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Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, SNES Game Cheats
Super Mario World
Alt. name(s): Super MarioWorld, Supermario World, Mario World 1
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Page One:
Castle 2 to Forest of Illusion 4 - Click here for Page 2

Bonus area: Enter castle number 2 with a cape, avoid the Thwimps, and fly up through the small opening in the ceiling on the left. This will take you to a bonus area.

Second exit: On the Cheese Bridge level, get Yoshi though the entire stage but do not exit. Jump below it and jump off Yoshi so that you are behind the exit. Then, fly a bit to find another exit. This will give you the ability to go to Soda Lake and also allows you use the Star in the middle of the world.
Skip first part: Get all the way back and run with Yoshi and a cape. At the end of the platform, jump and keep Jump held. You will fly off screen then come down and hit a saw. You will hit another, then you will miss one. However, at the last second a saw will appear and you will automatically jump off of it.
Purple Yoshi: Without raising one up, go to Cheese Bridge and get Yoshi's wings. When you are at the bonus stage, just drop and you will have a Purple Yoshi.
Get a soda: Go to Cheese Bridge area with Yoshi. Get to the end by hopping on the saws, but do not use Yoshi wings. At the last platform before the exit, run from left to right and run off the platform. When you get past the Exit Tape, press A to jump off Yoshi as he falls to his doom. Keep running to reach a moon and another exit. Now climb down the vine to the soda.

Special secret: Spend under 50 seconds in the first two sections combined to reach the flat land with the secret key.

Fortress: With Yoshi, eat the blue turtle at the end and fly under the win.
Fortress (2): To get to Chocolate Fortress, go to the end of the level and do not go through the finish line. Note: A Cape is required. Jump over the finish line and jump into the sky. You will have a very long jump automatically. There will be a new finish line. Go through it.

Secret area: Enter the Donut Ghost House in Donut Plains with flying power. After entering, fly directly above where the door is located to reach a walkway. Move all the way across the walkway and fall at the end to reach four yellow blocks and a door. Enter the door to reach a ending goal. Walk into it to get to a top secret area which Mario can enter at any time to get Yoshi, fire power, and flying power.

Get rid of baseballs and spores: You can get rid of the baseballs that the football players throw and the little spores that the plants eject by spinning your cape around. The spores and baseballs will make a tiny cloud, then disappear.
Get to secret without finding the Green Switch Palace: Near the end, when four caped enemies fly at you at different heights, knock out the bottom one to get his cape. Go back a bit, then hit the top one (not with your cape, they are too short). Go back to the end of that "runway" and fly up until you go past the top of the screen. You should see: a green tunnel protruding from the top of the level, then a key along with a keyhole next to it. Land here. Pick up the key the same way as you would pick up a shell. March over to the keyhole with key in hand. (If you have Yoshi, make him eat the key, then walk up to the keyhole. It will open and take you inside.)
Get Caped Mario or Luigi fast: Jump on the first red caped Troopa. Once you get the Feather, do not step on the shell-less Troopa. Return to where you saw the caped Troopa. It will be there again. Step on it to get another Feather.
Hold item in your hands while on Yoshi: Get a Cape and get on any color Yoshi. Go to Donut Plains 1. Wait until you get to the platform near the end, where some flying Koopas fly at you in a vertical row. Dodge them, then stand on the top platform and fly up to the zone with a key and keyhole above you. This may require a few attempts. Then, go to the yellow pipe that is vertical, with a horizontal one below it. Set your Yoshi in the corner. Go back up and get the key. Jump over the keyhole with it, and drop it in the exact same spot where your Yoshi is located. Jump down and hold Y. if done correctly, you will now be sitting on Yoshi, holding the key in your hands.

Faster way to Bowser: Get to Donut Plains 2. Go to the area with the pipes, jump up, and go though the last pipe in the line. Put the key in the hole and go and push the green button. Go back to Donut Plains 1 and get a feather. Keep going until reaching the green wall. Run up the wall with the feather and put the key in the hole. Go to the level that is now open. Get to the P button, pick it up, and carry it to blocks. Set it down and push it. Go through the coins and get the key. Put it in the hole and go to the Ghost House. G to the area where you get the P button. Go to the brown door, push the button, and get on boxes. Jump and climb the vine, then go though the silver door. Defeat the big Boo, go to the star, and get the key in Everyone Down. When you get to the bottom right level, go though the Star transporter and go to the Castle.
Faster way to Bowser (2): Jump down from the edge after you complete the Haunted House that you came to from the water. Go to the tube and enter it to get to a cliff by Bowser's Castle. Press A + B + X + Y + R + L to jump off to Bowser's Castle.

