If done correctly, Mario will switch directions and go very quickly. However, sometimes he will keep going the same direction, and move very slowly. The more you practice the timing, the more times Mario will switch. This is a very difficult maneuver. Try using Donut Plains 1 down the second pipe for a large practice arena.

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