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Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, SNES Game Cheats
Super Mario World
Alt. name(s): Super MarioWorld, Supermario World, Mario World 1
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Page Two:
Iggy's Castle 1 to Yoshi's Island 3 - Click here for Page 1

No map music: Go to Iggy's Castle 1. Defeat Iggy, but jump into the lava as he is dying. The music will be gone when you return to the map screen.
Extra lives: You will find turtles patrolling a red fence-like structure. Knock the turtles of the fence with your bottom and they will eventually become extra lives. Stay on the fence and do not use your fist to knock them off.
Carry an item while climbing across the fence: Throw the item straight up and jump on the fence to catch the item (for example, a P switch).

Fortress: On the part where the moving thing is going down and there is a door to the right, follow the moving thing down.

Secret mushroom and half-way point: Enter Lenny's Castle and ride the brown blocks until it gets to the end. When it goes down the hole, stand on the tip of the last brown block. You should go down a bit more and you should see two dinosaur tokens, the half-way point, and a red mushroom.

Bonus area: Go to the very end of the hall on the first screen. You will see the door to the next room and the mushroom next to the door. Do not go through the door. Instead, walk slightly to the left and look at the blocks on the ceiling. One of them is a square, and you can jump through it. Jump up and to the right and you will find a green pipe that will take you to a bonus area.

In Cheese Bridge area, get Yoshi then hop on the saws at the end of the stage. Then, get to the end point. Use Yoshi to go back a platform, then fly under the end post and you will end up on another platform. Keep going forward. You should find a 3-Up Moon and another end point. Touch this point to end the stage. After you end it, you will find a vine growing into the water. Climb down this vine to reach a stage point called "Soda Lake". After you have completed the stage, press Down to climb down the waterfall to reach the lonely rock with a star point.

One: To get to the sixth star on the Star Road levels, you must get all of the switches(red, green, blue, yellow). After this, go to the fifth Star Road level. You must have the Feather. Go to the part where you get the "P" and hit the question mark where the coins will go across the screen. Hit the "P" then get on top of where the coins (now blocks) are located. Next, go back towards the beginning just enough to have enough room to fly. Turn back the other way and fly. After his cape goes to a parachute, press Back so you can keep flying. You will see some blocks, then a gap with some yellow blocks. Go in between the two (in the gap). Follow it to where the key is located. This will lead you to eight new levels in a special world. After completing these, it will change all of the Koopas to Marios and the flowers to funny looking flowers.
Two: When you reach the dot below the mountains on Star Road, jump across until you see the blue "P" button. Hit the box that makes the coins appear, collect a few, and hit the "P" button. Note: A cape is needed for this and all of the color blocks with a "!" in them. When the coins turn to blocks, get a good running start and land when you see the blocks with the "!" in them. Go to the end where you see a key and a keyhole. Put the key in the hole to get to the "Special" levels. Complete those and the land colors and characters will be different.
Classic Mario music: Wait for approximately two minutes in the Special Zone to hear the classic Mario theme from the NES.
Blue Yoshi: On Tubular in Special, it is much easier to get a Blue Yoshi and jump from the question marks rather than getting the "P" that makes Mario float. Simply look for the "?" and jump on them. When you get to the Koopas, swallow one, and Yoshi will be able to fly. Fly over the first football player, under the second, and under the two flowers shooting red. You will have enough power to fly to the end.

Polka-dot egg: In each level in Star Road, there will be a polka-dot egg. When Mario gets close to it, the egg will hatch, and out will pop a baby Yoshi. Note: It will never be green. Feed this baby Yoshi by picking him up and walking towards enemies, Yoshi first. After eating five enemies, the baby Yoshi will grow into an adult Yoshi. You will be able to ride around on a Yoshi that is not green.

Extra lives: On Star World 2 (the underwater level with the blue Yoshi), obtain the Yoshi, then go back onto the level. Collect the tar and proceed right, killing enemies as you go. You will eventually get extra lives. Make sure you reach the "?" block before the invincibility runs out. Collect the star from it, then continue through the level. Each enemy you kill will give you an extra life. Repeat the level several times for 99 lives.

Adult Yoshi: In Star World 2, the underwater level, instead of feeding enemies to the blue Yoshi, feed him the invincibility star to automatically turn him into an adult.

Extra lives: On the final part of level, when you are falling with all the Koopa Troopas, after you hit the water watch out for the spiked things. Then, float down in the water and three 1-Up Mushrooms will appear. Grab them, then swim up and hit the Green "?" to finish the level with three extra lives.
Extra lives (2): During one part of the Sunken Ghost Ship there will be a bullet cannon just one space below a piece of wood. Go underneath the wood and keep touching the top. You will keep jumping bullets and get extra lives. Note: You must be Super Mario to do this.

Complete Star World 5 with a key (need all switches pushed) and go to the Super Special Area. Beat all the boards in the Super Special Area to get a super ending. At the end of the last special world, the message "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER" will be spelled with coins. A teleporter will take Mario to Yoshi's House, with a map in different colors.