Easy coins and extra lives: You can earn coins and extra lives at a fast rate if your timing is perfect. Enter the level with Yoshi and a item in the box that is different than what you are wearing. Go past the save point to the berry in the bush -- do not eat the berry yet. Once the item is down to or close to the berry, jump at the exact moment. They should freeze. Press Select and you will have a maximum of 99 extra lives and 100 coins.
Easy coins and extra lives (2): Get a spare Feather and be caped. Go to the place with Goombas. Jump on one twice, jump to the next, and repeat the process to get easy lives.

Extra lives: Reach the part where Mario inflates like a balloon. Inflate him, then fly to the part where he hits a turtle with his feet. Hit the turtle and let Mario fall. Hit it again and keep the shell. Then, go through the tube and reach to the part where there are two blocks and some sleeping fish. Get them out of there and put the shell between the two blocks. Have Mario touch the shell and it will start rolling. Get Mario on it and it will start giving points and then lives.

Extra lives: Early in the level, you will hit a block resulting in a vine. Climb to the top of it. There will be another block on the little island. Hit that block and get the star. Very quickly (it helps if you have a Feather, as you can fly) make your way past the tubes and over the gap. There will be another block there, with another star. If you are still invincible from the first one and get the second one, run and hit any enemy. Just before the end, hit all the turtles. After you hit a few enemies, you should be getting an extra life for each one you kill. Remember that you have to be extremely fast to make it before the first star runs out.

Extra lives: Get a cape and go to Forest Fortress. At the end of the level, do not go through the big red Boss doors. Instead walk a little to the left and jump up onto the little ledge. Go to the right, and there will be a platform just big enough to fly from. You will notice a pool of lava there. Use your cape to fly over it, keeping balance. Be careful of the fireballs. At the end of the lava, you will find a compartment with 10 to 15 extra life mushrooms and a Boss door to take you to the same place as the original door.
Extra lives (2): At the end of the Forest Fortress in the Forest Of Illusion world get to a point before the first red door. Do not go in it. You will see stones on top of the first door. Go on those stones then go down the stairs and fly across the lava. Fireballs will shoot up when you are flying across. At the end of the lava there will be nine boxes. In those nine boxes are nine extra lives. There will be another red door. Go in that red door and defeat Renzor. Note: This requires some time. If you know how to fly well with Luigi or Mario then you should get through this trick easily.

Extra lives: Go to the power-up box. Get a Star and run forward very quickly to get extra lives. Press Start + Select to go back to that level and repeat the process as many times as needed.
Extra lives (2): Get a Star just beyond the halfway point and kill as many things as possible that appear on the screen.
Extra lives (3): Get the Star from the item change box. Then, run through the world and after you get the first extra life, you will get one life for each tomato gut or turtle, and two for each caterpillar.
Easy points: Go to the part where there are a group of enemies such as Koopa Troopas and Goombas that hop out of the bushes. Hop on the first Wiggler then jump on things until you get to the end of the platform. Go back and you will see the Wigglers are not red anymore. The enemies will jump out of the bushes again. After you get a 5-Up, hit the Wigglers and things will appear at the top of them. You can get a million points for each one. You cannot go past 9,999,990 points, but it does help you to get lives.

Finding the blue blocks: The Blue Switch Palace is found in the Forest Of Illusion 2. Play the water maze as far up and to the right as you can go. There are some diversions that lead you to pick up a life in the mid-level of the maze, but eventually you have to go up in order to find your way down. Work your way towards the bottom of the maze. If you are in the correct section, you will see a wall to the left that is rectangular and marked off by a line from the larger wall that sits on it. You can walk right through that wall, going left rather than right. The key to the blue switch palace comes into view very quickly.

Fortress: On Forest of Illusion 4, you should get to a place with a P switch and a Lakuti in a pipe in the air. Fly up with the cape to get in the tube, or use Lakuti's cloud.
Easy lives: Find the extra life on a fishline. Jump and get it. If you die, you still have the same amount of lives as before you played the level.

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