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Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, SNES Game Cheats
Super Mario World
Alt. name(s): Super MarioWorld, Supermario World, Mario World 1
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Switch Forest Of Illusion 2 and 3 game glitch: Complete the Forest Of Illusion 2 level with Mario the normal way, then complete Forest Of Illusion 3 with Luigi the secret way. Then, go back to Forest Of Illusion 2 and complete it with Mario the secret way. Complete Forest Of Illusion 3 with Luigi the normal way, then reset the game without saving it. Go to the same file, and Forest Of Illusion 2 will have no water -- sometimes you will get stuck, then Forest Of Illusion 3 will have water, and is "easier".
Switch stuck in Yellow Switch Palace game glitch: Complete Yoshi's Island 1 then go north to Yellow Switch Place. Once inside, pick up the "P" switch (it is blue with a white P on it). Do not put it down. Keep it in your hands and go through the pipe without releasing Y. Then, face the pipe where you just entered. Release Y repeatedly. Soon, the switch will be stuck inside the pipe. You will see it shaking on the pipe.
Infinite spinning shell game glitch: Go to the Donut Cave level (the second level after you finish Yoshi's Island). Pick up a shell (by walking into one while pressing B) and throw it just before one of those things go down to crush you. The shell should get stuck and keep on spinning in that yellow stuff.
Faster music game glitch: Be on a Yoshi in the special level Funky. When the timer goes to 100, eat a Green Berry. When returns to 100, the music will be faster.
Jump up repeatedly game glitch: When you are in the dungeon levels and have a column of bricks going up with a space to the left, walk forward until there is little space left. You can jump up and will not come back down. Keep going up all the way to the top.
Maintaining flight with a turtle shell game glitch: You must be an experienced flyer to do this trick. First, get a Feather to turn into Cape Mario. Choose a good level where you have plenty of room to fly. Find an empty turtle shell. Hold Y to pick up the turtle shell. While holding Y, run in one direction until you are ready to fly. Fly into the air by holding B, and keep holding the shell . Try to fly as high as you can. Just before you reach maximum height, quickly release Y while holding Up. This will kick the shell up into the air. Immediately after you do this, simultaneously release B and hold Y then turn in the opposite direction. Press Back to extend your cape and you should now be flying in the opposite direction. If timed correctly, you will catch the turtle shell that you kicked up in mid-flight, and you will be flying with a turtle shell. The controls are the exactly same for flying without a turtle shell, however Mario will appear differently. He will not be holding out his cape, but instead will look as if he were just holding a turtle shell. Push Back every once in a while to keep flying. This trick must be done very quickly, and requires a bit of practice.
Waste a Special Key game glitch: Get Yoshi to eat the key, then spit it back out so it is next to the keyhole. Jump over the key and the keyhole, so you are on the opposite side of the keyhole from the key. Get Yoshi to eat the key again from across the keyhole. The key will be dragged into the keyhole. The hole will open and close without taking Mario and Yoshi inside.
More coins game glitch: Get Yoshi to dash at a berry. When you are very close to it, eat it when you dash into it. You will hear the coin sound twice, but you only ate one berry. You will get two coins per berry this way.
Double prizes game glitch: Get two holdable items (except for shells) and throw it so it is exactly in back/front of the other item. Dash at it and you will notice you are holding both. Clear the course to get double items.
Three player game game glitch: Go to an empty file, select a one player game, reset the SNES, then go to the same file that now says "0". Complete Yoshi's Island 1. Make it so you have a Flower in Luigi's reserve box and a Flower Suit. Die by falling into a hole so Luigi is now small and there is a Flower in the reserve box. Die with Mario and do not do anything to him or go to Yoshi's Island 1. Press Start, Select, then with Luigi, get Yoshi and press Select. Eat the Flower that falls, then complete the level. You will notice that Luigi goes to Yoshi's Island 3 and Yoshi stays at Yoshi's Island 2. There are now three players, Mario, Luigi, and Plain Yoshi.
Luigi in Mario's clothes game glitch: Get an invincibility star and pause game play as Luigi. He will either be wearing his own clothes, Fire Flower Luigi clothes, Fire Flower Mario's clothes or Mario's clothes.
Luigi referred to as Mario game glitch: Complete any castle as Luigi. When the castle destroying sequence plays, the message at the bottom will mention Mario instead of Luigi.
Fire Cape game glitch: Eat a Cape and a Flower at the same time with Yoshi and you will have a Cape and a Fire Suit.
Small Mario with a Flower or Cape game glitch: Get a Feather or Fire Flower at the same time Super Mario gets injured.
Red star game glitch: Go near a yellow invincibility star, pause game play, then see the different colors it changes.
Die in Larry's Castle game glitch: In Larry's Castle, go the end of the first room. If you get there before the moving thing does and drop down the secret hole very fast, you will die.
Ludwig's castle sound game glitch: Go to the room where a falling ceiling with spike is located. Go to the end of the room when the ceiling is on the floor. It will make a sound. Pause game play then resume, You will hear the same sound. Also, spin jump and it will make make the same sound, instead of the normal spin jump sound.

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