In Donut Plains, there is a Ghost House -- not the one with the Big Boo, but the one to the north. Make sure that Mario has a Cape and use it. At the beginning of the level, run and fly up. You will get on a platform. When you do, proceed until you find a different way down. There will be invisible Ghosts waiting. Ignore them and hit the blocks to get extra lives. Then, get to the goal and you will unlock a hidden level. This small area has no enemies, just refills: Yoshi, extra lives, Capes, Mushrooms, and Flowers. Go here to recover after you are hurt badly.
Quick Mario jumps: Note: The following trick requires a controller a auto-fire feature. Get Yoshi and Super Mario. Go to a set of two blocks, turn on the auto-fire, and hold the jump and dismount buttons. Mario will jump up and down extremely fast.
Unlimited lives: Go to the Top Secret Area and get a Yoshi. Go back and jump under the Yoshi block to get a 1-Up. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Ever wondered where the other bridge is in the 'Twin Bridges' section? This area may look small but consists of many levels. Vanilla Secret 2 and 3, Cheese Bridge area, Soda Lake, Star Road, Cookie Mountain, Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Vanilla Fortress (underwater), and the Castle (#4). To get to the ones with Vanilla in their name, go into Vanilla Dome 1 with the red switch pushed and you will find the key. Then, complete Vanilla Secret 1 and go through the pipe. The Fortress is in the middle of a waterfall and is completely underwater except for the Boss. Once you have finished Vanilla Fortress another bridge appears, showing Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Soda Lake, and the Star Road (can be found in the Cheese Bridge area (see the "Get A Soda" hint.)

Secret key: In the ghost house, hit the first P switch, and run as fast as you can to the right until you reach the last door (and a free extra life). Go in, but do not hit the P switch yet. Carry it over the tempting coin pyramid, and jump into what appears to be a dead-end (except the door that goes back to the beginning). Hit the question mark box and create a staircase of coins by directing them with the D-pad. You do not have to hold it down -- they will keep going in the last given direction until they hit a wall or coins. After you have made a staircase with them, hit the P switch, and climb up quickly to find a secret key. It also helps if you are small, but it is possible to get in there when you are big -- just duck and jump.
Secret key (2): On the first ghost house (not the secret one), get a feather and run to the right. Then run back to the left where you began and fly up. Run to the right to the secret key, and you will be taken to the Top Secret Area.

Warp to Valley Fortress: After the second room in the third room, run to the right with a feather, when the ceiling goes away. Jump to the left and you will never come down. Keep running to the left and you will fall into a room with a keyhole. The secret takes you to Valley Fortress (probably the hardest level in the game). After that, you will be led to the back door (you skip the first part).

When you first start, you are getting a lift from a train of bricks. After about the first five spikey cannonballs, you will come across two bricks in the slight form of stairs near to the lava. To avoid death, jump on the bottom brick, wait about 30 to 45 seconds, and a train of bricks will come to your rescue and take you to safety.

You need Yohsi, or the Red Switch Palace. Eat the blue shell with Yoshi, but first eat all of the other Koopas at the bottom. Run with the shell in your mouth. You should have just enough power to fly up on of the Red Switch Palace dotted lines.

Unlimited Mushrooms or Feathers: Go down the first gold pipe to enter an area of ice and water. You will receive a Mushroom or Feather if you get past the shell-creatures when you exit the pipe at the end. You will appear from a green pipe. Next, go back and go down the gold pipe again to receive another Mushroom or Feather. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Extra points: Go to near the end of Vanilla Dome #3, where you can see the exit. Use a cape, fly up, and find the little :"chompers". Jump over them and jump on the "P". A small staircase of "?"s going down will appear, and the finish bar will be at the bottom. Jump over and hit the bar when it is up and get a high score.

Extra lives: Start the level with a Cape. Do not kill any of the numerous enemies. Instead, immediately fly up. You will land on some clouds. Fly over everyone. Go to the "P" the go to the beginning of the level. Again, do not kill anyone. Now, step on the P. Everyone will be silver coins. Collect them, and by the end of the level, you will have about 50 lives. Keep on doing this to get 99 lives.
Extra lives (2): Go past the checkpoint and go to the part where the red enemies with spikes in their back are located. Hit the second yellow block above them to reveal the silver "P". Collect it, then go back to the beginning where the turtles are, while still having the silver "P" in your hand. Release it and collect all the rings where that the turtle used to be at. If done correctly, you should have between 48 and 54 extra lives. Repeat the process to gain the maximum number of lives.

Hidden platform: About mid-way through the level, fly high into the air to discover a platform with a moon on it.
3-Up: With a cape, break the midway tape and kill all the Rexes. Run back to the pipe before the midway tape, and run right. Jump and begin flying when you get to the ledges with the Yoshi Coin on top. Stay as high as you can, and you will reach a ledge of clouds. On top of the ledge will be a 3-Up.

Mushrooms: Get Blue Yoshi and Feathered Mario. Go to Yoshi Island 3 and in the first stage, get to the halfway pole. Get a turtle shell in your mouth to let you fly, and go where the "!" blocks are located. Just to the right slightly, fly right underneath them, bouncing Yoshi's head against them to get a hoard of big-powered mushrooms.

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